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a 16 year old girl who has fallen in love with a vampire . But he over protective brother Interrupt her from falling in love and tries to make her fall in love with someone else.

Romance / Drama
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It’s as if it was real

One day there was a girl named Evelyn . Evelyn is and 16 year old girl. She lives with her Aunt and her over protective brother Ian . Two months ago her parents died in a car crash . So her aunt got custody of her and her brother. She had to move to San Francisco California to be with her aunt . She was new to every thing . On august 12 it was her first day at a new high school . Every one was very welcoming she also met a girl named Sherry . Sherry was in the same grade and also they same age . Days past , and is was really foggy and cloudy and some people came . Shelley told Evelyn about them , she said that “ they only come on non sunny days and no one knows why , there names are Grayson , the twins Sven & Jeanette then there’s Abid and glen “ the also said that they was adopted . Sven and glen are a thing just like Jeanette and Abid “ Shelly said “. Evelyn said “wat kind of thing “ . Sherry laughed and said in love kind of thing . Evelyn said oh .while Evelyn was walking to her next class she bumped into Grayson on accident . She dropped all her books and they both went down to pick them up , but then they touched hands and she said your hands are freezing . Grayson said it’s just a natural thing . Evelyn said oh . She figured something was wrong. They had the same class and had seats next to each other . They did not speak at all . So after school she followed Grayson home . Until he noticed . He stopped and said why were you following me. Evelyn said yhu was very cold , and every one doesn’t get cold that easily . Grayson said up under his breath “ I’m cold hearted . Evelyn said can yhu speak louder “ . Grayson said no I can’t speak louder. Evelyn asked why. Grayson said he had a weak voice , even know he didn’t. But then Evelyn said wat is that supposed to mean. Grayson chuckled under his breadth. Then he said look it up I’m sure it will give yhu a better explanation. Evelyn said how did yhu get a weak voice . Grayson then said softly he was born with it . Then Evelyn said oh. She then turn around to get her book bag off the ground and turned around to see that Grayson left . Evelyn then starts to walk home to see a big werewolf . She then runs for her life. When she looks back the werewolf disappeared. She screams Graysons name. He didn’t come even know he heard her. This time instead of walking she sits at the nearest bus stop and waits for a bus. She gets on the bus and sat in the front row. The bus driver almost hit that same werewolf that Evelyn saw. She then gets of the bus and walks the rest of the way. She finally reached home. She bends down to get her keys and sees a letter up under the door Mat. It was from one of Ian friends Antonio it said that he would like to meet at a cafe acrodd the street at 5:05. So she got ready and the time finally came. Antonio was sitting at one of the first 3 seats. So she sat across From him. The first thing she said was “ yhu could have texted me like a normal person. Antonio said well I wanted to make this romantic. Evelyn said oh wow you out did your self. Antonio laughed. As soon as yhu know it the date was over. So they both went home. Evelyn yells her aunts name because her brother was hogging thetv. Her aunt came down and said “why don’t you do something productive like after school a after school program. He sat sat and thought then Ian said can I try out for basketball.

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