You're My Pet?

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Chapter 3

As soon as she turned around, the wolf-like dog barked once and jumped the fence. A moment later, he jumped it once again, this time with her backpack hanging from her mouth.

Quickly grabbing the bag from the dog’s mouth, not stopping to think that it could have easily bitten her, Cecily unzipped the bag and looked to see the pup looking up at her with what she could have sworn was a worried expression and a low whimper.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” she exclaimed, picking it up from the backpack and gently setting it on the floor. She had thrown it to save its life but couldn’t help but feel guilty-- the impact had to have hurt.

The pup continued letting out a high pitch whine and took a few steps toward the other dog, slightly limping as it took care not to put too much pressure on its right leg. The dog immediately closed the distance and began licking the puppy’s head and gently nudging with its snout. With that, the puppy’s demeanor changed as its tail began wagging and it let out a little yip while standing on three legs.

“Well, I guess my thought that you two look alike must be accurate. You the puppy’s mom?” she asked, dropping to the floor in exhaustion. At the comment, the dog’s entire body jerked back and it let out a loud huff.

“Okay, I’m guessing not. Though there’s no way you could have understand my question...” Cecily said, immediately confused as to how it seemed like the dog had understood her and responded. But there was no way, right?

Shaking it off, Cecily begrudgingly got back on her feet and sighed. She still had a ten-minute walk to her apartment and she was beyond exhausted.

“Well, now that you found your family, guess you don’t need my help anymore” she told the puppy, inwardly a little upset that she wouldn’t be taking it home. Now she would need to think of another way to get around writing the stupid philosophy essay.

“Well... bye,” she awkwardly waved at the duo as she collected her backpack and began walking toward her apartment. Not even ten steps later she noticed movement on her right and turned to see the dog walking next to her while holding the puppy by the scruff. She stopped walking and the dog immediately stopped and turned to look at her.

“Are you following me?” she asked it, getting no response as the dog just continued to stare at her. Putting her face in her hands, Cecily turned to look at the dogs and was about to open her mouth when she heard sirens in the distance. As they stood there, the sound continued to get progressively louder.

“Oh crap...” she said exasperatedly as a cop car turned the corner and drove toward her. It had just dawned on her that she had been screaming throughout the previous ordeal. Someone must have called the cops.

As she stood there unsure of what to do, the cop stopped not too far away and exited the car. “Are you alright, miss? We got a call regarding screaming being heard in the area” the cop asked as he approached her.

As he got closer, she could hear a light rumble coming from the dog next to her. “Shhh!” she said under her breath as the cop stopped a few feet away.

She turned toward the cop with a big smile plastered across her face and quickly nodded her head. “Everything is fine officer, thank you for your concern! I just had a bit of a scare earlier and can get pretty loud,” she told him, ending her sentence with an awkward chuckle. She immediately groaned internally and wanted to smack her hand against her forehead. This is exactly why she didn’t like to talk to strangers.

The cop nodded his head slowly, giving her a quizzical look. “Well... glad you’re alright. Might I know what the screaming was about?” he questioned.

Shuffling her feet, Cecily looked down at the dogs by her side before looking back at the cop. “I was chased by a neighborhood dog but it didn’t hurt me so there’s no problem,” she told him.

The cop immediately furrowed his brows and looked down at the dogs next to her. “Did these dogs attack you?” he said, immediately moving to a more defensive stance.

“No no!” she quickly shouted, raising her hands defensively. “These dogs saved me. The dog in question ran off a while ago.”

Seeming to relax a fraction, the cop continued to eye the dogs. “Are these your dogs? They should be leashed at all times.”

“Oh! They’re not mine,” she stated as she took a step away from the dogs as if to prove her point.

“Well, they’re not wearing collars so I’ll have to call animal control. Can’t have such a big dog walking around loose in the neighborhood,” he said as he reached for the phone in his belt.

At that moment, the puppy let out a low whine and the dog quickly closed the gap between them, practically sitting on her white sneakers.

As she looked down at the dogs now at her feet, she felt a tang of pity for them. She knew what happened to a lot of dogs in pounds and the dog had saved her life. Already mentally kicking herself, she quickly looked at the officer while placing her hand on the dog’s head. “A-actually, they are my dogs!” she proclaimed, trying to act natural as she caressed the dog’s head.

The cop stopped mid-dial and looked at her with an exasperated look. “You just said they weren’t yours?” he said, sounding almost like a question.

“I-I was afraid of getting in trouble for not having them on a leash so I lied,” she blurt out, wanting to rip out her hair. What if she really got in trouble now? She needed the day to be over ASAP!

The cop let out a sigh and put his phone back on his belt. “Well, I’ll let you off with a warning this time but next time, don’t lie to an officer,” he warned, looking at her for a few seconds more before turning back to his car. “Better head on home if you don’t have a leash on you. I’m going to be patrolling the area for a little longer.”

Not having to be asked twice, Cecily immediately thanked the officer and began speed walking home using the last of her strength while holding a handful of the dog’s fur to make sure it went with her.

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