Lost in Hell

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When passion becomes obsession, Angie won't know when to stop, forcing her mind in something too big for her to comprehend. Charlie is at her side, companion in crime but also best friend, and will do everything to protect her dream, because she had the guts to go for it. When Angels and Fallen Angels seem too distant yet too close, what will they do?

Romance / Mystery
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1. Prejudice

Thursday, 25th August

Fallen Angels: Where to Find Them. The title was staring at me more than I was at it. I raised an eyebrow towards the girl at the other side of my laptop monitor.

“Have we finally reached this point? No more fiction?” Her hazel pupils turned into puppy eyes as I kept looking at her. “Don’t look at me like that, what do you want?”

“I wanna meet one, Charlie. That’s what I want. I read too much and just want to meet a real one, you know.” She clasped her hands together to beg me.

“How do you even know they exist?” She shrugged, and I rolled my eyes over.

“How do you know they don’t?” She backed at me, holding my stare.

“Fair enough. So?” I closed the laptop in front of me. The small club room was just cleaned, the books in alphabetical order filled the bookshelf on both the long walls of the space, while under the window a table, a small fridge and kettle helped us survive the afternoons. As the only members we had no problem with undesired guests and could talk about the weirdest stuff. Like Angie fantasizing over hot supernatural dudes.

“Tonight. The woods behind your house.”

“What?” I stood up to put back some books left on the table used for referencing.

“Look. I have no idea either, alright? Little steps: first we search our surroundings for hints.” She put her hands in the air, like the innocent human being she wasn’t.


“Don’t know. Look for hellahot looking guys.” I sat back and placed my elbows on the table, covering my face with one hand. Damn, Angie, why do I even listen to you?

“What have I done wrong?”

“Join my writing club. Listen to me. Fantasize about Fallen Angels.”

“Wait. The last one is only you.”

“Anyway. I know there might not be any around here. But let me dream and try. I actually have someone in mind.”

“Yeah, yeah alright. Wait, what? You think someone is?”

“Well, yes. It’s not like they hide. They’re people like us, so of course... I fantasize.”

“Now I want to know.”

“I knew in the end you wanted as well.” I glared at her. Of course, if I was listening and agreeing to her plans I was interested. She took a small folder from her bag and placed in the middle.

“Why are you making it look like it’s serious stuff?”

“It is serious. So, who would you think could be a fallen angel?” What a question, like I had a list like her.

“Like hell I know. It could be everyone, good or bad. Could be hiding its true nature or ignoring it, maybe it doesn’t even know it is one.” She waved my finger in front of my face, a silent no.

“Like you’d ignore the fact you’re immortal in this world. We’re talking of fallen, Charlie. Someone with a dark aura, appearance, but of course good looking.”

“Just spit that name, will you?”

“Mash.” My face was a question mark.


“Charlie! What do you mean who? He sits right behind you in like all lessons, he’s in my god tier of good-looking guys. I know you’re not that into guys, but-“

“Hold your tongue. I’m interested in guys; I just don’t fantasize of a sexual life with each one of them.” She was the one to raise an eyebrow at me this time.

“That’s just details. I can’t believe you haven’t checked Mash! He moved last year in the dormitory and I’ve never seen him talking kindly to any girl, he always stays on his own, I can’t even say if he has a friend. I think the only guy I saw with him often is Eliot, but that guy is a pure angel, too kind to ignore that poor lonely Mash. He probably just pities him.” Too detailed for being a simple class mate.

“Did you become a stalker?”

“I just observe, honey. I like to talk and know people, what’s wrong with it? Maybe you should stick your head out more often from this room, and your house. Why not move to the dormitory?”

“Why should I when I have my home close and all the privacy in the world?” I shrugged and crossed my arms over my chest. I didn’t want to share anything with people at school, I didn’t trust anyone.

“Can I stay over tonight?” There she was, I knew she actually enjoyed my place. She liked the dormitory, being with other people and have fun until late, but my place was only ours.

“Of course. So, tonight we just wander in the woods? I don’t feel that comfortable, it’s quite scary.”

“I’ll protect you! No one will touch you, don’t worry!” I laughed at her confidence. The woods behind my small house were very nice to walk around at day, but I never had the chance, or though, to go there at night.


“Is Mash your new target then?” As we walked the trail behind my house to enter the woods, I took the discussion of that afternoon back.

“He looks so mature, you know. And if I think he could be a fallen angel, even just in my head, it makes me excited!” She swung her flashlight in the air and I chuckled. “He’s not that tall, to be honest, but I just want to get to know him. He’s always rude to everyone and I really want to get to know his tender side.”

“What if he doesn’t have one?” I asked. Some people were bad to the bone. He could be a bad choice for such a cheerful Angie.

“We all have one, maybe he likes cute kittens. I can be his and purr all over him.”

“Angie!” I suddenly scuffed a scream.

“What?” She innocently looked at me by the corner of her eyes. I didn’t want to know her sexual affairs, at all.

“I’m going back home.” I stopped. At the back of my head a small thought was rising again, like that afternoon. Was going in a forest at night a safe thing? There had never been any news about anything strange in the neighbour, but I never called myself brave. In reality, everything could scare the hell out of me. But what if fallen angels were real? And really being creature of the night that meet in secret in unknown places? It’s a thing me and my best friend shared for our teenage years, why not try to get some real answers? If not, we’ll just go back to fantasize.

She grabbed my hand in hers, pulling me towards the blackness.

“You’re not. We’ll just get to the bank of the river and look around, it’s close and you know it.”

I rolled my eyes back as I tighten myself in the light jeans jacket. It was still warm at night, but summer was ending soon, and the light wind was the proof. I stepped onward as I heard a twig snap behind us. I turned suddenly, breath stuck in my lungs.

“Well, what was that?” Angie on my side was way calmer than me. She jerked the flashlight around us, but shrugged.

“There’s nothing Char, probably some birds.” And she kept her pace. I sighed when I saw the riverside coming into sight, half of that night excursion was finally done.

I sat on a tall rock near the water. The night light was dime, a blue greyish glimmer reflecting on the water, creating beautiful shades. Maybe coming here wasn’t that bad, at least I got a nice inspiring view for my next drawing and I wasn’t alone to fear it.

“So, what now?” I asked as I looked around us, trying to remember lines and shape to then recreate them on paper the next day. The water was calm, the wind slightly scattering leaves on the surface.

“Now we wait.” She strolled around me, looking as something was actually there, but the silence of the night was ear breaking. We wouldn’t find anything here, even if a branch snapped, it was nature itself.

“Ah? Angie, I have morning lessons and work tomorrow, I need to sleep.”

“Just five more minutes, mom.”

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