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Leo Stone was a trained assassin, by age 10 he had his first kill, age 15 he already killed one of the most wanted criminals in the world. By age 23 he became the most wanted criminal and the most dangerous gang leader. That was until he saw a women who looked as broken as he was. Louisa sinclair was a broken girl, from an abusive father to an abusive boyfriend. Her life hasn't always been like this. Finally one day she couldn't stand it anymore, and walked away from that life for good. As she walked away she soon collapse, into the arms of a stranger.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Three years ago
Louisa Sinclair
Most days I don't remember waking up. Life can be cruel, and take away the kindest people. My family fell apart after the death of my mother. Since then, the death of my mother, My so called father fell into depression and began to drink away his worries and began his abuse. At first it was verbal abuse, a few rude remarks and when I refused to respond he got bored and would walk away. But one day when I refused to buy him another drink he snapped. He had beaten and bruised me until I was unable to stand on my own, then he walked away as though I was nothing to him. This would continue whenever I refused to do something for him, such as give him money or a drink.
Most days I hide in my room, until I have to cook dinner then go back to my room once finished. I have tried finding a job to occupy my time but hiding all the bruises was becoming difficult to hide, and people started getting suspicious. So I only did side jobs behind my fathers back, so he wouldn't know I'm working and have money.
Peaking out my room, I quietly walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator and sighed, only a few rotten vegetables laid about. Realizing that I have to go grocery shopping today, I gathered my coat, keys, and money before exiting the house quietly. Tugging my coat closely to my body I began my long walk to the store.
The grocery store was 2 miles away, I cannot afford a car, nor a phone; not that I need those things. I didn't have friends, having friends would cause a problem, as it would be difficult to hide my bruises, so I preferred to be alone. Spacing out I reached the store 40 minutes late; Entering I made my through the store and grabbed what I needed before heading to the register, checking out my items and paying the correct amount, I began my journey home.
A cold shiver ran down my spine, feeling watched glanced around, and finding nothing suspicious, I continue my tread. walking a bit faster, still feeling uneasy, I quickly got home. Reaching for the keys in my pocket I unlock the door before quietly entering. My father stared motionless at the TV, a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
Sighing, I walk into the kitchen and put away the grocery's before retreating to my room. My room had an old worn out mattress, a couple of books scattered around, and a few cloths folded nicely next to my bed. He mostly spends most my money on beer, leaving nothing for me.
Shutting the door behind me, I walked into my bathroom glancing in the mirror, staring back at me is a stranger. Her hair is a dull black, her once tanned skin now lighter and had bruises scattered along her body. Her eyes were once blue with a hint of purple, but now her eyes are grey and dull. Looking away, I discarded my clothes before hoping into the icy shower.
Quickly showering, I walk out and dried off, before finding my black hoodie and skinny jeans, and putting on my worn out converse. Satisfied with my outfit, I grab my bag and gathered the little personal belongings I have; Which was a old family photo, my mothers necklace, and my old teddy bear. Luckily, when my father began using the little money I had, I began saving and doing little side jobs like babysitting or cleaning someone's yard or home. I have been saving a secret stash of money I've been collecting over the years. Tonight's the day I leave this hellhole for good.
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