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Little Things about Emma

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Chapter 2 - Love is in the Air

Today, attending the Marketing class nearly put me into sleep. I attended the class just for the sake of getting the attendance. Taylor and Celine are sitting next to each other again, chatting and flirting with each another again. Here I am again looking at them, feeling sad yet I can't show my true feelings infront of them. It feels as if I am stabbed with a sharp knife every single time I see him flirting with other girls. When Jojo say that both Celine and Taylor looks good as a couple, that just rub salt on my wound. Deep in my heart, there is a voice telling me " Emma, you've got forget about him, you have to move on". I quickly turned and look away. Thinking that I need to attend meeting for the charity event makes me feel even more tired. I walked back to my room with Beth, Jojo and Grace. They are chatting about April Fools party while I am reflecting about my life. Since young, I am not favoured by both my parents. The only sister that ever been close with me got married and moved out. There is a voice calling my name " Emma...Emma..hey come here for a while" I thought that I was dreaming so I didn't bothered with it. Suddenly Taylor appear infront of me and called out my name." Hey Emma, I just bought a tiramisu cake, do you wanna have a slice of it?" said Taylor. "huh? .....sure Taylor, yeah, I would like to have one slice of it", said me. We walked back together and he asked me to try the cake now. Honestly, the cake tasted horrible but I couldn't say that out to him as it would be impolite to say such words.

"It tastes good, Taylor",said me. "Really, Emma? said Taylor. "Yes" said me. "I 'm so happy that you like the cake. I baked it myself actually. There is some cream on the side of your lips" said Taylor. I asked him where and which side of my lips that have dirt. He wiped the cream off my lips with his finger. We had an eye contact for a while and I can see his cheeks are blushing a little. We are waving at each other as I'm entering my hostel block. I was happy and sad at the same time as I'm confused with his feelings. I took a one-hour shower again which caused me to be late for the meeting. The president of the event, Isaac called me asked me if I'm going to the meeting. I quickly apologised to him and tell him that I will be there in a minute. When I open the door, I saw everyone sitting on their chair and look at my direction. I said 'sorry for being late". Isaac told me its okey and have a sit. Feeling relieved that I didn't get any scolding, I sit there silently listening their discussion. Taylor is sitting opposite me while Celine is sitting next to him. Knowing that Taylor is looking at me in my eyes, I looked away facing Isaac. I have a weird a feeling all of a sudden, just like the feeling of suffocating, and having a bad stomache. This must be due to the reason that I haven't have my dinner although now is already 11pm at night. Finally, the meeting has come to an end, I'm glad that I can have my dinner now. Suddenly, I blacked out and faint on the floor. While I was lying on the floor, I keep hearing a voice calling out my name and asked me not scare him. I can feel that I was carried by someone and he is running down the stairs. When I try to open my eyes a little, I can see that his face is glowing like an angel.

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