Bodyguard For The Rich

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She's a girl with a powerful family. He's a guy who runs his own mafia. So why do they have anything to do with each other? Why does he have to be her cold and arrogant body guard? What is he hiding? Can they handle being nine years apart? Will they be able to resist their sexual desire for each other?

Romance / Erotica
Thekay X8
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Chapter 1

My name is Delaney Powel. I come from a rich family. The difference between me and any other spoiled rich girl is that I don't use the money my parents give me. I'm not some stuck up brat who can't get a job of her own and pay for her own stuff. I love my parents because they don't spoil me. They have accepted my decision of working on my own.

I wake up with a small migraine. Gosh, why the hell did I work overtime?, It's very exhausting. I slid out of my bed with a groan. I work part-time at a restaurant. I'm only 18, so I still have to go to school. Three more months and I'm out of there. I've been ready for college since I was eight years old.

I go into my bathroom and stare at my eye bags in the mirror. I looked terrible. Like I had turned into a ghost that never slept. I decided I would put a minor effort into my outfit today. I never go to school looking like a garbage bag, but I don't change my hair around that often.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I take out my flatiron and makeup kit before going into my closet for clothes. Damn, I had a lot to choose from. I went with a skirt and some short heels today. I put a little effort in making my hair wavy and putting on a little more makeup than usual. Today is a special day! The day I get paid, so I must put in some effort..


When I took almost an hour in the bathroom trying to curl my hair, I came out. Curling hair is so hard when I don't have hair curlers. I walk down the stairs to see my mother and father talking to this guy. I can't see his face, so I just walk into the kitchen. They set breakfast out, so I helped myself before I ran late to school.

My parents walked in while I was gulping everything down all at once. Behind them walked a very handsome guy. He was about 6'3 and he gave off a don't fuck with me look. He looks to be about my age. I don't know he could be older, but he looks so young. Those eyes pierce right into me as he gave me a look of Disdain. Who knew a guy with such beautiful grey eyes could look so fierce. He had tattoos from what it looked like all over his neck and hands. He also had some covering some of his arms. If he wasn't the definition of sexy, then I lied to my whole life.

"Good morning mom, dad." I grinned, "Good morning Delaney." They both say with a worried expression. The guy had his eyes on me like he was waiting for something. "Listen, we hired a bodyguard for you," they stated. "What why would you guys do something like that?" I asked, so stunned. Why would my parents want some guy to follow me around all the time? I mean, what if he kidnaps me or worse!

"I can't believe you guys." I protested with my arms raised. I had lost my appetite, so I just walked out of the house. I'm not waiting for that stupid bodyguard, I have my car. I take out my car keys before I feel someone snatch them. I turned around angrily just to come eye to eye with the guy who just walked into my life out of nowhere. "What are you doing?" I asked angrily.

"I could give two shits about how you want to throw a tantrum, But it's my job to take you to and from school so get the hell in the car." He scowls. I roll my eyes and stand there with my arms crossed. "I'm not moving until I get my keys," I say, holding my hand out.

My parents were there, watching me with a worried look. Why are they looking at me like that? Are they scared of him? Too busy looking at my parents, I didn't realize he had walked up to me. He bent down and put his hands on my knees, lifting me up onto his shoulder.

"Hey, put me down!" I screamed, hitting his back with my small hands. His back is as hard as a rock. Who does this guy think he is? If he works for my mother and father, what makes him think he can go around doing this. I don't enjoy using my status to get people to do things, but this is unacceptable.

He tosses me into his black Lamborghini before shutting the door. "Hey, why the hell is this side on child lock!" I said, trying to open the door. He gets in the driver's side, then starts the car. "If you pull off, I swear to god I will grab that steering wheel." I protest, "Go ahead if you want to die." he says pulling off.

I cross my arms angrily as he pulls off. Why the hell didn't my parents help me? He pulls out a cigarette which I hate the most in the world because someone close to me died from one. I snatch the lighter out of his hand. "I don't care about you taking me to school, but could you please not smoke around me?" I say, slumping into the seat. "Listen, Delaney! I don't give a shit about you not wanting me to smoke." He yells, snatching his cigarette back from me. "I only agreed to watch over a little brat like you because of my father." he snapped.

What the hell is his problem? If he didn't want to take me to school, I could have taken myself. "Fine, you ugly old guy just so you know I'm allergic." I lied, rolling my eyes at him. He sighs angrily.

After a 15-minute car ride, we were finally at my school. He angrily got out and slammed the door before opening mine. "Get the hell out." he said rolling his eyes "I'll have you know you work for my family! I will tell them how you are talking to me." I yelled, getting out of the car. As soon as I got out, he put one arm on the car blocking me from walking away. "Listen, sweetheart! You don't want to be on my bad side." He growled.

I totally ignored his threat and turned my head away. "You're giving me a headache." I scowled. He rolls his eyes and walks back around the car. I sigh as I realized that a lot of eyes were on me. That stupid handsome jerk.

I make my way inside the school after he drives off.

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