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Chained To The Mafia

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Gabrielle lives the perfect life, that is until she's forced to marry a dangerous criminal in order to save her family. _________ Gabrielle Jackson is more than happy with her ordinary life. However, everything she's ever known turns out to be a lie when she finds out that her dad is the leader of the biggest gang in England. Ryder Romano is the heir to the American Mafia, a misunderstood and damaged criminal, who is secretly holding out hope to find true love. He's ruthless, dangerous and cunning. She's sweet, kind and innocent. What will happen when a deal brokered between their families leads to these two opposite souls being forced into a marriage they both don't want?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 ~ Crushes

Gabi's P.O.V

I'm sunbathing peacefully on the beach, when he suddenly emerges out the ocean like some sort of god and walks right passed me, but not before giving me a cheeky wink on the way.

Jameson Oliver. What a man!

I wonder what he's doing and he suddenly stops. He turns on the public shower and tests the water a bit first.

Oh god! He just got under.

I watch carefully as one water drop slowly travels down his neck, in between his two gorgeous pecks, then does a zig zag whilst passing through his sexy abs, it stops right in the middle of his v-line, before finally dropping into his swim shorts.

Oh, what I would give to be that water drop.

He notices me staring and smirks. He steps out from under the shower and pushes back his soaking wet hair.

Using his finger, he signals me to come over to him. My eyes widen but I quickly get up. I dust off all the sand that managed to make it's way onto my body and readjust my bikini top.

As sexily as I can I walk over to him, trying not to trip up along the way. I stop when I'm about a metre away from him but he steps forward.

His hand makes its way to my waist and the other grabs my ass to move me closer to him. I gasp as our body collide and I look up.

Our lips are just mere inches away from each other. Everything else is blocked out now, it's just me and him.

"Gabi," He whispers in a husky voice. My breathe hitches in my throat and I can't find any words so I just nod.

"I want you," He says and then leans in to kiss me.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Gabi, you're gonna be late. Don't make me drag your ass out of bed again!" My mum screams from downstairs.

Great! Another sexy dream about Jameson.

God, these really need to stop. I'm never going to get with him so what's the point. I mean, I am popular but not on that level.

Let me explain. There are different types of popular: bitchy popular, rich popular, nice popular, rebel popular, smart popular and just plain hot popular.

Yep my school's social hierarchy is very weird. I'm a mix up between nice and rich popular.

I am smart but not like super smart and I like to think I'm hot although apparently my looks are more girl next door, than super model which I'm fine with.

Jameson is bad boy so he tends to go for hot and bitchy, which basically sums up Tara Finley. She's the school bitch and thinks she's better than everyone else just because her daddy owns half the school.

I mean this girl has been caught for cheating on tests, having sex in the bathrooms, skipping class and even for sleeping with a teacher.

All daddy needs to do though is wave his magic wand and buy a new library, or a new classroom, or a whole new block for the school and all is forgiven.

Uhh! I never hated a girl more and to top it all off her and Jameson have some sort off on and off relationship that's been going on for years.

One day they'll be making out in the corridor, and the next they'll be screaming at each other. In my opinion, Jameson deserves a lot better.

Not just because he's mega hot and I've had a crush on him since we were in high school, but he's genuinely a nice person.

He doesn't discriminate using social labels and he doesn't bother anyone unless they bother him. He has a tendency to get into fights and skip school but no one's perfect.

I drag myself out of bed and tie my hair up into a messy bun. I strip and then force myself to stand underneath the cold shower for five minutes.

This always wakes me up in a morning and today I'm feeling extra sleepy.

I quickly dry my body and then put on a light pink lace bra with some matching underpants. I tie my silk Victoria Secrets robe around my waist and then sit on the little black tuft stool in-front of my vanity mirror.

I untie my hair and then grab my brush and tackle the monstrosity sitting in my head. It's literally like a bird's nest.

I manage to get all the knots out and then grab the top half of my hair and tie into a ponytail. I pull a few strands out at the front to make it a little messier and then spray a little hairspray all over to make sure it lasts.

I open my drawer and grab my make up bag. I unzip the bag and then dig to the bottom until I find my eyebrow brush. I quickly go over them to make them a little darker and then apply some lip gloss.

That's all I really need.

Most girls act like going to college is a Victoria Secret's fashion shoot. I mean if you add how much their outfits, hair and make up costs it would probably be around the same price of a small car.

I walk over to my favourite part of my room, my closet. My walk-in-closet to be more exact. It took my dad six months to build it to my exact specifications but it was worth it.

The floor is lined with a cream white fluffy carpet. The walls are painted blush pink with a rose gold trim and there's a small baby pink couch in the middle.

All around are racks and shelves filled with clothes and to the side, there's a chest drawer filled with all my jewellery.

When I press a button on my little remote, the two huge shelves right in front of me move to the side which reveals my enormous shoe and bag collection.

I don't know how my dad managed to create my twelve year old self's fantasy but he sure did with a little help from his co-workers Uncle Leo and Uncle Colton, who also happens to be my god father.

I walk over to the rack where I keep my skirts, and pull out an off white mini skirt. I match it with my favourite light pink cropped jumper and a pair of knees high black boots.

I add a necklace and a pair of earring to finish my look, and then spritz some of my favourite perfume on my neck.

I quickly grab my school bag and then rush downstairs for breakfast. My mum is making pancakes, my favourite, but they can't just be any pancakes.

No they have to be vanilla cinnamon pancakes, I'm literally obsessed.

My dad used to make them for me and my brother all the time when we were kids because he refused to tell my mum the recipe, even though she begged.

I don't want to know what she did to persuade him to give it to her, but I'm glad he did because mum always cooks breakfast for us.

Dad's probably in the shower right about now after working out and my brother should be down any minute now, so it's just me and mum.

She puts a large stack of them in front of me and I immediately grab the syrup and drizzle it all over. I grab my knife and fork and dig in.

"Uhh Gabi," I hear my mum says and I look up at her.

"Thank you mummy." I try and say with a full mouth of pancakes but it doesn't really work and pancake flies out everywhere.

She starts to laugh and then walks away to cook some more. I carry on eating until I feel something hard hit the back of my head.

I turn around to find the culprit as my younger brother, Asher or Ash as I call him. He likes to think he's older even though I am by two years. He's a right pain in my ass but I love our fights, sometimes.

He sits down and smirks at me whilst I scowl back. My mum hands him a plate of pancakes and kisses him on the cheek. Even though he tries to push her away, I know he secretly loves it.

I've basically finished my pancakes so I grab the orange juice and pour myself a big glass. My dad walks in with a head full of wet hair and kisses my mum.

I love their love story, even though I don't know it all because they refuse to tell me some parts.

My dad is almost forty but yet he still looks like he's in his twenties. Same with my mum.

She's honestly gorgeous, with long dark brown hair that's in waves and dark brown eyes. My dad is quite handsome too, my best friend from high school used to have a huge crush on him that it made me sick.

He's quite tall and has jet black hair that's normally swept back. His sharp jaw is covered in stubble making him look more scarier but I know that he's a huge teddy bear. He just only shows it to me, my mum and Ash.

I for one, am glad I inherited my mum's small height, unlike Ash who's almost six foot at the age of 16.

My hair colour is mix between my mum's and my dad's, whilst Ash's is purely black and my eyes are dark brown.

I'm so glad that I got my mum's natural gorgeous waves. It's so much better than having to curl or straighten it everyday.

"Gabrielle. How's my princess?" My dad asks as he kisses my head.

"I'm good daddy, how are you?" He looks over at my mum and smirks.

"I'm feeling excellent after last night." He says and then winks at my mum who turns bright red.

"Oh my god. Dad, I just ate my breakfast. I don't want to throw up." I cried whilst trying to hold down my breakfast. Ash starts to fake gag and my mum comes over and starts hitting my dad in the chest.

She hates when dad embarrasses her or talks about her sex life, but apparently that's my dad's favourite thing to do.

"I'm all seriousness though kids, hurry up. I'm going to be late for work." He said back in his normal stern tone. I grabbed my bag and got up, whilst Ash tried to stuff as much pancake as he can down his throat.

The doorbell rang and I just ignored it, like usual, but Ash ran over and opened it. "Hey bro," Hunter, Uncle Colton's kid, said and then him and my brother started doing their weird handshake.

They walked in and Hunter strolled over to me looked me up and down. "Damn Gabs, I didn't think you could get much hotter." I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his remark.

Everyday it's the same thing. Hunter tries to flirt with me all the time, even though he knows that he's got absolutely no chance.

"Hunter, I swear to god if you open that big mouth of yours again I'm going to permanently make sure it stays shut."

"How would you do that cupcake? Use those sugar lips of yours to make sure they stay shut." He had a huge smirk on his face that I wanted slap off so desperately.

"No, I would use a stapler. Still wanna keep talking?" I said in a sweet voice and I gave him a fake smile.

"Um, I'm just gonna go over there." I wanted to laugh so hard at his face but I managed to compose myself.

"Ready to go kids?" My dad asks as he walks back into the room. We all nod and I quickly give my mum a kiss on the cheek, before rushing off to sit at the front of my dad's BMW 7 series M.

It's honestly the best car I've ever seen and not to mention super expensive.

I don't really know what job my dad has. I know he's the boss and I think he owns some sort of software company or something like that but I'm not sure. He's really secretive about his job for some reason.

Apparently Ash is going to get handed the family business one day.

Don't get me wrong I was offered the job but my hearts set on fashion. I really want to create my own fashion brand some day and be as successful as Stella McCartney or Coco Chanel.

My mum doesn't work. She's a housewife but she's more than happy with that title. Sometimes she helps out at the children's orphanage down the street and she paints with them or teaches them different things.

My mum really is my inspiration and my best friend, since I don't really have any.

I prefer to be a loner, especially at college. I just go to my classes, mind my own business and then go home.

All my friends from high school went to different college he or some even decided to ditch college all together.

I've only a got a couple months left until I've finished and then I can finally go to my dream university, St Martins college of art and design.

I look out the window and see that we're at Ash and Hunter's high school. They quickly jump out, and then run off to their other dork friends.

My college is only about five minutes away but dad always uses this opportunity to have some father-daughter bonding time. "So, Gabs. What lessons have you got today?"

"I have a three hour business lecture, lunch, and then art. That's it." Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a nice relaxed simple day but it's really not.

Business always drags but I figured I would need it in the future if I was going to run a successful company and I have to finish my project in art which will probably take four hours, so I'll have to stay after school.

"Well, have fun princess. Don't study too hard and if a boy comes over,"

"Tell him who my dad is and then tell him to fuck off. I know." My dad smiles at me and kisses my cheek, before I quickly climb out. I wave him off and then walk into the huge building.

My dad should know by now that I'm not all that into boys. Only one, Jameson obviously, but that's it. I never had a boyfriend, or even been on a date for that matter.

No-one has really interested me before. I'm a complete virgin Mary.

I'm about five minutes early so I just stand outside my classroom, waiting for the professor to arrive.

Suddenly the door slams open and a severely pissed off Jameson comes storming in, with a crying Tara following closely behind.

"Baby, I'm sorry. He meant nothing." She tried to whisper but everyone could hear.

"Really? Meant nothing. Five times isn't nothing Tara!" Jameson screamed and it wasn't long before a crowd began to form.

"Baby, I'll do anything. Please, I promise I won't ever seen him again." She was begging now and honestly it was a little funny to watch.

"Don't fucking call me that bitch. Don't ever talk to me again. I swear to god Tara, we are over. I'm done with you." He grabbed her hands and threw them off him, before turning around.

"Nooooo!! Jameson please, I love you." I noticed how his how body stiffen are her words and he turned around with a smirk on his face.

"Love, you don't know the meaning of the word." He whispered and she fell to the ground and starts to cry.

"What the fuck are all you looking at?" He shouted and the crowd quickly dispersed. He turned his head and our eyes locked.

Shit. I quickly averted my eyes but I could hear heavy footsteps walking towards me. Oh my god! He's walking over to me.

"Jackson." I looked up and bit my lip slightly. He's the only person who calls me by my last name. He has done ever since high school. I don't know why but hey, I'm not complaining.

"Yeah," I looked into his eyes and I could see how hurt he was. I felt bad for him. No-one deserves to be cheated on.

"I was wondering if you could do me a favour and send me your notes from the lecture. I need some time to cool down so I'm gonna ditch but I'm already failing. Could you send me them? You have my insta right? Just text me on there." I couldn't really from any words so I just gave him a stupid nod and he grinned.

"Thanks. I owe you one." He started to walk away but then he came back.

"Actually, do you have any free time this weekend?" Oh my god!!! He's gonna ask me out. Is it finally gonna happen? The moment I've literally been dreaming about for years.

"Umm, yeah I loads of free time." I quickly blurted out. Wow, Gabi. Way to sound desperate.

"Cool, so I was wondering if you could tutor me. I really need to catch up in class. Please, I really need the help." Oh. So he just wants me for my brain and notes.

"Sure. Text me what time and day." He smiled and then looked me up and down.

"By the way, cute skirt." He winked and I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks. He smirked and then walked away. God, the things that boy does to me.

The professor opened the door and I quickly walked to the back and got out all my stuff ready for the lesson.

The rest of day went surprisingly fast and it wasn't long until I was packing away my art stuff and walking out of school.

It was about half four but it was relatively dark so I decided that ordering an Uber would be the safest thing to do right now. It arrived in just under five minutes and I got home just before five.

I quickly paid the driver, giving a very generous tip as well since I'm a good mood about my study 'date' with Jameson this weekend.

My phone beeped and I opened it up to see two messages from Jameson.

Thx for the notes x

Looking forward to this weekend xx

Is it weird that reading the messages made my heart flutter?

God, I'm already dreaming about us getting married and our kids would be so fricking cute.

I put my phone away and then pulled out my keys to open the door. "Mum, dad I'm home." I called out but, there was no response.

"Mum, dad." I shouted and again no-on answered. I dropped my bag by the door and then walked into the living room.

My heart stopped at the sight and my eyes widened. I couldn't believe what I was seeing right now.

A man, looking to be in his early forties, walks out. He has dark hair with little flakes of grey in it and piercing eyes. He takes in my appearance and the smirks before opening his mouth.

"Welcome, we've been waiting for you."

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