You're My Pet?

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Chapter 4

After walking for five minutes and being sure the police officer was nowhere near, Cecily finally let herself catch a break. She released her hold on the dog and looked down in defeat. She had never been this tired ever. And that was saying something since she was always tired.

“You know I can’t actually take you both home. That’ll be way too much work and I’m already tight on money as it,” she told them with a sigh. “Especially you, big guy. You look like you’d eat more than me and that’s saying something,” she directed at the older of the two. In response, the dog released the puppy and they both looked at her with big puppy eyes.

“Ughhh. Don’t do this to me. I can’t. Not even an eaten report would cover the time and expenses,” she told them, avoiding eye contact so they couldn’t try to pull the puppy eye trick again. Before she could let them convince her otherwise, Cecily began walking in hopes of putting the nightmare of a day behind her.

Starving and tired, Cecily knew there was no way she was going to stay on her feet long enough to cook, so fast food it was. She ran into her favorite burger joint—it was good AND cheap—bought a meal and went back outside to eat it on one of the lawn chairs where it was empty and quiet. As she sat down and laid out her food, she noticed the dog and pup sitting across the street just watching her. She could have sworn that when she made eye contact with the puppy, it licked its lips.

Looking down at her food and then back at the dogs, Cecily groaned before waving them over. “Come here you two. You are lucky I have the heart of an angel!” she called out to them, grumbling the entire time they happily jogged to her side. Who knew she had a soft spot for dogs?

With a sigh, she stood up from her chair and cursed at her aching feet. “Wait here,” she told them, pointing at them and then the ground before going inside and buying two sets of 1-dollar burgers.

Reaching them with their newly acquired meals, she immediately sat back in her chair with a loud thud before unwrapping the burgers and setting one in front of each them. “Now eat before I finish my meal and decide I want to eat those too,” she said, only half-joking, before digging into a much-deserved meal.

After eating the delicious, greasy mess of a meal, Cecily sat back in her chair feeling content for the first time that day. “Now that hits the spot!” she declared while rubbing her satisfied stomach. She looked down at the dogs and saw them both staring up at her with their mouths hanging open and tongues lolling out. It looked like they were smiling up at her. Unable to help herself, Cecily found herself grinning back before catching herself and erasing it as quickly as it had come.

Glaring at them suspiciously, she crossed her arms and pursed her lips. “Your cute act isn’t going to change my mind. You’re not coming home with me,” she said firmly.

Without missing a beat, the older dog stood up and quickly grabbed not only the wrappers on the floor, but the trash laid out in front of her and proceeded to throw them all away in the nearby outdoor trashcan. Mouth agape, Cecily stared at the dog she was quickly deciding must be a genius.

“Y-you... the trash..” she stuttered, still not believing what she had seen. She then recalled the time it had seemed like it had responded to one of her questions and how quickly both of them were at obeying her orders. In that moment, Cecily came up with such a fantastic plan, that she decided she must be a genius too. If she took them home, not only would she be able to use the pup as an excuse for the destruction of her essay, she could have the older dog do all her errands. If it could throw out trash, it could throw out other things, bring her items she requested, and even turn lights on and off! She had seen videos of it on YouTube so she knew it was possible and this dog was clearly smart enough to pull it off.

Sitting up with a huge grin across her face, Cecily chugged the rest of her drink and held the now-empty cup in her hand. “Throw this away too,” she told the dog, and to her complete and utter joy, it did just that. Laughing like a maniac at the thought of all the wonderful opportunities for her to be lazy, she leaned toward the two dogs whose heads were now tilted in confusion. “I’ve decided, you can come with me and be my errand dogs!”

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