I know my destiny is to be with you

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Chapter 4

All the other periods went smoothly and I didn't have homework as yet. So I went to the restroom so I could wait for the corridors to get a little less crowded coz I swear to God I smell ass all the time. As I was in there I was joined by Layla, one of Rianas minions, "hey Zoey" she says with a fake smile plastered on her face. She was pretty but not hot at all. Nice ass, nice boobs, she had a nice body, in general. "Mhm" I said, not forcing or faking a smile whatsoever. I honestly don't have time to be fake. I leave the restroom and head to my locker where I find the girls standing. "Where the fuck were you girl, we've been wait for 69 years" Bev says looking really tired, "Don't you think that was a little bit over exaggerated Bev?" I ask closing my locker. She groans while me and T just laugh. We hug and say our goodbyes and head to our cars. I see a figure next to my car and my conscious joins me 'it might have been him the first time, but it's not him again babe' I didn't say anything Conscious, can you teach yourself to shut up, you're so annoying.m, it's a female figure you dumb ass.

"Wussup Lilly, is every thing ok??" I ask unlocking my car. I honestly didn't notice her red puffy eyes till now. Did her and Aunt Trisha have a fight? "Why, have you been crying Lilly is everything ok??" I ask a little more stern so she doesn't think of ignoring my question. "No, can I stay with y'all?" She asked giving me the 'im desperately in need' look, I have in and out her luggage in the car. Yes I said luggage. I didn't ask any further questions and I just drove home, nothing but sniffles filling the air. Whatever happened must be big.

I got home to only find Fiona and Terri watching t.v. and eating sandwiches I suspect were made by Jane, our part time helper. "Hi guys where's mom?" I ask totally confused because my mom always told me if she was going somewhere. "Oh, hi Zoey mom went to Aunt Trishas house. She said give Lilly the guest room unless she wants to sleep with you." She says, her focus on the television. I didn't ha've to tell Lilly because I'm sure she heard. After we ate I went to Lilly who didn't come out of the room ever since we got home. I brought her the sandwiches I left. I knocked twice in till I heard a soft 'come in' and I got in placing the food next to her and sitting on the bed.

"What happened?" I ask concern in my voice, "Me and Trisha got in a fight and shit" she says anger and hurt on her face. I was surprised she called her mom by name...."She's your mom Lilly" I salty trying to prove a point, but she stands up and raises her voice "No mom would fucking call the cops on her child only because she wants to leave and go to her dad's place Zoey" she says before sobbing. I stand and walk towards her, "I'm so sorry, it's going to be okay. Just eat something to give you energy Lilly.." with that I take her food and make sure she eats.

I headed to my room and changed into my pyjamas. I was about township in when I heard a 'ding dong' I went downstairs to open since Fiona was sleeping and Terri went home with Aunt Danielle. I see Samantha and give her a hug before she walks in. "How was work sis??" I ask with a swest smile upon my face, " It was great, I heard Lilly was here, where is she?" She asks with a yawn, "In the room, probably still sobbing. I'm heading to bed see you in the evening." She returns the ggoodnight and icomment leave. I barley see my sister she's always busy, I see her only in the evenings.


Unknown: hey there big head

Zee: What the fuck do you want Baboon?

Unknown: geez nothing just saying Goodnight;-)

Zee: uh, ok goodnight. You're totally weird.

That's was a totally weird conversation. He just tested to say 'goodnight' that's just......I don't even know. I switch off my phone get into bed and close my eyes in till sleep takes over.

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