Sinking on Mars

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She has the greatest secret and the most carefully planned vengeance of all times. He's on her way. Two worlds colide and ice meets fire. But you know what they say about love? It nevers warns you it's coming, it just happens.

Spilled Ink
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Love is a very strong, very powerful emotion and it rules most people’s lives.

Since the moment we’re born, we’re showered with it, by our parents, our siblings, our family and our friends. There’s also a moment in our lives when we feel the need to be loved by a significant other. Well, at least, most people do.

As we grow up, we are told about the importance of finding someone to have, to hold, to love and to cherish. Finding that someone (our better half) creates urges which lead us to reproduction, a natural instinct to breed thus perpetuating humankind.

Evelise Valdino never felt that need.

With raven black hair, cold and calculating dark-grey eyes, proud nose, high cheek bones and full pink lips she was mesmerizing. There’s always been something about her that gave her an enigmatic aura and, despite her cold, distant stance, she drew people in, much to her displeasure, one might add.

And at the age of 24, she finally got the promotion she was aiming at since she started working as front office of the sales department at Empire Furniture, Inc. She was now, at last, the director of the sales department, the youngest in the company’s history. And she was damn proud about it. She had her dream car, her career was going exactly how she planned and soon enough her penthouse down town would be ready.

Life was as good as it could be, however, she was nowhere near to achieve her goal of becoming partner of the company she sweat and bled for. But if she could close the deal with Mars Shipyard, to redecorate and supply all the furniture for their new upcoming cruises fleet, she would definitely be on the right track.

Create a project, present it and close the contract.

Simple, right?!

It should’ve been, if Mars Shipyard CEO, Gabriel Mars, wasn’t so keen on missing meetings and treating her hard work and flawless project as the knickknack on grandma’s house that no one ever gave a second glance at.

Do you know what’s more dangerous than a determined woman?

A determined woman who is royally pissed off.

Evelise Valdino was both.

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