Yellow to Red Rose

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Alana Grace Cabral “Damn! Who is he? What is he doing on my bench? He is as handsome as sin.” Siddhant Gautam “I heard a soft voice saying to shift aside so that she can sit. I brought my gaze up and saw my bench partner. Holy shit! She is beautiful.” For Alana and Siddhant. It is an attraction at first sight. They have parallels, they thought they don't have. They silently admire each other. But, surely something bothers them... They are not conclusive considering their thoughts for each other. Yet that allure entices them. Are they confident about their conclusions for each other? What happens when two teenagers who want a change in their life sit together, play together and sing together? Can a Yellow Rose become a Red Rose?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Alana Grace Cabral

“So students you see these types of myths prevailed in the City of Mesopotamia.” said our most pudgy stomach history teacher. God!! I hate him the most.

Mr.Dherya was introduced to us as our new history teacher back in the month of April. At first glance only I developed a hatred for him. But I knew that after the summer holidays I have to face him again. This person is obnoxious like Voldemort. His fashion sense is like professor Umbridge. Weird. I hate him. Take him to hell Satan and feed him worms.

This is the last lecture. I wave my hand to Tanmay Garg and his bench partner Nakul Mann, both are my friends and their bench is placed parallel to my bench. They were aware of the fact that when I wave my hand, it means I am utterly bored. I glance at my watch and see 10 minutes are still left for the ringing of the bell.

I still miss our previous history teacher. Mrs.Priyanka ma'am. She left our school after she got married. I mean Why? Why do many women have to leave their jobs after they get married? Orthodox society is still in trending list in India. Even though I am still in contact with her but that sense of incompleteness is still there in a history lecture. Recalling what she taught us in 9th grade is easy.

Anyway. I am just waiting for the clock to strike at 1.30 p.m.

Finally, after 10 minutes of extreme torture by this villain called Mr.Dherya, my class of just 32 students get vacant in a minute. Apparently, everyone hates this buffalo.

I then walk with Tanmay or Tammy, as sometimes we call him, towards our bus. My two beautiful best friends Anaira and Amaira, who are fraternal twins, meet us on our bus. After a fun ride of 20 minutes, I reach my home. My heaven. My world. Mama and Papa were in their office but the caretaker of our house from the past 20 years still worked in our house. Aunt Mira. She is like a grandma to me. As I enter my house she comes towards me with a vibrant smile and hugs me. She is the best.

“How was your school, dear?” asked Aunt Mira while she hugged me.

Then she stepped back.

“It was good. Aunt Mira, I am really tired. Can you bring me something to eat in my room?” I say with a smile.

“Yes, of course. Go take a shower and put your dress in the laundry basket.” she said me and I nodded.

My house is a 2 storey house with a big lawn,4 bedrooms and bathrooms, one classy kitchen, an elegant living room and dining room, one library and a studio. My room is on the second floor. I walk up the stairs and open the door to heaven. Chilled air makes contact with my soul. Every day before I reach home Aunt Mira switch on the A.C. and that makes my room no less than heaven.

My room is a luxury room. I can spend my whole life here without any regrets. In my room, I have a double bed with 4 cushions and with a beautiful soft blanket. A platform just beside my bed with a switchboard, two drawers and a tall mirror attached to it. A sofa set at one side with a tea table and 2 other chairs too. A big T.V. Sliding glass door that leads to a beautiful balcony just outside my room which has several elegant flowers and a climber. I also have a closet which resembles a small room. I don't have a study table because we have a library and I study there only. I put my school bag on the sofa and walk towards the bathroom which is luxury just like my room. Jacuzzi bathtub, elegant shower inside a glass room, sink that gives the vibe of Morocco and etc.

I slip out of my clothes and keep them in the laundry basket, pull my hair out of the braid and make a messy bun and then, a relaxing shower. Also in between Aunt Mira must have visited my room. After then I wrap my towel around myself and walk towards my closet. I then changed into comfortable clothes. White T-shirt and plain grey shorts. No bra because I am at home.

Before making my way towards the bed I eat aloo paratha that Aunt Mira made and then wash my hands. I jump on my bed and pulled up the blanket. I take my phone out of the drawer that's in the platform which is just beside my bed and use it to check my notifications. I then keep my phone back on the platform and snuggle back into my blanket.

Don't know when I drifted off to sleep.

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