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I gave a humorless laugh, shaking my head. "what is it?" he asks. " it's just that I can't believe, that out of all the people, the one I trust the most is you." I say, a smile on my lips. "you, a player." " is that really what you think of me?" he asks, his eyes darkening... --- Meet Leah Roberts, the invisible girl. She's not a nerd, nor popular, the only reason people know she exists is because of her popular best friend, Katherine. And that's how she likes it, because she has a big secret. A secret that she's trying to run away from for half her life. But being invisible just became a lot harder... her favourite teacher's son, the school's new player seems to have taken an interest in her. And he's not the only one... The senior bad boy, Sebastian suddenly notices her too. But this is not your cliché story because not all the bad boys fall for the invisible girls and not all the girls want the bad boys... Two insanely hot boys, bitchy populars, two best friends and a whole lot of drama packed into this one book... Your Lovingly hated playboy

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Chapter 1

Lee! Wake up! You are going to be late for school!" Somebody shouts, jerking me awake.

" No... "I mumble, half asleep.

"Come on!" I hear my mom call out again.

"Okay, okay, getting up." I shout back and stretch.

Well... My life sucks. That's the only word to describe my life. I mean, seriously? Why does high school need to suck so much? But... What to do? This is my life and I have to deal with it.

I yawn and get up, stretching my arms and stare at myself in the mirror. My chestnut brown hair is messy from sleep and falls in tumbles below my shoulders. My sleepy hazel eyes are half-closed with laziness and sleep. I am one of the shortest in the class and reach to about 5.5. But since I am slim, I guess it's not that bad. So, in short, I am a boring, not-so-beautiful girl of 16 who has only two friends and no boyfriend. I haven't ever had one. I told you. My life sucks.

So this is how much my life sucks. But I am not about to end it like that stupid Hannah Baker from 13 reasons why. No offense to her, of course. But... Still. I think life is precious and we shouldn't give it away as if it were nothing. We should always keep hope. Doing suicide is like being a coward and I don't want to be coward.

I sigh and go in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I'm blabbering. I like taking a long shower in the morning. It's always so refreshing. But I can't take one today as I am already late. In about 15 minutes, I am ready and go down to breakfast. I don't like applying to much makeup. Sometimes I just pinch my pale cheeks to make them look red.

"Good morning, Leah." Dad wishes.

"Good morning." I reply, rubbing my eyes, my voice heavy with sleep. I look up and see him smiling, his green eyes twinkling with excitement and his chestnut brown hair, similar to mine, falling in his eyes.

"Why are you so bright and full of excitement this morning?" I ask suspiciously.

" Why? Can't I be excited?" He asks. I just narrow my eyes in suspicion.

" It's okay, Mr. Roberts. I am here!" Says a very familiar voice from behind me.

I turn. "Erin! OH MY GOSH Bel!" I say, running towards them.

"oh no, Lee! You're going to choke me!" Erin squeals.

I release her and she says, "We're staying for breakfast!"

I break out into a grin. "Amazing!"

Both of them grin and we go sit at the table. "mom! You didn't tell me. Even you dad!" I say.

He grins. "I wanted to surprise you." He winks.

"We are very hungry, Mrs. Roberts!" Erin says.

"I've told you so many times to just call me Aubrey, Katherine. You too Isabelle." My mom says, serving us some delicious, hot pancakes with honey and strawberry syrup. I taste a bit of it with my fork and close my eyes, savoring the taste.

"Yum... pancakes!" Bel says, taking in the scent.

We finish our breakfast within minutes and I say, "love you, mom!", as we run to the parking lot.

"Be careful!" I hear my mom shout. "And don't bash the car!"

We drive to the school and Bel parks the car along with the others. We walk to the school building and I see boys immediately stare at Erin's perfect, well-toned thighs which were clearly seen due to the shorts that she is wearing. Erin is beautiful. Okay, that's an understatement. She is gorgeous with her perfect strawberry-blonde hair straight below the shoulders, sky-blue eyes with multicolour flecks and average height. She looks like the goddess of love and beauty. Bel is beautiful too, with her auburn hair reaching till her shoulders and jade green eyes. She is taller than Erin, though very shy. And by that, I mean more shy than me. And that's saying a lot.

As the boys turn and watch Erin, she rolls her eyes and marches to one of them. "Wanna have some fun?" she asks seductively, grinding her hips against him.

"Anytime, baby." He says, putting his hands on her ass. Erin moves as swiftly as she always does. She brings her leg up and knees him where the sun doesn't shine.

"Ouch! Bitch!" he shouts, pushing her away. Erin just laughs and trots backs to us. By that time, we are laughing like crazy.

"Katherine Brown, you are a bad girl." Bel says, wagging her index finger, still laughing.

"Oh come on, Isabelle Lewis!" Erin laughs.

We start walking again and I wonder again how Erin and I became friends. She's the complete opposite of me. She is popular, beautiful and...perfect. We became friends when we were ten and were made to sit together. None of us wanted to sit next to the other but eventually we just became friends. Don't ask me how.

We enter the building and I check the timetable. I groan when I realize that I have Calculus first. The others have something or the other and I realize that Literature is the first lecture I have with Erin. I say good bye and we walk to our particular classes.

The next lectures go in a blur and I heave a sigh of relief when it's finally time for Literature. I go the class and meet Erin halfway. We walk to the class together and when we enter, I see that Mrs. Sophie is not there yet. We go to our usual seats at the back and chat.

"Thursday is so boring! We have all the boring classes today." She groans.

"I know!" I reply.

"Oh damn! Had Mrs. Sophie given us any assignment?" I ask, color draining from my face.

"Chill, baby. It's okay. She won't say anything to you. After all, you are her favourite student." Erin says.

"Yes, but I don't want to get on the bad side of her!" I say and quickly check my bag. My hand grabs two-three loose sheets. "No!" I shout.

It takes me a moment to realize why that came out so loud. The whole class is silent and looking at us. God! What is wrong with today? 'Thursday is wrong with today.' whispers a tiny voice inside my head.

I kick Erin's foot and we stand up. I see her sky-blue eyes turn dark blue and immediately know she's staring at someone hot. I turn my head in that direction and my heart stops. A boy with jet black hair which falls slightly in his midnight-blue eyes with green flecks is standing beside Mrs. Sophie. He flashes the class a quick grin which shows his dimples and I see the girls swoon. His lean body is pressed against a table, a smirk on his face at the girls' reaction. He looks exactly like a Greek god except for the fact that Greek gods did not smirk. Or maybe they did. Who knows?

"Leah? What's wrong? You don't usually talk in my class." Mrs. Sophie says, bringing my attention back to her.

My eyes quickly turn to her and I am pissed that the stupid boy took my attention away from her when she is already so angry.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Sophie. I didn't realize that you had come." I apologize.

"And I'm sorry but you two would have to sit separately from now on. Understood?" she says sternly. "I don't want Katherine to disturb you from your studies."

I look at Erin to see her reaction to this but she is still staring at the new boy who was still leaning on the table casually. I don't know how he can do this when the teacher is in the class. I roll my eyes and kick her on the foot again. She snaps her gaze back to me.

"Do you want to sit here or should I?" I ask, hoping she knows what I'm asking.

And of course, I'm out of luck and she says, "uh...what?"

"Mrs. Sophie wants us to sit separately. Do you want to sit here or no?" I ask her, pissed.

"Um... no thanks. I'll just sit here." She mumbles.

I roll my eyes and take my books to the front corner of the class as there is no other place and plop down. I just can't understand why I'm so annoyed.

"Good." Mrs. Sophie says and sits down on the chair behind her table.

"Okay, students, this is Noah Flemmimg, my son. He'll be studying in this school with you." She says and then adds to Noah, "and you, I'm warning you, NO FLIRTING!"

Some of the boys laugh at this and the girls' eyes turn dreamy. I roll my eyes again. What is it with today? I'm literally rolling my eyes every minute.

"So... where do you want to sit Noah?" she continues. "There are only two places - One beside Leah and one beside Katherine as I just separated them."

Oh thank god! He won't sit next to me. Erin's a way better option. "Hmm... I think I'll sit next to Katherine. No offence, Leah." He says but I'm not in the least offended. It was pretty obvious.

"Oh, no problem. I rather like to sit alone when I'm not sitting with Katherine." I reply with a shrug.

"That's because you have no other friends except Katherine and Isabelle." Someone at the back says and everybody snickers.

"Shut up, Daniel!" Erin says as I ignore them, completely indifferent to their teasing.

Noah must have heard this and seen the complete indifference on my face as his eyebrows rise in surprise. I almost smile. Not every girl has to fall for him. But then he opens his mouth and says, "But there is a slight problem. If I sit at the back, it'll be difficult for you girls to stare, resulting in angering my dear mother. So I have an idea. I'll sit with Leah and it'll be easier for everyone."

The girls swoon at this and he says "I'm sacrificing an amazing chance to sit with a beautiful girl for you girls. It better be noted."

He plops down next to me and anger courses through me. What's the matter with this boy?

"Noah, I said NO FLIRTING!" Mrs. Sophie says but Noah just grins.

"Come on, mom. Chill!" he replies and she glares at him and says, "Okay, fine. Open your books. And Noah, when in school, it's Mrs. Sophie for you."

We all follow her instructions except guess who? Noah.

"Mrs. Sophie?" he says in a sweet innocent voice. "I don't have a book. In fact, I don't have any books."

"ugh... Noah. This is your first day so I'm ignoring this but from tomorrow, I want a book." She says. "And Leah, will you be so kind as to share your book with him for today?"

"No problem." I say and when she turns around, I groan under my breath.

I slide my book towards him so that it rests between us. He turns towards me, his brows furrowed and eyes narrowed. "What's the matter with you? Usually any girl will die to sit next to me. Apparently, you don't feel the same." He says wryly.

My lips turn upwards on their own accord. "Yes, that's right, Noah. Not every girl is crazy."

"Yes you are right on this one. Not every girl is as crazy as you." He says.

"I'm glad you understood."

I roll my eyes and look at my book again. "Girls!" he huffs under his breath and I mumble, "boys!"

Mrs. Sophie had told us to read in our mind and so that's what I do. I love reading books so this was a fun thing for me. I read to the last line quickly and start to turn the page. But I feel a hand slap my hand. I look up, my eyebrows crossed to see who did it and of course, it's Noah.

"Wait for me. I'm still here." He says, pointing to the middle of the page.

I groan. "Not very polite are you?" he asks.

"As if you are. And anyways, you are a slow reader! Very slow!" I complain.

"Not my fault. You wanted to sit next to me." He replies.

"Oh no. you did not just say that. I very clearly stated that I had no interest in seating next to you." I say, raising my eyebrows so much that they almost disappear in my hairline.

"Not true. You wanted to sit next to me." He says.

"oh did I now?"

"yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did."







"Yes" I say and stop short. How the hell did I fall for that? That's like the oldest trick in the book! He looks at me, a small smile on his lips, an eyebrow raised.

"Finally you get it. That's exactly what I was saying." He says.

I groan and turn back towards the book and start reading without really understanding anything. It takes me a full minute to realize that I've actually already read it. So I just sit there, extremely aware of our hands so close to each other. The whole class is quiet so I whisper, "Noah, did you finish?"

He shivers. "What?" he whispers back, his lips near my ear.

I can feel his breath, lemon and sweat, blow on my cheeks. I suppress a shiver and repeat in a whisper, "Are you done reading?"

Just then, the bell rings and I realize how close we were sitting. I was almost on his lap and we both realize this at the same moment and spring apart. Our eyes meet, mine full of embarrassment and his, full of mischief. Before I can say anything, Erin comes and loops her hand around me. I give a curt nod to Noah and suddenly, he winks and says, "see you later, Brownie."

"Oh no, you won't." I say and turn around, marching out of the class with Erin beside me, determined to evade him.

Just before I go out of hearing distance, he says softly to himself, "Good luck with that, my little Brownie."

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