The Abandoned Princess

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Always living in a sweet and kind world, Namiya would never think things would go the wrong way, the way she never thought. After being promised to the nearby Kingdom as a bride for treaty, she couldn’t believe her world could crumble right there, in her hands. What was she supposed to do, abandoned by her family, not knowing who to trust anymore, alone? If only escape could be the real answer, she would grasp it with all her will. I cannot tell how this started or ended; I can only tell how she lived at her potential. Namiya means growing, she didn’t want to grow. But she had no other choices. It’s to live. Or not to live. Choose your life, my dear, abandoned Princess.

Romance / Fantasy
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0. Prologue

“Search for the Princess!”

I giggled, stuffing the vanilla shortcake in my mouth with no grace. I was sure they wouldn’t find me, but I also had limited time, until he came to find me.

Mmh, the cake was so good, it’s a shame the people in the ballroom weren’t.

I stood up from the small, soft, dark red linen sofa, approaching the window to spy the back courtyard. Rich people having tea, others enjoying the different sweets, everyone refined to an extreme: fluffy, luxurious and enormous dresses and suits. We surely didn’t look at expenses this time. I sighed, reacting to my reflection on the small long mirror near the dark cherry wardrobe.

The all puff and frills red and white ballgown fitted me so perfect I could barely breath. The corset tightened my waist like I didn’t have any ribs, but it enhanced my decent bust, at least I looked more adult now.

I really didn’t want to go meet all those strangers.

I fixed my hair, the short flame red curls having its own way in the complicated coiffure the hairstylist spent one hour on. Most of the hair was gathered to the back in a complicated net of loose braids, some strands left down framing my small round face. My eyes were vibrant, the make-up giving more life to them. Crimson, purplish pupils were staring at my image as to convince myself I was finally at age. I wasn’t ready to get responsibilities and become an adult. I liked my childish life, spoiled and cuddled by the maids and the King, ready to forgive all my flaws.

“Princess!” Fun’s over.

I turned to the door now wide open, a mass of black wavy hair approaching me, bright blue eyes softened at my sight. He could never be angry at me. I smiled at him, all ready and fit in his dark blue armour, the gold dragon crest on his chest. What a sight.

“Oh, found me.” I chuckled as we both knew I was here, but he was too busy to come and get me earlier and would never tell someone where I was.

“Princess… the King, everyone is waiting for you. You shouldn’t be… in my room, at all times today.” He closed the door behind him, not letting anyone see where I was. Sneaking in was the easy part.

“But they’re all so boring and my feet already hurt from the shoes.” I pouted, knowing I couldn’t escape today’s event, at any cost.

“You still haven’t gone down once to greet the King or the guests. It’s your birthday, Princess.” I held up my gown walking towards him, blushing at his last words said with such a gentle tone. I flattened the blue ribbon around his neck, not usually there when working on daily basis.

“You look splendid today as well, my shiny knight.” I faked to ignore the soft blush on his cheeks that made my heart skip a beat. He gently took my hands from his neck, his leather gloves rubbing my palms. I looked at his face, an innocent smile on my lips as he put his serious mask on. Time’s over.

“I should be the one saying that, Princess Namiya. You look so bright today, everyone will be amazed, at a loss of words.” My smile grew as he rubbed my hands in his, being careful not to hurt me with the fingers’ armour.

“Happy Birthday, my Princess. I wished I had a present worth of your happiness.” He left my hands hanging in front of me, I was the one at loss. He didn’t have to do anything for me. What he did every day, to keep me safe and sound was even more that I could have ever asked. Not that my life has been risky, not at all. But apparently someone else didn’t think the same.

“Don’t say stuff like that or I’ll cry.” I whimpered, sensing my heart beating fast as his deep eyes stared at me from head to feet.

“Now move and go down. I’m not supposed to talk to you like this, but apparently you really like to force me.” He giggled. No worries, my dear knight, it won’t be the last time today.

“You’re no fun.” I puffed my cheek at his kind smile spreading on his face, his soft face features melting in front of me. Just let me hold him and never go out of this room.

“Princess.” He held up his arm towards me. “It’s your glory time, go and show them who our princess is.” He did it, that killer smile that would put all the girls in the castle on their knees. His eyes squinted in a tender look, as he was watching his own daughter on a special day. Well, somehow it really was, but let’s say little sister.

I laced my arm under his, sighing and giving up on him. It was really time.

My eighteenth royal birthday.

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