You're My Pet?

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Chapter 2

“Great...” she mumbled to herself, making sure to avoid eye contact so the dog wouldn’t try to get friendly with her; she did not have the time or patience to deal with another hairy creature. Plus, this dog was big and not nearly as cute as the pup in her backpack.

As she walked past the large beast, she once again jumped in shock when the thing barked at her and proceeded to sniff her backpack. Oh great, it could smell the puppy.

“Shoo!” she told the dog, swatting it away as she took off her backpack and put it on with the backpack resting against her chest instead of her back. The dog, however, was not too happy with either her swatting or the pup because it began to growl at her. “For christ’s sake, today is not my day!” she said in frustration as she hugged the backpack to her chest and began to back away slowly.

The fur on the dog’s back began to rise as the growling only intensified and Cecily began to panic... just a little bit. She hated running and she knew in the back of her mind that it wasn’t the best idea, but she wasn’t about to sit around as the dog took a bite out of her or her new pet. One second she was backing away slowly and the next she was sprinting as fast as she could away from the impending danger. Daring a glance behind her, she noticed the dog was right on her tail. “CRAAAAAAAP!” she screamed, already breathless and tired since this was her first time running in what felt like a decade.

Knowing there was a chance she’d soon become dog food, she ran toward a fence that was approximately her height and threw the backpack over the fence. Hopefully whoever lived there wouldn’t think she was trespassing when she climbed into their yard. As for the puppy in the backpack, it was better getting thrown than eaten. With the burst of adrenaline coursing through her body, Cecily leaped and grabbed ahold of the top of the fence, her body still dangling on the side with the dog who wanted to eat her. She was going to die trying to protect a dog while getting eaten by a different dog. This was so not the way she wanted to go.

Cecily was about to lose the last of her strength trying to get her body on the safe side of the fence when a blur of color appeared in her line of vision. Freezing mid-push, she looked to the side and saw another dog running toward them, its teeth bared and a growl emanating from its chest.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” she screamed, helplessly dangling from the fence. What was it with her and dogs today!? She knew she should have just stayed home and skipped classes!

As the new addition to the party rushed at her with no signs of slowing down, Cecily shut her eyes and let out a high-pitched scream. She didn’t want to look death in the face when she got bit to death by two random dogs.

To her surprise, and relief, Cecily felt no pain and instead felt something soft brushing against her legs. Confused, and relieved she wasn’t dead yet, Cecily opened her eyes and looked down to see the dog that had just arrived standing in front of her with its back to her. What she was feeling was its tail grazing against her legs as it growled at the dog who had been chasing her. Almost immediately, the dog who had chased her backed down, letting out a low whine before running back to wherever it came from.

Letting out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding, she looked down at the dog who had just saved her life. It was still looking in the direction of the other dog but had its head angled toward her, letting out a huff once before turning to once again growl at the now empty street.

Semi-confident that this new dog wouldn’t hurt her considering that it had just protected her a few moments ago, she finally let go of the fence and landed on her feet. She winced when she moved her arms up and down, she knew she was going to be sore tomorrow.

Alerted by her movements, the dog in front of her finally stopped growling and turned to face her fully.

Taking a moment to collect herself after the nightmarish events, Cecily couldn’t help but notice that this dog also looked like a wolf. And come to think of it, it actually looked a lot like the pup in her backpack, just with the exception that it was three times larger and was all black except for one brown paw. They even had the same blue eyes. Speaking of which... “the puppy!” Cecily exclaimed, turning back toward the fence she had thrown it over.

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