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Chapter Five | Blue Butterflies

❀ Kate ❀

“SO...IS KATE SHORT FOR SOMETHING?” Sawyer shouted over the deafening sound of whipping wind once I pulled away from NCH Baker, and merged onto Interstate 75 North. I stole a side glance at her, feeling a grin beginning to tempt the corners of my mouth in the process.

She’d rolled the window down completely and was sticking half of her thin body out into the crisp night air; As expected, Sawyer was acting completely reckless and impulsive—but she was just so fun loving I honestly couldn’t help but look on in fascination.

Sawyer’s teal colored tank top bellowed against her taut stomach sexily, and I resisted the urge to bite my lip at the sight of all that flawless silky skin. She had the cutest little mole right by her left hipbone too—Ugh, I’m such a sucker for beauty marks.

This chick really is something else entirely.

We’d been acquainted not even a full 24 hours, and she blatantly invited me to stick around her hospital room for a good time. I tried passing off her drunken pick up attempt earlier at concessions as a one time thing, but I grasped the full picture now. This wasn’t just casual flirting; Sawyer was plainly interested, and I didn’t know how to handle her overly cocky approach.

I was used to timid, endearing girls taking their sweet time with asking me out. Dani was a perfect example, and only at the urging of nearly everyone we worked with, including Tristan, did she finally work up the courage one night after our respective shifts had ended. I'd been greeted by my car with a package of Reese's (my favorite chocolate), madly blushing freckled cheeks, and a handwritten note containing the feelings about me she'd been keeping to herself for months.

The whole display was so thoughtful and sweet; Unlike that apathetic voicemail she left behind just shy of three weeks ago, cruelly throwing away everything we've built together.

I wouldn't say I was necessarily heartbroken over our sudden break up, but I also didn't have time to dwell on it. USLA (United States Lifesaving Association) events were on the horizon, and I was determined to keep my head in the game so I'd be competing with a clear head.


If I needed a distraction right now, which I didn’t, the tall blonde screaming into the sky gleefully next to me would’ve made the perfect one.

I’d never met someone so confident and full of herself, but in Sawyer’s case I think I understood. She used this persona as armor to ward off the potential of getting hurt. It became crystal clear to me how desperately she needed true human affection when I dragged her back on dry land earlier; Which begged the question lingering around in my mind...

Who is Sawyer for real? What are her ambitions? Her goals? What does she fear more than anything else, death aside?

Why do I want to know so bad?

“Alright fine! Kaitlyn, but literally nobody’s called me that since the second grade.” I finally snorted, squinting at the ghost town of a road ahead of us. I caught Sawyer quickly maneuvering herself back into the front seat in my peripheral vision and straightened up under her careful scrutiny.

“I like Kate better; It suits you nicely.” I could feel Sawyer’s deep blue eyes stroking the side of my face affectionately as the words tumbled playfully from her smirking lips. “The name ‘Kaitlyn’ reminds me of those preppy bitches I went to private school with; Needless to say...I wouldn’t box you in the same category as them or anywhere near.”

“Private school, huh?” I clicked my tongue and nodded when Sawyer pointed toward the exit leading to her apartment complex. “That must’ve been an experience. Here?”

My middle class family couldn’t afford to dream of such luxuries for their children, but our hearts were full of love for each other and we were happy growing up. That’s changed in recent years, but I’m forever appreciative of the past; Especially since those precious memories are all I have left.

“You’ll just make a right-hand turn up here. Yeah, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Specialized attention meant it was a shit ton harder to get away with anything." Sawyer propped her blonde head up with a hand as she rested an elbow against the door casually. She spoke in a bored, entitled tone and that rubbed me the wrong way.

“Pump the brakes for a second,” I started slowly, following her directions diligently as I turned into an elegant gated community. Palm trees loomed overhead in a perfect row, on either side of the brightly colored buildings. Burnt orange and sunny yellows jumped out from every corner. “Obviously your folks are loaded, at least enough to enroll you in some elite private school, and you don’t sound the least bit grateful for it. Why?”

Sawyer cocked a brow as if to challenge me. “Should I be? Grateful...that is?”

I gawked at the smug blonde incredulously, pulling into a parking space adjacent to her unit. "Yes!" What about this was so hard for her to understand!? Gratitude was at the heart of generosity in almost everyone; Wasn't Sawyer taught that in her fancy learning institution?

She scoffed and rolled her striking blue eyes disrespectfully. “Well in that case, I’ll be sure to grovel at their feet when I see them in hell.”

“Wait....” I could feel my expression soften as I killed the ignition. Sawyer glanced down at her lap before side eyeing me for a moment.

“I don’t have parents; They died some time ago.” Her voice was stoic and monotone, as if she'd been forced to repeat that same sentence over and over since their demise.

Good going, Kate. You don't know anything about this girl or her past! What a great way to kick things off by assuming.

My mouth went dry, and I started stammering out an apology. “Oh...shit, I’m umm...I'm sorry Sawy-”

Sawyer shook her head from side to side with a nonchalant shrug. Within seconds, she was talking a mile a minute in a slightly shaky tone. It was probably a nervous tick; Judging solely off the panic attack she had earlier, I wouldn't have been surprised.

“What for? They did it to themselves; Always gallivanting off to get away from me. Serves 'em right. I’m better off anyway so it all works out." She paused for a second so she could face me with an expression I couldn't read, shielding away whatever she truly felt from view.

"Yeah...well, it just sucks that whatever happened...happened." I mumbled gently, unable to tear my misty eyes away from Sawyer's bright ones. "Nobody deserves to lose their folks so young...and..." Before I could continue, she flashed a toothy grin my way and cut in.

"Forget it. I live right over the end, why don’t you have dinner with me? It’s been a long day...maybe a drink or two afterwards? I sure as hell could use a few myself.”

Sawyer ran a hand through her short blonde hair with a soft sigh while I watched silently. I could sense pain, but it wasn't like mine...she dealt with her loss differently. It was as though Sawyer was mourning the nonexistent, loving relationship she'd never get to have with her parents now. She seemed desperate to get off the subject, so I finally nodded with reassurance.

“Yeah, you know what? Dinner sounds nice...but I don't trust you around alcohol.”

"What makes you say that?" She sneered, breaking out into full fledged laughter when I snorted obnoxiously. "Hey...that's cute. Do it again." The mysterious blonde cooed playfully while my cheeks burned bright red.

"On second thought, sign me up for that drink; Maybe you'll be halfway tolerable after it kicks in." I stated cooly before flinging the car door open and sliding out. My back turned to a still giggling Sawyer, I allowed myself to bite my lip with uncontrollable glee.

"Doubt it, but you're welcome to try...Kaitlyn." Her husky voice dared in a low drawl. I whirled around, and caught Sawyer's mischievous blue eyes widen just before she took off toward her apartment in mock fear. I began to sprint after her menacingly.

"What did you call me!? Ohhhh you're gonna pay for that!"

"Yeah? Is that a promise?" Sawyer squealed over her shoulder, and before I knew it I was laughing too. My heart pounded from excitement, and a bit of anxiousness also. The blonde I was chasing abruptly turned around, catching me by the shoulders before covering my mouth with hers feverishly.

I felt possessed, frantic even as I kissed back. Sawyer tasted just like vanilla coffee creamer, and it made me smile into her lips shyly. She drank every last drop of the hot beverage I'd brought with me to the hospital, and just the thought of her loving it so much made me feel light headed with bliss.

"'ll just have to see..." I whispered when she pulled away to pant with longing. Before Sawyer could take another full breath, I laced my fingers through her oh so soft white blonde hair and continued to devour that sweet mouth hungrily.

Fuck you, Danica; I'll go after whoever the hell I want...even if it's the seemingly arrogant girl I ached to know more about after all.

Somehow, we wound up at her door and I felt myself slammed up against it. Our arms became tangled around each other's necks, then.

"...You wanted me the second I wanted you...I knew it." Sawyer's fingers pressed firmly into my cheeks spontaneously as she deepened our kiss, her words ringing with truth. I hopelessly returned it.

"Fuck...." I moaned, inhaling the intoxicating scent of fresh coffee beans and musky arousal. My ears picked up the sound of keys clinking, and at one point we made it inside of a cool, dark room. I wasn't paying any mind, because Sawyer was leading the way as usual. I discovered just how much I enjoyed being led for a change, and didn't fight back when she gently began lowering me onto an insanely plushy surface. “Maybe I did...”

"Ah, is that so?" She teased as I wriggled halfheartedly underneath her. "...and when were you planning on showing me, Kay?"

Kay. Mmmmm. I'd never been given a nickname other than 'Kate', and the adorable word tickled my ears. My heart nearly stopped beating, and I delighted in Sawyer's expectant smirk.

"It's a surprise..." I fired back impishly.

"I can deal with that...I love surprises..." Sawyer's warm breath sing songed along the nape of my neck at last, and I moaned from the feeling of utter helplessness as she gripped onto my wrists and guided them upwards.

"So do I..." I whined with need, closing my eyes when she started to nuzzle my nose with hers before taking full advantage of my gasping lips once more.

"Good...because I'm full of them..." Sawyer muttered, making quick work of removing my jeans with one hand, as the other continued to hold my wrists hostage. I could see the outline of her fair features in the pitch darkness of whatever room we were in, and I watched almost in shock as she seductively peeled my tiny red thong away. "You know...I still haven't thanked you for saving my life..."

What happened next was pure magic, and I felt my eyes roll backwards as the sultry kisses along my pelvic bone turned into something else entirely; A fire ignited in between my legs, and I lost myself in Sawyer's eager tongue stroking all the right places.

Still, my heart couldn't contain itself as it beat faster and faster, to the rhythm of Sawyer's bobbing head. I felt like I was freezing and burning alive at the same time, with wild nerves and overflowing passion.

"...Ohhh my GOD...S-soy Bean..." The unexplained tenderness I'd felt for Sawyer at Naples beach consumed me, and I blurted out the sweet term of endearment while caught up in the heat of our moment. She seemed to approve, and increased the pressure of her strokes as I started to scream with reckless abandon.


I couldn't remember the last time I felt so alive...and nervous around someone, but it was a...pleasant nervous, like thousands of crazed butterflies swarming around in my stomach.

Baby blue eyed butterflies; with wispy white blonde wings.

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