The Butterfly Knot (GirlXGirlXGirl)

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Chapter Fifteen | A Welcoming Local

♬ Blythe °

The next evening

“Hey! Welcome to ‘All Five Inside’. First time here?”

Jesus, what a name for a lesbian bar; Are the fingers included? A familiar voice echoed inside my mind, itching for fun ways to irk me as usual.

I was quick to show Nixx my mild irritation. Really? What do you think, smart ass!?

Giggling, that annoying fucking giggling was going to put me six feet under. It was a good question! Lighten up a little, Blythe.

I’d not had three seconds to ease into a vacant bar stool near the end of the long counter I was resting my arms against, when an occupied looking bartender reached over politely to hand me a paper menu. Ignoring my alter’s mischievous mood, I cast a curious eye at the curvy carrot top who already seemed like she had way too much to do before I popped in.

Poor frazzled girl’s silver name badge was crooked, even; I cocked my head to the side slightly to read it before glancing into a pair of pleasant chocolate brown eyes.

I’ll bet with her hair worn down instead of tucked away in that bun, and a hearty swipe of color across those pale lips, she’d be a real knockout.

I waved Selby off and smiled tightly. “Yes, but that’s not necessary; I’m just here for a drink or two. Can I get a whiskey sour?”

She nodded without missing a beat and retracted her hand to stride toward a register located right in the middle of the bar station itself. “Coming right up! Should I start a tab?”

“Why not?” I muttered, cricking a lip as I fished in the back pocket of my dark blue high-waisted flared slacks for my sleek white leather wallet. Once I handed over proper identification and payment, my well deserved drink arrived shortly thereafter.

This has truly been the week from hell; I just HAD to stop on the way back to my hotel for a glass of the strong stuff. While originally planning to change, I figured I looked fine in what I wore to the concert hall this morning. My navy slacks paired well with a breathable soft cotton matching scoop necked tee, and black four inch heels.

I’m 5′10 already, but definitely not afraid to strut my stuff in platformed footwear. I enjoyed the power that came with surpassing others height wise, finding pride in the many necks craning way up to hold a conversation.

I polished half of my tart beverage off with one throaty gulp, moaning softly in relief after sucking on a small ice cube. It was hard to ignore the sensual ambiance weaving along every occupied booth, where suggestively dressed couples were taking things well beyond simply making out by groping and clawing at each other.

Those not seated were grinding their bodies to the thumping Pop music playing via loud speaker on either side of a decent sized dance floor; A sea of flashy clothing, trendy hair styles, and shrieks of unleashed joy completely dominated nearly everyone’s attention.

This place is lit; God, it feels amazing to relax for a couple of minutes.

I had some spare time to research entertainment a few nights ago before bed, saving my outing for the end of the work week. Who knew the generally conservative, Southern state of Florida would have such a cool little gay friendly hot spot? Low strobe lights lazily bounced off every surface, in multiple directions all at once—making it impossible for me to fixate on any one thing because I was so distracted by the excitement.

Until I saw her.

Just as I was swallowing what remained of my first drink, a gorgeous tow headed blonde sauntered into my line of vision with a confidence I haven’t come across in a long time. Her chic fashion sense couldn’t be compared to the other club goer’s, and I knew right away I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

She was thin, but lacked any lankiness in her long extremities. I admired the black straight edge pants she wore, leading down to a pair of chunky black boots. The sleeves of her charcoal colored blouse were rolled up, short enough to show off a bit of alabaster midriff. A graceful hand tucked a stray strand of white blonde hair away, the only rebel out of an otherwise perfectly styled long pixie cut.

No doubt about it, she was the hottest piece of ass in this oversized room.

Everyone was staring, and I caught several people lean forward to shout into their partner’s ear so they could be heard over the deafening music. Lust and jealously trailed behind every step blondie made, but if she knew it she did a damn good job of not feeding into the mixture of reactions.

On the contrary, she seemed perpetually unbothered by the swiveling of heads watching her walk clear across them all and over to the bar. Two seats away from where I was, to be exact. Even with as dark as it was at 'All Five Inside', I could easily make out the attractive glacier blue of her eyes when they scoured every inch of the wide selection of alcohol in front of us, as if trying to decide what to get.

I kept an eye on her while distractedly ordering a plain vodka shot. Selby’s head bobbed in my peripheral vision, and I grinned gratefully for her sake. The place was filling up and fast, so I knew she’d be running around like mad before too long.

I made a mental note to leave her a fat tip.

“Thanks.” I lifted the little glass to my lips, already savoring the flavor of smooth liquid racing down my throat when I heard someone yell for assistance nearby. It started out a little agitated, and quickly escalated as both Selby and another bartender with a dark crew cut flew to as many patrons as possible, trying to serve everyone in a timely manner.

I leaned over a bit to find the blonde waving her arm obnoxiously in an attempt to be noticed by those who possessed what she wanted. I could sense the beginnings of a meltdown taking place the longer she was bypassed.

"HELLLOOO!? I'd like a drink too, please! I've been standing here for five minutes already." She was slurring, which told me right away this wasn't her first round for the evening. I shook my head and tried to focus on my shot, which begged to be devoured, but I couldn't enjoy it with this girl's distress rising.

"Can't you see they're busy? Give them a second and I'm sure someone will get to you. You're acting like a fucking bitch dude, honestly." Another voice cut in, belonging to a heavyset butch wearing all leather. Her hefty arm was swung over a petite Asian woman's shoulder as they gawked at the other girl in disgust.

"Can't you see that I don't give a fuck?" Blondie retorted cooly without sparing them a passing glance. Continuing to wave like she was hailing for a cab in New York, a taunting scoff tumbled from her full lips. "I am that bitch, so I wouldn't start shit unless you plan on finishing it. Don't underestimate how fast I'm ready to go; DUDE."

Butch didn't care for that remark, and got heated fast despite her girlfriend's adamant protests to leave the scene. "Mouthy little shit; Someone really oughta teach you some fucking mann-"

Okaaaay, this ends right now.

"That's enough, nobody should be doing anything except enjoying themselves, so why don't you just back off?" Before a full on brawl broke out, I quickly interjected by grabbing my glass and creating space between the tipsy, aggravated blonde and the bristling couple—taking an available seat in the middle. My exhausted glare meant business, and I tapped my fingers against the smooth marble counter pointedly. "Unless you want to spend a night behind bars?"

"Eh, she looks like she'd fit right in there..." Sniggering statements like that weren't helping matters, but I stood my ground. I'm from the East Coast, we don't stand by and let shit get ugly. All in all, I'm one hundred percent certain it wouldn't be a pretty sight if I'd been minding my own business.

"You got lucky punk; Let me catch you again without a body guard and it's on." With that last retort, the burly instigator allowed herself to be hauled away by her much smaller lover.

"I'm so scared; I think I just pissed myself...oh wait, my panties are dry. False alarm, big Bertha." The comment was followed up with a dramatic eye roll and sarcastic giggle. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I kept warily watching the couple to ensure they didn't hear her.

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

When I was sure it was safe to do so, I turned toward the skeptical girl with a half smile and offered up my shot.

Her blue eyes grew wide as saucers, staring at it with an otherwise blank expression.

"I think you need this more than I do."

"I've got nothing else to should've let me lay her ass out." She downed the shot in two seconds flat, granting me a view of her long neck greedily consuming it in the process. I ran a hand through the layers of dirty blonde hair that'd fallen into my eyes, and resisted the urge to argue. She seemed like she was really having a rough time, so I did what any understanding person would.

Offered to keep 'em coming.

"The bartender likes me, what do you want?" I folded my arms against my chest and leaned back to wait for her response. She hopped onto the bar stool next to me and swung her legs gently from side to side. With intertwined fingers, she neatly laid her hands in her lap and shrugged coyly. Those blue eyes brightened up while staring right into my sandy brown ones.

"I don't know; What do you think I'd like?"

"...I apologize in advance; Something strong as hell or one of those fruity cocktails...which sounds better?" My suggestions were met with a shocked gasp.

"I feel so attacked right now..." She laughed, openly and with such an infectious tone I couldn't believe it was coming from the same overbearing brat I met not ten minutes ago. Once composed, her mouth curled into a flirtatious smile as she held out a hand for me to shake. "Sawyer Driscoll, and you are?"

She looks like a Sawyer; That'll be easy to remember. Nixx chirped happily.


Grinning, I took it and gave her soft fingers a firm squeeze as we got formally acquainted. "Blythe Collier; I'm in town for a project I'm leading...originally from New York. This is the first chance I've had to get out and explore the city."

"Oh? Do tell; I love the Eastern side of the United States." Sawyer gushed, crossing one leg over the other as she oozed interest for my story. She straightened up, and I noticed her perky breasts shake a little.

No bra; How bold of you.

Before becoming too distracted, I lifted an arm and Selby came right over after serving someone a frothy beer.

"Need anything else?"

Ohhhhh yes, we do! I had a feeling this was going to be a long night, but one I wholeheartedly welcomed.

Like Nixx always says...we work too much; I was looking forward to spending some time with an interesting local, who was winning me over already with her enigmatic charms.

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