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Chapter Six | Just One Night

◦◦ Sawyer ◦◦

Two 1/2 hours later

My mind was slowly churning to unrecognizable mush, but I was helpless to stop any of it from happening; The wild animal I’ve awakened inside Kaitlyn toyed with me ferociously, and I’d lost all track of time as I sank deeper into her deliberate lust induced spell.

Feverish grunts and screams echoed off the walls, but my ears ceased to register who they were coming from. Even my own sounded foreign and exciting before long. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d been so...riled up for someone, anyone really.

There I was though, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

“...I’m obsessed with every inch of you...” Kate rasped gently, giving the sore nipples she’d been sucking on a brief respite so I could attempt to catch my breath. A warm, wet trail started to descend south of the border—and all I could do was watch with widened eyes and a parted mouth.

The sweet scent of Kate’s growing arousal, sleek curves, and breathless panting were all I knew anymore; Mixed deliciously with my own desperate need to feel unlimited pleasure.

I was on fire, and nowhere near enough water to put me out. It had to have something to do with the way she was treating my trembling body. Such precision in those movements, slowly building the inferno engulfing my core whole.

“OhhhhOhhh...ngggh, w-what are you....AHhhhhhh!” One hand flew to the back of Kate’s rapidly moving head, gripping a fistful of wavy chestnut colored hair as she gleefully began to play her own sick, twisted, irresistible game involving one skilled tongue, and my swollen, horny pussy.

...Holy fuck did she know what she was doing, by the way.

From the moment our bodies made contact with my king sized pillow top ions ago, it was all over. The original allure of dinner and drinks was long forgotten as we unabashedly enjoyed each other instead; Sexual excitement rippled through our sensitive nerve endings with every kiss or sensual lick. A ragged sigh escaped my lips as I allowed myself to get lost in unquenchable desire.


I still knew jack shit about who Kate actually was as a person, and yet I couldn’t get enough of her; I had to have more, all of what she had to offer, and this...this was just the beginning. Even while literally riding her face into another dimension, my mind frantically began thinking of ways to make the beautiful lifeguard who saved my ass from a watery grave feel closer to me.

Why are you psyching yourself out? You’ve got Kate right where you want her—in YOUR bed, eating your cunt like it’s her very last meal; Which is exactly where she should be. Screw off, anxiety.

“Oooohhh....that’s so fucking nice...” I closed my eyes and threw my head back with a soft moan of approval. Wonder woman wasn’t giving me the chance to get used to her tactics, and I loved every second of teetering on the edge of bliss. “You mmmm...trying to kill me, Kay!?”

Rhetorical question; Of course she was and I hoped she had no plans to stop until I completely surrendered.

“Mmmmm...I told you, Soy Bean...” The athletic vixen between my legs purred, seductively flirting with her burning hazel eyes. “...I was...” sensual nibbling along my panty line made me mewl. “...gonna make you pay...”

That nickname was too adorable; I'd never get tired of hearing her call me Soy Bean. Aside from Erin's perpetual habit of literally thinking my name is 'Sauce', I was just plain old Sawyer to everyone else.

I gasped with light laughter for a second, but quickly changed my tune and began moaning instead when Kate zeroed back in on my soaking wet mound, savoring it like she’s never tasted anything like me before. “I wish you the best of luck with that...” I finally growled in a sensuous tone, grinding my hips along with Kate’s busy, delectable mouth. “...I’d uhhhh...say your full name all over again if it always led to this...”

“Mmmmmmm..." She responded absently, as if she couldn’t be bothered to entertain my coquettish little attitude. Her strong arms held my milky thighs only slightly ajar, but firmly in place so we wouldn’t lose sync as her neck supported the floating head following my every movement. “...Then say it, Sawyer.” Kate’s voice hissed suddenly, making my eyes roll backwards from the passion seeping into our steamy atmosphere.

“You’” My breath hitched, and I let out a guttural groan as I violently came for what must’ve been the sixth or seventh time this evening. Kate kept her angelic face buried between my legs while I shook with pleasure spasms until I collapsed against the pillows, running both hands through my hair in stunned exasperation. After a few minutes, she untangled herself to crawl toward me and we locked lips as if our mouths had been raided with tiny, compatible magnets.

Made just for one another.

For the first time since we broke up, those toxic memories of Violaine and all of her indecisive bullshit completely evaporated from my mind. I felt wanted for a change, so all I could concentrate on was keeping this incredible woman practically purring right above me interested.

Which let’s be honest, I found myself having no trouble with, because sex is my strongest selling point, and Kate proved to be just as blissfully spent as I was in that department. We exhaled with labor in between zealous kisses, and I wrapped an arm around Kate’s slim waist possessively.

“I’m so...what? Finish your sentence, Sawyer...” The brunette I’d been fucking for hours muttered softly against my bottom lip before nibbling on it erotically. I tried to bite back, but she was too quick for me and snickered at every attempt until I let out an exaggerated sigh.

“So...hmmm. What do you know, Kay? I forgot...” I taunted with vengeance. Her hazel eyes flickered furiously at the insult, and I felt a victorious smile spreading across my face as I looked on. “Don't look at me in that tone of voice; I must’ve lost it over that daft statement you made about making me pay for what I said earlier.”

A humorous grin was flashed in my direction. "I didn't know you could look at someone in any tone of voice?"

"Well were you aware of this thing called sarcasm?" I cocked an eyebrow and sneered. One to nothing, gotta keep up sweetheart.

My bad for not catching on. Let’s just see if I can make you remember, because I really need to know.” Kate cooed dangerously as she started to massage my delicate rib cage before I could bolt from the bed. Not a super well known fact by many, but I’m ridiculously ticklish and the spontaneous reminder definitely altered my earlier stance on keeping quiet about what I was feeling.

“Pfftt....HEY! Hahahahaha c’mon, fine! Fine, just hehehehehe STOP! Don’t tickle ME! That’s hahahahaHAHA so FUCKED!” I squeezed my eyes shut and howled with laughter. Nimble fingers poked and prodded all over my midsection mercilessly, leaving me defenseless against the attack. She wouldn’t cut it out, and for some reason that pushed me into a strange realm of confused fondness.

I can’t stand being tickled; Why does it feel SO good with her?

“Woah! How did I know you were ticklish? Man, you just handed me the skeleton key to all your secrets. Why don’t you start with what you were trying to get out while I was making you cum! We can just go from there...”

Reduced to a squealing pile of sensitivity, I turned my head into the pillow and shriekedpraying Kate would show some of that humanity I’d found in her at Naples beach this afternoon. My lungs burned, but I just couldn't stop the flood of delighted screaming pouring out of me.

“Awwww, you’re a bit squirmy aren’t you? I’ll bet this is murder!” I half listened to Kate gush over how cute my tortured reactions were as I writhed underneath her fit, naked body; With whatever sanity I had remaining, I pleaded for a second chance to spill the beans.


"You better!" All movement stopped abruptly, and I continued to giggle while Kate got comfortable laying directly on top of my bare torso. Her fingers were soothing as they grazed my temple patiently. Once I felt composed enough, I bit my lip and gazed into her compassionate light eyes with a tender whine.

"You're so different...from everything I know...I can't explain it. When you rescued me, I didn't feel like it was just another job. If I'm wrong, I don't want to know...but I'd really like it if you stayed with me tonight. So...what do you sa-"

Kate pressed her bewitching lips against mine, cutting me off mid sentence. I laced my arms around her neck with the intent to devour, growing increasingly delirious as she kissed back. After what seemed like an eternity, Kate moved away to stare into my frightened eyes calmly.

She gets what I'm all about without knowing anything beyond the surface, but how? I can't keep acting unaffected around her. While I was drowning, fighting to stay afloat...Kate caught a glimpse of my fear to live in this world. Alone.

"...You ramble when you're nervous; Did you know that?"

I didn't, Jesus Christ.

"...Don't you just love learning new things about yourself?" I scoffed, but my heart warmed considerably when I felt Kate lean back in for another kiss. Between soft pecks, she whispered hoarsely against my scorching skin.

"Yeah...I guess we're both learning new things about ourselves tonight, because I never do what we just did together...and especially not with someone like you, Sawyer." Kate breathed emotionally, tracing a single finger along my jawline. I got lost in the mesmerizing feeling. "Why does it feel like you can undo everything I'm working so hard for...?"

Despite not having any idea what she was talking about, I licked my lips and clasped a hand around Kate's as it was traveling along the curve of my cheek mid stroke. "I probably will if I find you here in the morning, but all I'm asking for is one night...whatever you decide to do beyond that isn't on me. I can promise you one thing though..."

I sat upright, pulling a mildly startled Kate into my arms. When I was sure she wasn't going to look away, I grinned playfully. "You won't find anyone else like me out I wouldn't blame you for sticking around."

Kate's brilliant hazel eyes crossed in annoyance as she ripped out of my embrace, making me giggle excitedly. "I'm not even going to try and argue. Fuck, it's probably too late to be on the road anyway. I guess one night couldn't hurt..."

"My sentiments, why don't you humor me and get back over here?" I guided Kate's chin forward, and she gasped with sexual frustration before allowing me to ravage her swollen mouth; Giving up the fight for control. I resisted the urge to smirk, focusing instead on the way my juices tasted on Kate's tongue as I drank from her submission deeply.

That's probably the wisest choice; Submitting to me. You don't even know the half of what I'm capable of...yet.

You will though, and I can't guarantee you'll ever be the same.

Nobody ever is after tangoing with me.

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