I know my destiny is to be with you

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Chapter 3

I swear to the the heavens above......

" Sorry I didn't hear you your ego was in the way" I deadpan. All he does is chuckle then says "where are you heading to??" Omg, he did not just ask such a stupid question. "What the Fuck do you mean....I'm heading to class bro" he seems surprised by my answer when I finally hear him say " I mean what class big head" I glare at him before answering " Accounting, how about you?" He smiles and says "Same"......I see swear my eyes popped out of my face. Just when I thought I've had enough of him BOOM right in my face he's back.

But I digress

We are currently in accounting class and some woman's son is annoying the living hell out of me. "Dont you ever get tired of annoying me?" I ask ready to slap him, " nah, you're really cute when you are pissed big head." The nerve of this boy.

Where are you luck?

The bell rings notifying that it's lunch, and honestly I'm glad because I get to have a break from London. By the way today I found out that I share all my class with London and honestly, I feel really bitter.

I once again swim in the ocean of these long (not tall, they seem taller than tall) students making my was to my locker. I get there to find Mr London standing there like what the Fuck is he doIng next to my locker. 'Argh he's probably not even there for you Zoey, get over yourself' uhm conscious never did I hear myself saying he is waiting for me so shut up. 'Im your conscious, don't you forget that's whatever.

I finally get to my locker and I act as If I can't see him, I turn my lock left, right, left, and then right again 'click' it opens. "Ouch big head, I'm waiting for you but you don't seem to notice me" he says putting his hand on his heart. Ah I kinda knew kinda didn't know he was here for me, "What the Fuck are you waiting here for, I have friends to do that you know..." I say trying not toto sound astound, he looks at me and I feel his eyes drilling the side of my face. Thank God he stops when he hears T squeaking "Hi Zee and hi London" she looks at me wiggling her eyebrows.

Mental note: slap T after this baboon leaves

"Oh hey there...?" He says with his arm stretched out towards T, "Tina, I'm Tina Norjie" she says with excitement evident in her voice. "And I'm Beverly Morris" she says surprisingly chilled about the whole meeting London thingie. "Girls we can leave now, I'm sure my conversation with London is done, am I right?" I question giving him a glare to make sure he agrees but I stead he says "Actually Im sitting with you guys today."

I swear to God today is not my day at all.

We go to our table and sit there obviously earning a few murmurs and confused faces from everyone. And I honestly don't blame them at all. If you think of it, you wouldn't see the hottest boy at the middle class table. As we are indulging in our food Riana the schools Queen Bee comes to us. I hate her guts...I'd literally kill her and wear her insides as my necklace. She's honestly like all the cliche Queen Bee's in movies and books.

"What are you doing here London?" She says giving us the ugly state, I answer before London dies because I'm do pissed right now "Well he got bored of fake and and came here for the real" I say giving her an innocent smile. Lucky us, before she could answer the bell rang and we all surprisingly walked past her. I mentally cracked up laughing.

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