I know my destiny is to be with you

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Chapter 4

The week was very interesting seeing that Riana had a huge problem with London chilling with us, it's Friday and apparently London's friends are coming. They literally changed schools just because they wanted to be with London. I wonder if my friends would do the same for me. Anyway I did my morning routine and headed down stairs to be met with my while family and Lilly too.

"Good morning family" I say with Rianas high pitched annoying voice earning myself weird looks from my family which made chuckle. "Good morning dear nice outfit" she says pointing towards my outfit. Today since I was happy I denim shorts and a white crop top with white Vans, I was proud of my look. Lilly looked fucked up, she wore black jeans a huge sweater and smugs. 'Did she wake up late or something?' I honestly don't know but the girl looks fucked up bro. I sit down and eat my noodles my dear mom had made for me. After that I went upstairs to brush my teeth finish my look with Smokey make-up and a light red lip gloss. I took my car keys and headed down stairs.

"Bye family, Lilly let's go" I sat giving them hugs and giving Fiona a peck on the forehead. We head to my car and drive to school in a comfortable silence. I really dont know why we didn't speak to each other. She's probably still a little bit sad. Atleast she won't have to sit with me during lunch. She has her friends and I have mine. What I didn't know was that she and London knew each other like very much. And they were close. But it wasn't the right time to ask since she was having a hard time.

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