Lust is Love,Love is Lust

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When love just isn't enough

“sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love”

― Gabriel García Márquez

(Part 2 will be released soon sorry for the poor writing this is my first time writing something like just thought i would attempt since i love reading books like these I apologize if it a bit lengthy without any steamy scenes but there will be some in part 2 definitely )

Stephanie Walters is living the Canadian dream to put it in simplest terms she was a veterinarian who was always on top she opened her very own vet where she makes more than enough to cover all expenses and to splurge on vacations and to take of her children who praised her as being the human embodiment of the word care, are so said by her eldest son. She has a loving husband who she met at rave while Studying at the University of Toronto. Oliver her loving supportive husband made sure she knew she was loved and was never short on ways to express his affection to his queen. She received all the love there was in the world according to her neighbors who were not jealous of her but instead admired her and in reality followed in here footsteps with the hope of finding what they desired she knew she was loved and more than reciprocated this love to all of those she encountered but deep down she knew this wasn’t the life she always wanted she never could have imagined herself in this situation. To her back then this kind of life was nothing more than a mere fairy tail never to be obtained. She wasn’t going to that party to find love she went to find someone who could fill her desire. It was her first time going to anywhere like that but she thought it was a good a place as any to find what she so longed for the impure,lust covered and greedy hands of a man as it took control of her body taking time to sink his teeth into every inch of her soft silky smooth freckled skin to get a better taste of her delicious desire to be without any form of security or assurance to leave all to chance and go along with her urges as she had for too long followed a set of paved out steps to what she was expected to accomplish she desired to leave this set out path and find out what it is her parents tried so hard to keep her form what was the big bad wolf going to do to her upon picking up the scent of her desires her hot and bothered body that for so long had wanted to feel the hands of corruption all over it as it tainted her innocence would her consume her at her core and get a taste of the desire deep within that came out of her in the form of wet and slippery sexual bodily fluids begging for more whenever she was aroused by the sight of those men who did nothing but break women and made them unfit to exist in society as they were considered to be no more than lust driven sex crazed addicts would he suck on her tender crevices as she beckoned for more of his body to be within her person these were the thoughts of a woman who was married and had children she felt guilty for having these thoughts but knew not what to do with them as they true and was all she wanted to one day come true.

It had been another day in her dream of a life Stephanie had just left the office feeling happy with how her day went know driving back home idly thinking of what to prepare for dinner tonight rain gently fell on the roof of her car the soft pitter patter relaxing and unwinding her mind in this relaxed state she had failed to realize she had already arrived home letting out a tired sigh she exits the car making sure to lock it properly before heading inside to greet her family. “Honey what would you like for dinner” she shouts to not receive any answer she then realizes how silent the house is even though everyone should be home already “Oliver” she calls yet again but to no avail she than picks up on the sound of chatter coming from downstairs, as she heads down to their basement gym she can now make out what they are saying “Wow you really are strong” she hears her eldest daughter say upon entering the room everyone’s attention shifts to her as Oliver runs over to her “Good evening beautiful were you calling sorry about that we just kind of got distracted, You remember Jason my pal I was with when I met you at that party, right” she thinks for a second and begins to recall that night remembering him as the guy who convinced Oliver to talk to her “Oh yeah the skinny who was always getting into trouble right we got kicked out of the party that night got in a fight” she recalls smiling at the memory “Yep that was me not so proud of myself though hey at least I almost won” her attention suddenly snaps to the tall well built pale skinned male standing now in the middle of her view she was confused how she missed him his muscle almost tearing out of his t-shirt and being taller than everyone else in the room by far “Nice to see you again too Alice ” she had now realized that she was staring and had his hand outstretched to her quickly she gathering her composure shakes his but still staring in awe at him “Sorry, Where are my manners It’s nice seeing you to it’s been awhile your no longer the skinny guy who was always picking fights” saying in a humorous tone “well not really he came to visit and got stopped for speeding and then tried to fight the cops who stopped them because they wouldn’t turn a blind eye” replied Olive “Come on it was just once they didn’t need to give me a thousand dollar ticket for that and now my cars in the tow yard which makes it even worse”Jason replied swiftly everyone slightly chuckled at his situation “So are you gonna give him back his hand are do you intend to cut it off and keep it Alice”Olive said making light of her out of it attitude Alice quickly took back her hand now realizing she was still holding his hand and just as quickly making up an excuse that she was just a little tired was all

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