Lust is Love,Love is Lust

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A collection of stories of lust and love and the many forms the two take

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What is the difference; Love is lust and Lust is Love the words other than the words both having four letters and both speaking of the way one feels attracted to another or in some cases themselves to some they share no other similarity but I see it bit different they are so close that what some consider to be love may just be lust and due to being blinded by their desires are unable to see the error in their ways and their views on the topic. Those oh so tender moments of passion that are really just chemical reactions within the brain that are in place to preserve a species, nothing but animalistic urges to procreate that we view as being pure and innocent expressions of ones feelings the care and affection we would never show another but the one who stands at the center of our dreams as the one who deserves all of our mind body and soul to show how much we truly care for them even if they destroy us even if we know deep down that they are not going to be here in this moment forever,we ignore our urges and desires as without this complex cluster of emotions and character those urges could never be truly fulfilled . While in reality this our oh so tired habit of sugar coating our true problems and classifying them as being acceptable and attractive when in reality all we are doing is denying how much of an animal we really are trying to prove ourselves as being better than the animals we share the planet with as we are of course gods purest and most intelligent creation. Then there are those moments of uncontrollable lust where we bare our fangs and fall to the temptations of our hunger for the flesh of another those moments when our desires come to the forefront with claws that it sinks into the body of our object of desire ravishing all that they have to offer and enjoying every drop of ecstasy letting go off all morals and escaping from the prison in our minds and expressing our true passion in these moments of lust. Where our minds ability to reason takes a back seat and allows our desires to take control and have its fill of that oh so delectable, sacred and desirable fruit. In these moments all reasoning is gone and minds care only for the fulfillment of its hunger even when it becomes unbearable from the guilt in these moments we either try to justify our actions whether through romanticizing our wrong doings, finding anything else to blame for our shortcomings or we deny how what has been done is in anyway wrong or deserving of any ill consequences it this very ideology and perception of what is pure and what is impure, what is innocent and what is ill intended, What is Love and what is Lust. How easy it is to bend the definition of these terms and where to draw the line in what is acceptable and what is not. This very thin and blurry line can easily be missed and constantly crossed back and forth.

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