I love you Allen

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A teenage who thought she knew what love was. She's just a senior trying to get through her last year of high school with her 3 best friends. But when she falls for Allen, she realizes she is in way over her head. She can't handle his constant mood swings, his violent outbursts and his crazy jealousy. What will she do? Who will save her from the man she loves?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Its late August the air is humid and sticky. I'm Rosie Henderson. I just turned nineteen this August. I know, I did stay back in elementary. No I'm not too old to be in high school. But right now I'm going crazy I don't know what I'm suppose to wear. I should of picked out my clothes last night. It's my first day of senior year I'm excited. I love the classes I picked. It should be a breeze. I have the teachers I had from last year. Plus my best friends are in every class except for one. I honestly can't complain. My friends should be here any minute to pick me up. My dad had to go to work early so he couldn't bring me. Which is cool. He always gets too excited and tries to take pictures for his scrapbook. Don't get me wrong I love him he's my dad. But I'm getting too old. To be standing around holding a little chock board that says senior on it. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. He'll most likely make me do it when I get home. I decided to wear my white v neck. My black ripped distressed skinny jeans with my new white vans. I felt and looked good. I curled my long blond hair which I never do. I also did my makeup nothing crazy because I didn't want my face melting off in the middle of class. Just a little powder, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. Never forget lip gloss! It makes a look. It may seem like a lot but us girls really know. Beeep omg there here. Ben is in the drivers seat. He owns this 2020 Jeep Wrangler. It's beautiful. He actually paid it off completely. This summer he worked almost everyday as a mechanic at his uncles shop. He is such a hard worker. I was so proud of him. We all went with him to pick the Jeep out. The four of us picked the color out together. Guess what color? Firecracker Red! The way it shines is indescribable. In the passengers seat is his younger brother Cole. He's like a little brother to me. He's a junior but happens to be in senior classes. His brain is something else. He even helps me out if I have a assignment or question I don't understand. He's the best. In the back seat is Jenna, she's amazing. She's always there for me when it comes to girl talk. Anytime I have a boy problem or problems in general she's there. Don't get me wrong Ben and Cole are great but I can't talk about boys with them. They would be no help. I'm always there for Jenna. I feel as though I'm the closest with her. I don't like bringing up the dark past between us. But she wasn't loving herself the way she should have. She wanted to end her life. She called my phone with pain and hostility in her voice. She called me to tell me goodbye. My heart dropped how and why would she do this. I loved this girl as if she was family. To me she was my family. I never ran that fast in my life. I ran while holding my phone begging her to wait for me. I forgot about shoes I ran with just my socks and my clothes of course. She lived three streets away about five minutes running at the speed of light. I made it as she was struggling to open a pill bottle. Tears streaming down my face as I cried out for Jenna. We cried and talked for hours. I can't say I convinced her not to end it all. But I was there for her. We confronted her mom. She understood and knew what had to happen. She got the help she needed and I was there every step of the way. I'm glad she called me I love her, and we are closer than ever. As I'm spaced out at my door I hear Ben laying on the horn. Sorry I yell I'm coming! I jump in the back seat because Ben put these huge new tires and lifted the Jeep it still looks badass. But it's a pain in the ass to get in. As Ben starts driving we start talking about what we're doing after school already. It's only seven a.m. it's going to be a long day. We're here at HillSide high school. No where to park this monster truck I say out loud. We all bust out laughing. Ben has this cocky grin an all of the sudden he lays on the gas like a mad man. He takes up these two parking spots at the end of the row just as this poor kid in a Ford was trying to back up to take one. I felt bad. The kid was flipping and laying on the horn. As Ben gets out of the Jeep, the Ford is gone. Cole opened my door to help me so I didn't get hurt. An Ben helped Jenna. Because we had to park far and because I was day dreaming were going to be late for home room. Who cares we're seniors besides Cole. Luckily his room is close to ours. So we make it five minutes to spare. We sit down together, waiting for are names to be called like we're in kindergarten. Yes we are here. After that we go on with are day. For our school day we have six classes which are called periods. Each one about forty minutes. So as the day moves on it starts to fly by. We get through four classes. Which seem pretty interesting to Cole and I. But the other two beg to differ. I think that's why we get along so well. Wasn't there a saying opposites attract? But anyways the four of us head to the cafeteria. We're all starving because we never have time to eat breakfast. Because we rather sleep an extra ten minutes. Luckily I packed my lunch, I'm really picky when it comes to food. So I end up sitting at the empty table while the three of them go grab something. A few minutes pass I wave them over. Ben offers me cookies and Jenna gives me a Diet Coke which I can't ever turn down. I just can't. Thanks I say to them with a smile. The four of us end up chowing down our food. Talking about how we're going to Jennas house to watch scary movies. Fridays are movie night. Before we get to her house we go crazy buying food and candy at the grocery store. It's so fun. After lunch was over we head to the next class. And before I know it, it's last period. The class I have with none of my friends. So I have Ben walk me to class. Bens a flirt at times but it's innocent. As I go to turn into class Ben yells I'll see you after class blondieeee. I'm so embarrassed but I giggle. He's funny. But I take a seat in the back of the classroom. This class was nothing to be stressed about. It's zoology. It seemed so interesting an I love learning about animal lifestyles and more. As I look around the room I noticed there's only a few of us. But Mr. Robinson stands up introduces himself. He hands out some syllabus. As I reach for mine I knock over my water bottle. In which I did not put the cap back on. Will I ever learn. As the bottle falls onto the floor in front of me I go to grab some paper towels. But before I could even turn around this tall good looking guy says I got it don't worry about it. Like what. Thanks I say. This is so embarrassing I didn't even see him in the classroom. I would have noticed him. After that I will never look him in his baby blue eyes ever again. Thank god the final bell rings. I had been texting Jenna the whole time. All she really cared about was who is this hot guy. I basically bolt to the door trying to hide my blushed face. But as I reach for the door I hear someone call my name out. I don't know anyone in this class. Why would someone remember my name. As I go to turn I bump into blue eyes. This guy towers over me. He's at least 6'2. I move to the side to let the other kids leave class. He first greets me and introduces himself. His name is Allen he's a senior. I have to look up at him because he's just too damn tall. Mind you I'm only 5'1. But I just get lost in his eyesss. I need to get a hold of myself. Snap out of it. Rosie he says, I was asking if you were going to the football game tomorrow? I shake my head no, I never really have a reason to go I don't know anyone on the team nor do I really know what's going on half the time. He smiles showing his beautiful white teeth. Well you know me he's says. I giggle, and say maybe you'll see me there. As I'm just about to say goodbye. Ben grabs me by my handbag. I decided this year I refuse to carry a backpack it's always too much weight on my back. Which causes me to complain too much. But he ends up pulling a little to hard causing me to fall back onto him. So embarrassing. He ends up bear hugging me from behind. He starts apologizing. It's okay I say smiling I turn to Allen an say I'll see you tomorrow night. We both smile. I hope he doesn't think Ben and I are together. Ugh the problem of being friends with guys. Ben an I head out to meet Jenna and Cole at our lockers. Ben starts asking questions who's that and starts rambling. Just some dreamy guy. He grins and says I'm not dreamy enough for you. You're too much I say half joking. I grab some books from my locker. And they basically do the same. I can't wait to tell Jenna what's happening later when the guys are gone. Jenna asks where we're going for food and snacks. I say Martys which is this little corner store that sells the best candy in town definitely worth every penny. An Stop an Go which is a cheap grocery store that sells everything. We all agree on that. How could you not. We all head to the Jeep. As we start walking I feel like someone is watching me or something so I look back. In the corner of my eye I see Allen. Staring at me. I look away quickly. We arrive at the Jeep. Cole makes sure I get in before him. And Ben does the same for Jenna even though she says she's fine an doesn't need help. She just doesn't like the attention from Ben. But I think it's sweet.

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