Love in Out Love Without You.!

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Love for many of couples love is ike a door

Romance / Drama
Jerry Smith
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Like some married or engaged couples their marriage is like a big heavy door that shuts easier

than opens firstatarts when you get angry at your partner over little arguments. Than works into

Than move to bigger arguments door open and shuts against little harder than than fight and fus

because your meal not cook when your ready to eat while your working 8hours 6 days a week.

You get home your wife sitting around all day you belive house ot clean and spotless food still

In refrigerator. First thing you do is yell at her.maybe she not feeling well.or she tired . Of

Cleaning up after you , put your coat on the chair in the living room dirty work boots on the

Clean carpet when you undress to take shower you might throw the clothes on the bed your

Wife clean. Love your wife she does lots more than you belive she does it you had young children

She be cleaning up after them too,.sometime you might belive she having a affair with a new

boyfriend. Don't slam the door again because it might be your last time.have your proof first they

might be just rumors. Forget and Forgive remember you make mistakes too if that door locks it ma

Over for your marriage, just come back apologize to each other fall back in love and Let God lead

both of your love life and rekindle the flame to a new romance bury the the old one for it is dead.

The End !

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