I know my destiny is to be with you

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Chapter 2

I get in and sit right at the back knowing no one will notice me except for of course Miss Lanage. "Good morning class, its a Monday morning and I'm not ready to deal with any of your nonsense so keep still and let this lesson go smoothly." Miss Lanage exclaims. Gee somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. "Now as you kids know am not the type to gi-" Miss Lanage is stopped by the door opening and we all turn to meet the figure of none other than London Montino. He was the schools hottest guy, with black curly hair, mesmerizing and seductive eyes, a smile to die for ,and a perfect body. I swear he was a Greek god.

My drooling is distributed by Miss Lanage talking, "So Mr London Montino decides that if he comes late then he'll have a seat in my class....where have you been sir" we all giggle and there are murmurs around the class, which London is noticing and is most definitely liking. "Well ma'am I was in the bathroom, I'm sorry...but not really sorry coz it wasn't my fault" the class excluding me laughs, honestly that wasn't funny.

"Shut your mouth and grab a seat next to Miss Zoey Martin." What the fuckidy fucking fuck, why does it have to be me all the time. Honestly the heavens don't love me today. I'm interrupted by a poke on my cheek, I swear on the heavens above..... "What" I say bitterly. Dont blame me I was annoyed as fuck. "Well uhm, hi I guess" he says with a sweet smile, I think I'm melting. "Did you seriously poke me for that" I say slightly annoyed, "Gee big head I was just greeting are you on your periods or something" he says with no expression what so ever. Ok I'm done, "Whoever you are I already don't like you ok, so please mind your on fucking business and no I'm not on my periods because if I were I really don't think you'd still be next to me." I say in one breath. "Feisty one" he smirks. "Miss Zoey is there a problem there?" Shit shit shit what do I say "uh no ma'am there's no problem at all he was just asking for a pen" I say with a small smile. "I see you're a good liar too" he says chuckling.

She nods as she continues telling us about the assignment and how we will be grouped in two' . The rest of the lesson was shitty coz of this fly that will sit next to me for the entire year. The bell rings which I am relieved by because I don't think I'll see him any where else, I pack my things quickly and at this point Im happy I'm leaving this baboon. As I fast walk to the door someone gets a hold of my wrist....I turn around ready to bite the persons head off to see London. Omg hot as fuck, I mean all the girls want to be with him not me though, yes he's amazingly hot but no thanks. All he does is mesmerize and seduce the girl then throw them away like a piece of trash. I'm distributed by his hot ass voice "done checking me out??" He asks smirking. I swear to the the heavens above...... " Sorry I didn't hear you your ego was in the way" I deadpan. All he does is chuckle then says "where are you heading to??" Omg, he did not just ask such a stupid question. "What the Fuck do you mean....I'm heading to class bro" he seems surprised by my answer when I finally hear him say " I mean what class big head" I glare at him before answering " Accounting, how about you?" He smiles and says "Same"......I see swear my eyes popped out of my face. Just when I thought I've had enough of him BOOM right in my face he's back.

But I digress

We are currently in accounting class and some woman's son is annoying the living hell out of me. "Dont you ever get tired of annoying me?" I ask ready to slap him, " nah, you're really cute when you are pissed big head." The nerve of this boy.

Where are you luck?

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