You're My Pet?

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Chapter 5

At her apparent excitement, the little pup began to bark happily and jumped up to put its paws on her lap. Giddy at the idea of having cute dogs around the house that would be at her beck and call, Cecily picked up the animal and placed it on her lap. They would even provide to be good guard dogs if the situation ever called for it. Win-win situation!

While on her lap, the puppy began to lick her face in excitement. Letting out a mix between a laugh and a scream, she quickly pushed the pup away from her face.

“Bad dog! I do not need saliva all over my face right now! I’m icky enough as it is after my first workout of the year,” she scolded it and it immediately settled down and ducked its head.

“Speaking of dog, I can’t keep calling you two ‘dog’ because you won’t be able to tell which one I’m talking to. I’ll need to name you,” she decided as she eyed both of them, already thinking of possible names. “Though, I can’t name you when I don’t even know if you’re boys or girls.”

Without warning, she lifted the puppy’s upper body, being careful not to lift it all the way off her lap as to not further aggravate her arms, and checked to see what gender it was.

“A boy” she stated, musing about what name to give him. “In that case, I’ll name you ‘Artemis’, ‘Art’ for short!”

Proud of her spur of the moment name, she turned to the other dog and beckoned it to her side. “Now let me check if you’re a boy or a girl so I can name you too!”

To her shock, the dog immediately whimpered and took a step back from her. So much for obeying her every command.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re supposed to be obedient!” she told it as she stood up and took a step forward. At her actions, the dog took another step back and began whimpering even louder.

At the rising disappointment building inside her and the result of a long stressful day, Cecily felt herself losing her temper. “I said, COME HERE!” she shouted at it while point to the ground right in front of her feet. The dog didn’t even flinch at her tone of voice and didn’t budge.

Now fuming, Cecily began stomping toward the dog, muttering under her breath as she closed the distance. She was not going to give up on her genius plan, even if it required a little bit of training. As soon as she was within grabbing distance, the dog jumped back again, a low growl emanating from its chest.

Cecily froze mid-stride and stared at the dog, dumbfounded. It had been so docile toward her up until now, what was its sudden deal!? She was about to have second thoughts about taking it home when Art ran up beside her and barked at its family member. This seemed to get through to the growling dog and it immediately stopped and sat on its hind legs.

A little confused and wary, Cecily looked down at Art and saw him sitting with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Apparently, he thought the situation was diffused so she decided to trust his judgement and took a few slow steps toward the hopefully-docile dog. “I’m going to just check your gender...” she said quietly as she approached it and gently placed a hand on its head.

Now more confident that it wouldn’t bite her, she squatted down and beckoned for it to stand up so she could inspect whether it was a boy or not. Letting out a mix between a growl and a whine, the dog stood up after a couple of seconds but turned its body away from her. That was fine by her, she could tell its gender even if it wasn’t facing her.

Quickly realizing it was a male, she stood back up and put her hands on her hips. “So you’re a male. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” she told it as it just sat back down but didn’t turn around to face her.

Unfazed, Cecily began thinking of names and immediately had the perfect one. “Your name will be Alpha!” she announced, proud of her choice. “You know, cuz you look like a wolf and are the head of your little duo pack. Which I’m now guessing consists of you and your little brother,” she explained even though they couldn’t understand her.

Alpha turned to look at her but made no other movement. Did he not like his new name?

“Alpha?” she called, testing it out. He still didn’t react but Art began jumping up and down at the name and ran toward his older brother. “Well, at least your little brother likes it so the name is staying.”

Content with her choice of names and her full stomach, Cecily was more ready than ever to get to her apartment and lay in bed. She may never get back up once she cocooned herself in her blankets.

“Artemis, Alpha, let’s go home” she said with a yawn as she started walking toward her home. Thank goodness it was only a short distance away.

On the way there, she looked over her shoulder once to make sure they were following her and was happy to see both of them not too far behind. Alpha was even carrying her forgotten backpack in its mouth. She knew she had made the right choice taking them in.

After a five minute walk, the three of them reached her apartment and she quickly unlocked the door and held it open for them. “Welcome home,” she told them, motioning for them to enter. With a little yip and hop, Art rushed in with Alpha close on his heel. She had no dog supplies but that was going to have to wait until tomorrow, Cecily was not leaving her apartment for the rest of the day.

Settling on the couch of her small, cozy apartment, Cecily began making a mental list of the things she’d need to get for her new dogs the next day.

It was a short school day tomorrow and close to the weekend, so she took comfort in that knowledge while thinking of the pit stops she would have to make after her classes tomorrow. She couldn’t buy much until she got her allowance next month, but she could at least afford some food, dog bowls, and maybe a toy or two for Art. The last thing she wanted was the possibility of him getting bored and using her furniture as a chew toy. Though she had an inkling that she shouldn’t be concerned about that considering how well behaved and intelligent he already seemed.

She turned to look at Art and Alpha who were on the other side of the living room. Alpha was laying down on the floor with his eyes closed while Art was relentlessly attacking him, pulling on his fur and ears. A small smile crept across her face at the sight. Cecily got up for what was hopefully the last time that day to quickly brush her teeth and get ready for bed. It was only 8pm but she was exhausted.

Once in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and was startled at the sight-- she looked like crap and looked absolutely exhausted. Her caramel eyes appeared duller than usual and her brown hair looked wind-blown and tangled due to all the running she had done. That was another reason she could add to her very long list of why she hated running. Groaning when she had to lift her arms to put her waist-length her into a messy bun, Cecily brushed her teeth and washed her face as quickly as possible.

Now in her bedroom and feeling a tad bit cleaner, Cecily quickly stripped out of her filthy clothes and reached for her favorite pajama set patterned with different colored ice cream cones. Not only was the set covered with one of her favorite foods, it was soft and airy.

As she was putting on the shorts, Art ran in, followed by Alpha. Immediately upon entering, Alpha stopped in his track and stared at her for a millisecond before turning and running the way he had come. Weird dog.

As she finished putting on her pajamas, Art hopped onto the right side of her bed and quickly got comfortable. Eyeing him, she got into bed as well and contemplating whether to kick him off.

As if reading her mind, Art snuggled further into the bed and looked at her with big puppy eyes. Chuckling, Cecily decided to let him stay there for the night and turned on her side, facing away from him. She was too tired to fight him anyway. Eyeing the door, she noticed Alpha make his way inside, but he only laid on the floor next to the bed.

“Not going to try and squeeze on the bed with us?” she asked him. Alpha’s only response was a huff as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.

Shrugging, Cecily turned off the lamp on her nightstand and told herself that starting tomorrow, she’d start having Alpha turn off the lights. With that pleasant thought, Cecily quickly drifted off to sleep.

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