I know my destiny is to be with you

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It's a normal day, dad and I have settled in our new house. I decide to take a walk and just adapt to my new surroundings when I accidentally bump into a wall.....or maybe a hot guy with black curly hair, broad shoulders and a very attractive smile and mesmerizing eyes....damn is it me or is it hot out here. "You?!....are you stalking me or something" he said. At this point Im pissed at his statement. We might have broken up but why in the world of horny teenagers would I stalk my ex for Christ sake. "So you were.." he says with a blank expression on his face, breaking the silence. "Uhm....uh, no I wasn't stalking you, why the Fuck would I. We just moved here and I had no idea I'd see the face I've been avoiding." Zoey Martins is any average girl that gets average marks and comes from a normal family and isn't popular, she's just loved by popular girls as well as her two friends Tina Norjie and Beverley Morris. Things change when she meets a play boy London Montino and his friends Deven Stewart, Orchard Valantino. Little does she know that them meeting will turn Zoey's life upside down in an instance. In this journey you will find that Zoey and London have a relationship but is soon ended due to infidelity, which doesn't only end the relationship but a friendship as well. Due to a little changes at Zoey's house she moves to Miami. Will Destiny bring them back together?

Romance / Poetry
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Chapter 1

Beep beep beep

I'm woken up by my clock. And I'm in a really bad mood because it's a Monday, argh I swear I'm not the only one that feels this way about Monday's.

I basically sleep walk to the bathroom to do my morning routine which consists of me washing my face, brushing my teeth, turning on the shower and hopping inside for about 45 minutes. Yes, I said 45 minutes because that's how long I take in the shower.

For those who are wondering, school starts at 7:45 and I wake up at 6:15 just so I can look presentable everyday. Once I'm done I throw on some black ripped jeans and a white and black sweater with some Air force, and tie my hair in to a bun.

"Good morning darling, no make up today??" Mom greets me in her chirpy voice. Is it normal for someone to be this happy on a Monday morning??

"Good morning mom, and yesss no make up today, it's a Monday mom." I say bluntly. I take a seat on the kitchen counter and have my breakfast which consisted of Pancakes and some chocolate syrup. Not to forget some strong coffee, to get me through the day. Once I'm done I grab my car keys "Mom, Dad I'm out see y'all later......kiss Fiona for me!." With that I walk to my Kia Sorento which was my birthday present last year and make my way to school.

Sammy is my older sister and she's 28 and Fiona is my sister's daughter. I love them a lot it's just they have their days. After 20 minutes I make it to school and park at my favorite spot. I head in and swim my way through the ocean of students to my locker, that might sound a bit dramatic but trust me, it sucks being short. I get there I change my books and with that I see Tina and Bev.

"Hey Zee, how you doing this fucked up morning?? TIna greets me "babe, I won't lie to you I'm shitty today" continuing her sentence. Bev and I laugh, as usual, "I swear there's never a day you're not feeling shitty or fucked up T you should just quit school once and for all" I reply making T groan and Bev giggle. Bev breaks the laugh by saying "You need not ask me Zee I'm ready for today thank you very much". I was about to respond when the bell rang and we all went out separate ways. I had Business first.

This is honestly my favorite class. I'm glad no one has had the guts to actually sit next to me....not even the schools hottest guy London, not that I want him to but, it would be nice to earn some nasty states from the girls. It's a good site to be honest. It's been about 5 minutes and Mrs Lanage is still not here which is surprising.

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