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Chapter Seven | Regretting The Unregrettable

❀ Kate ❀

The next morning

Fuck Kate...what did you do!?

Wind chimes clinked together delightedly overhead, but I wasn’t sure where they were coming from exactly—just that they seemed to mock my presence. I didn’t even have to open my eyes to know where I was. Or more importantly, to see who was staring right at me while I laid damn near motionless in her by now all too familiar bed.

“Heh hehhhh..” A delicate chuckle confirmed my worst realization, and I groaned internally. The mild, fragrant scent of our sex was present all around in the air—an inescapable reminder of my fucking mistake.

Pun absolutely intended. I’ve never slept with someone the same day we met, much less committed about 98 sexual acts I didn’t even know I was capable of performing. Kill me now, don’t hold back.

“...So you’re still here after all, Kay.” Sawyer’s voice, smoother than velvet and smug as ever, crooned softly near my left earlobe. I felt a warm breeze graze the curve of it as she whispered, making me shudder involuntarily. “I only half expected you to be gone when I got up...but then again, the day’s still young...and so are we. Sticking around for round two?”

“...What time is it?” I croaked, facepalming myself with both hands while deliberately ignoring her outlandish assumption. She snickered, apparently finding the whole thing hilarious.

“Mmmm...around ten? Yeah, nine fifty three so close enough. I was starting to think you weren’t ever gonna come to. I guess I wore you out, huh?”

What an understatement. I felt so...raw, but undeniably satisfied. As the memories flooded in, I struggled to block them out but to no avail. They came anyway, and full speed ahead at that.

Her irresistible skin, my famished mouth...our feverish tongues. The sweetness of her clit melted onto my taste buds like frothy cream, branding them with delectable remembrance. I could still feel Sawyer’s nails digging into my back the more I fucked her, and my ears rang with her desperate laughter while we messed around like children afterwards.

But for every orgasm I gave Sawyer, she eagerly returned it. I can’t remember what time we eventually passed out, but I distinctly recall my nose burrowing itself into the crook of her long neck; The moist warmth of it lulling me to sleep. She managed to keep me here, by my own free will, even after warning me of the potential consequences.

Although Sawyer doesn’t know what’s at stake...why I can’t break my focus with anything new thrown in the mix right now...

I was no match, and knew it from the start. She was right, whether I wanted to admit it or not; I wanted, craved that arrogant blonde bombshell unlike anything else, and my thirst was tamed for now...but ultimately unquenchable.

I opened my bleary eyes to find Sawyer closely nestled against me, a lazy smile playing against her lips as she waited for my response. Wearing absolutely nothing, unabashedly pressing her perky little breasts against mine. From what I could see of Sawyer’s rosy nipples, they looked tender and bruised.

Well...obviously I play hard when I’m overly aroused, but she didn’t seem to mind. Much to my increasing dismay. If anything, my strange lover looked ready and willing for more. So much more.

When all I did was stare back in shock, she bared a row of pristine white teeth. “How about some french toast? I’ve got bacon too if you’re the type to splurge on calories every once in a while...which, judging by that physique...” Sawyer paused to appraise my still nude body with an appreciative expression. “...Probably isn’t often; Educated guess and all that bullshit.”

Are you really one to talk over there?

Her slender frame didn’t exactly give off the impression that she ate high fat, sugary garbage period. That’s just the thing though; For all I knew, this girl might consume processed orange juice straight out of the carton, and binge on buttered toast while she’s at it. We knew basically nothing about each other, which was all the more reason why I couldn’t stay here—wasting valuable training time and...

Fuck. It was so hard to think with Sawyer’s fingertips brushing my tousled bangs aside so she could peer into my soul intently. I realized I was falling under her spell again, and shook my head slightly to snap out of it.

“Yes? No? Give me something here, Kate.”

Oh no, don’t you dare fall for those gorgeous blue eyes again! You have to get your ass to the gym before work. She’s really the worst influence for you in every way. Eyes on the prize, Kate.

“I really shouldn’t, I’ve gotta get going.” I retorted in a firm tone while frantically searching for my clothes. Sawyer watched with interest as I leapt from her super cushy bed, giggling when I couldn’t seem to locate just about...everything.

Jeans, shirt, jacket and shoes are over there by the closet, but hold up-

“Looking for this?”

I whirled around and blushed profusely. Tangled around my one night stand’s forefinger was the red silk thong I was missing. Sawyer taunted me by pressing them to her nose, inhaling deeply with a wide smile at my shocked gasp.

“Give me those; Now!” I lunged toward her hurriedly, but wasn’t quick enough. Sawyer effortlessly rolled out of reach, off the bed and safely away from where I knelt in the middle of it, seething in an unhealthy pool of my own embarrassment.

“How bad do you want them?!” She nibbled the material, wrinkling her upturned nose in a frisky state.

“Sawyer!” I hissed through gritted teeth. The beautiful woman I found myself regrettably involved with raised an eye brow, biting her lower lip imploringly. I caught a flash of desperation in those mesmerizing ocean tinted globes, and for a fleeting moment I faltered.

Once recovered however, I resumed my stern stance.“Hand them over, seriously.”

“Just a second; What happened to ‘Soy Bean’?” She questioned with a flirtatious wink. Even completely naked, Sawyer oozed confidence...and why wouldn’t she? A dangerously alluring figure, striking features, and those crazy vibrant eyes helped to make up one of the sexiest beings I’ve ever seen in all my life. That’s saying something, considering I’m a seasoned lifeguard; It’s practically my job to babysit hot girls on the beach all afternoon.

With an impatient sigh, I slipped into my bra and white tee before wriggling onto the crisp linen polyester carpet to join Sawyer, who was standing at the entrance of her room wearing a facetious grin.

Of course she remembered I called her that.

“Uh yeah, spur of the moment nickname...don’t read too much into it. Look, Sawy-”

She wasn’t having any of my exit speech.

“Do breakfast with me. Just breakfast! Pretty please, Kay?” Even her pleading tone was adorable, slightly whiny and high pitched.

Why does she have this power over me!? I’m not in the mood to go chasing her around this massive excuse for an apartment anyway, so that’s that I guess.

I exhaled loudly in mild irritation, placing a hand on my bare hip. Sans thong, I was still nude from the waist down. “Ugh...if I stay for a cup of coffee or something, can I have my underwear back?”

“I would hardly call this flimsy garment ‘underwear’, but...yes! Coffee and french toast.” The blonde bargained with a coy smirk. I crossed my arms defensively, and she continued. “Nuh uh, I don’t want to hear it. When was the last time you ate? C’mon, let’s get something in that sexy stomach of yours before you take off. That’s reasonable, wouldn’t you agree?”

God I’m starving. Fuck it, sure beats the hell out of that quinoa and blueberry mixture I was planning on getting from First Watch on the way to LA Fitness.

“Fine, one piece of french toast with coffee, then I really need to leave.” I rolled my eyes in defeat, earning a shriek of delight from Sawyer before she dashed out of her bedroom toward what I’m assuming was the kitchen enthusiastically.

Left alone for the time being, I seized an opportunity I was given to have a thorough look around.

Sawyer’s mattress was swathed in ivory sheets, so soft I’m willing to bet they were made of expensive Egyptian cotton. The comforter covering our sleeping forms earlier was heavy, and cozy. It’s solid navy blue shade matched her pillowcases perfectly.

There wasn’t anything hanging on the light lavender walls, but this room in and of itself was airy and calming. A large window took up a great amount of space, right next to Sawyer’s platform positioned bed frame holding everything together. I padded over to open it for some fresh air, when a smallish picture frame propped up on a little round wooden style night stand caught my eye.

A stunning woman of maybe twenty seven or so had her arm looped around an indifferent looking Sawyer’s bony shoulder. She wore an elegant red halter dress, decorated with flashy sequins. Her platinum blonde hair, one shade darker than Sawyer’s, was teased and curled to perfection before being pulled into a high pony tail. Two amber orbs seemed to glare into the camera’s lens with purpose.

Probably a model...damn.

As for Sawyer, she opted for a pair of black slacks and matching shirt with the collar popped. A simple silver choker hugged her graceful neck like a second skin. It was a very flamboyant ensemble, very loud and well...right up Sawyer’s alley from what little I’ve learned about her so far.

Why am I not surprised?

Her white blonde hair was styled in a messy faux hawk, and she appeared to have just a touch of clear lip gloss on. Neither girl was smiling; Both held a bottle of generic beer in their respective hands as they reluctantly clung on to each other.

It was a glamorous shot to say the least, but I wouldn’t call it cheerful. On the contrary, the detached pair looked as though they’d rather be anywhere else than whatever event they were attending. I gingerly picked the frame up and scrutinized it carefully. The lack of emotion on Sawyer’s face in particular made me wonder-

“Oh, I see you found that.” Without a chance to react, I felt the picture being snatched from my grasp at a moment’s notice. Disdain dripped from Sawyer’s voice as she slammed the frame face down on her nightstand so hard, I heard it crack.

I winced from the impact. “...Who was that? If you don’t mind my asking?”

“Nobody important.” Sawyer bit back cooly, turning away from me so she could waltz toward her closet in search of something to wear. “I’ve been meaning to go through a few things I don't need but...anyway, thanks for catching that. I haven’t looked at it since God knows when.”

How do you not notice something jumping out at you from your nightstand...?

Sawyer seemed to flip between hot and cold so often, I honestly didn’t know what to expect on a consistent basis. Evidently, whoever that modelesque woman in the photograph was, she meant something to my hostess. Even if not now, at some point in time.

“If you say so...” I hesitantly replied, noticing she set my thong on the edge of her bed. I swiftly finished dressing before hurrying into the conjoining spacious bathroom. Sawyer’s soft cursing made my brow furrow, and I decided right then and there that I just had to know.

Who the hell is that girl in the picture, and if she’s not important, then why does Sawyer still have it?

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