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Cecily Rowland is your typical Junior college student struggling to get through life, which mostly consists of schoolwork, late night junk food, and naps. Every day for her is the same routine of school and leisure until a chance encounter with a small pup changes her life. She soon realizes life might not be as mundane as it seems. Aiden was the proud son of the Alpha of the Moon Shine Pack and lived among his close-knit community as the future Alpha. His life is abruptly shattered when the Dark Moon Pack suddenly attacked— killing most of his pack and enslaving the rest. Now, Aiden’s sole purpose is to keep his younger brother, Leon, safe. With no one left to trust, Aiden is left with no choice but to run as far away as possible and blend in with the humans who have no idea that werewolves even exist. With no money or shelter, Aiden devices a plan to help his brother and him survive until he can figure out a way to exact revenge on those who killed his parents and reclaim his place as Alpha. Little did he know that the “chance encounter” he so meticulously planned would have him landing in the apartment of the most beautiful, yet infuriatingly lazy female he has ever met. As Aiden and Leon grow closer to Cecily, their “savior”, he begins to wonder if reclaiming his place with the surviving pack will be his next step or if staying by her side is where he belongs.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Cecily had thirty days to live. In exactly thirty days her philosophy essay was due and there was no doubt in her mind that she wasn’t going to survive the ordeal.What human being in their right mind assigned a ten-page paper when there were so many better things to do with that time? Cecily could easily think of like, 100 things she’d rather do. There was video games, and sleep, and eating, and napping, and watching television, and even socializing for crying out loud! It was times like these that she regretted not just getting a job after high school. She’d had a brilliant idea during Junior year that if she went to college and got a degree, she could get an easy office desk job that didn’t require much work and paid a lot. Best of both worlds! Now she was stuck drowning in a sea of work that she was positive would not help her fulfill her dream of being lazy and rich.

Huffing, Cecily trekked the usual route from her university to her apartment twenty minutes away from campus. Cecily hated the walk but she was too lazy to get a job and her parents only gave her a small allowance that was barely enough to cover the rent and living expenses.

Half a mile away from her apartment, Cecily decided she could go no further and decided to take a break before dragging her feet the rest of the way. Stupid bus fare and its expensive cost!

Spotting a relatively small box sitting on the side of the road, Cecily decided it was the best place to sit while she rested her legs. There were no houses nearby and the box was just sitting in front of some bushes, so the box couldn’t belong to anyone, right?

Too tired to really care, Cecily approached the box and pushed down on the lid to make sure it was sturdy. Passing her mock test, the box seemed sturdy enough so Cecily set her backpack on the ground next to it and proceeded to sit her butt on the lid. Completely still and ready to jump if the box fell apart, Cecily waited a moment before relaxing and pulling out her phone. She could play the app she had recently downloaded.

As she played her game, Cecily began to feel a bit gassy. Was it the pizza she had eaten for lunch? No one in sight, she let one rip and patted her tummy. Much better! And wow did it stink. Good thing no one was around or she’d have to make a run for it; and Cecily hated running. A few moments later, Cecily’s head shot up as the ground beneath her butt shook. An earthquake? Was the apocalypse about to happen!? Before she could panic, Cecily noticed that only her butt was shaking, her feet were completely stationary on the concrete. What the?... Standing up, Cecily quickly opened the box to reveal... a puppy?

“Wow there! I could have crushed you!” she spoke to the thing, not really caring that it couldn’t understand her.

Well, this was a complication Cecily did not want. Should she just leave it there? Someone else could take care of the problem. Contemplating, Cecily hovered over the box and stared down at the pup as if though it had all the answers. The pup just looked back up at her and whined quietly, snorting a few times.

She had to admit, the puppy was cute with its big blue eyes, shaggy coat of fur that was mostly dark brown with stripes of light brown randomly patterned across its back. And it was so small! It couldn’t be more than a few dog-months old. Though it sure looked like a wolf. It almost looked more like a wolf than dog.

“You are a dog, right?” she asked it as she pushed her waist-length brown hair behind her shoulders. In response the pup let out a little yip but remained seated in the box. Cecily let out a chuckle in reply and put her hands on her knees, leaning forward to get a closer look at it. “You’re right! Of course you’re a dog.” There was no possible way a wolf cub was in a box in the middle of a suburban town. Plus, wasn’t it a trend to breed dogs that looked almost identical to wolves?

“Well, at least you’re not a cat. Cats are selfish and I’m selfish so we don’t get along. Though I have to say, I haven’t had a dog since I was five years old. Are you low maintenance?” she asked it, cocking her head to the side.

After a few minutes of just staring at each other with the pup only moving to cock its head to the side as well, Cecily clapped her hands together. “I know!” she exclaimed, “I’ll take you home and feed you. In exchange, my parents will stop nagging me about always being alone and I can say that you ate my essay in a month’s time!”

Happy with her brilliant strategy, Cecily grabbed her backpack and opened it. “Now, hop into my bag and don’t bite me,” she told it as she held it open wide while it rested on the ground. A few pages inside might get wrinkled but she wasn’t about to hold it in her arms when she wasn’t sure if it would bite her and she didn’t want to have to be looking over her shoulder every five seconds to make sure it was following her if she walked ahead.

Cecily jumped slightly in shock as the puppy immediately leaped headfirst into her backpack. She wasn’t expecting it to actually jump in considering it couldn’t even understand her. She had been planning to bribe it into her bag with the leftover chips she had stuffed in the pocket of her jean shorts. Apparently, she needed to give the animal more credit—it was smarter than she thought. Cecily peaked into her bag where it now sat next to her thin notebook and folder.

“Well, that was easy,” she said to no one in particular as she zipped the backpack almost completely shut, leaving only a small opening so that the creature wouldn’t suffocate. Picking up her backpack, Cecily immediately groaned as she strapped it onto her back. “Great. I have to walk the rest of the way with you on my back,” she said to the puppy as she began walking. “You owe me big time for this. Now I’m going to take a picture of you eating my ‘essay’ so I have proof to show my professor,” she told it as she turned a corner into a neighborhood she had to walk through to get to her apartment.

“Make sure to make it look really conv...” she was in the middle of saying when a dog randomly came out of a house a few feet away.

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