Short Collection: The Spicy Stuff

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The spice collection of shorts. Take a journey from the past to the modern day with a few different men. See what happens and enjoy the ride.

Romance / Erotica
Kat Thomas
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Naughty Hedgehog

The Spice Collection

Naughty Hedgehog

He sat in the room he used as a workshop for his healing herbs and everything else, the still room was well stocked, and he kept it remarkably clean. He was in a daze on this day and didn’t want to really do much of anything as his mind wasn’t on task. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He wasn’t even sure how he was supposed to feel about her, but he couldn’t stop himself thinking and daydreaming about her. He was disgusted with himself for not being able to stop. What’s worse is the reaction his body was having every time he let his daydream get too far before trying to squash it back down to an innocent encounter and not what his mind and evidently his body wanted to do. He was trying to go over his stockpile of certain things but didn’t want to be there because she might walk in.

As if he was protecting she did and set before him a cup of tea. She usually didn’t come in this room, but today she had found him and figures he would have worked up a thirst by now in the darkened room. He could barely squeak out a simple thank you without looking at her. His visions of his daydreams were flashing before his eyes with her laid out in front of him on the table as her legs were wrapped around his waist as he was thrusting into her. He had to blink the vision that he was having to glance away as his blush grew and deepened and she was looking more closely.

“Are you okay?“, She asked now concerned for him as his colored had changed from flushed to a slightly pale as the blood had left his face and filled another area. Without him realizing she had gotten up and had moved around the table closer to him. When he moved slightly, she saw the reason he was drained. It wasn’t hard for her to imagine why he was acting on edge. He was now looking away from her as she moved even closer to him. She had no idea the depth of his wanting, but she wasn’t going to back away when she had him in a place no one ever comes too. Her smile turned wry as he looked up and realized she was so close, he wasn’t sure if he was back in one of his daydreams or if this was real. The pain of his straining erection was real enough, but he had forgotten his fantasies often lead to the same pain if he did not seek his own release. She placed her hand on his shoulder and was going to whisper something to him when he caught it and pushed her down on the table. It was a fast movement that caught her off guard, but she wasn’t going to complain as he moved to be ultimately behind her.

“Say you want this.“, he said with his voice low, lower then she had ever heard from him.

“I---,” she tried to stutter out.

“Say it!“, he exclaimed without his voice breaking the pitch or strength.

“You know I do.“, She finally managed to get out as he then let his baser self-take over. He never liked giving in to anything but his rational self who could control everything, except when she was around. He lost all control when she was. He was on her in a flash as she lay on the table and now was having her clothing opened, so she bared herself to him. He swore if he ever had her in this position he would be more careful with her then he was being. His head was gone and the only thought he was having was ‘take her’ and ‘take her NOW!’. Any sort of control was lost as she was completely open to him, uncovered, and bare and all the thoughts he had flown out the window as he gazed over her. He knew he wanted to punish her for creeping into his thoughts and making him unable to think along with the pain he had to deal with from his unsated desires.

When his mouth moved over her body, she had no idea what was happening. She didn’t even realize he had felt that way about her; she had always thought that the desire was one-sided. He couldn’t kiss her in the position she was in now and honestly that was the only thing that bothered her as she felt his mouth move around on her abdomen moving and creeping lower. When he found the apex of her body with his mouth his breath warm and soft reaching her in the most private of places it was like him breathing on her soul. She wiggled a bit to which he laughed, and the opened her legs to each side of him and worked his way in. As his tongue began to operate its own magic as she threw her head back in pure pleasure. He moved up and down her folds and the center where the opening to the place he most wanted to be was, he let his mouth do whatever it felt too, and he could feel the tension building in her. He found her clit and began helping his tongue with his thumb by gentle placing enough pressure to raise her even higher. He could feel her nearly explode when she came for the first time but definitely not the last time. He flipped her over on the table, so she was now face down as he undid enough of his robes to free his throbbing cock. He rubbed it against her backside as she moaned at the feeling. He found her entrance and placed his member there and a quick grab onto her hips and thrust himself deep within her. He almost wanted to stay right there as he knew it would take him long to finish himself for he had desired this too long. She was panting underneath him and begging for more. He gave her what she wanted as he tried to fight the need to spill himself within her. He was thrusting fast as he was also reaching around and massaging the place which would help her cum more quickly. She was moaning which was music to his ears. Her pitch was increasing, and he knew he was nearly there as was she, the thrusting continued until he felt her break and shatter beneath him. She screamed out and quivered around him as he kept thrusting into her until the end of her orgasm in which he found his own release deep within her. He nearly collapsed on her when he was done. He managed to keep standing though as he withdrew from her and flipped her back over to redo her clothes. Her eyes were hazed over and her face flush. She looked exactly as she had in his daydream and he felt even more for the Princess now and almost had the need to take her again. When he was done fixing her clothes he was going to walk her back to her room so she could rest a bit, when they reached the room, she tugged him inside and pushed him down on her futon. She curled up in his arms as she quickly fell asleep from the unexpected endeavor the two had done. She was in his arms, and as she woke up a little while longer, he said, “That’s what you get for interrupting me while I work.”

“I guess then I will have to interrupt you tomorrow as well then, Ieyasu.“, She calmly replied and kissed him before he left to go back to the still-room. She then said quietly as he slipped passed her door, “maybe even later tonight.”

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