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"You are not going to leave, right?" "Never" Zaina Summers look like a normal teenagers. She is kind, funny, a little shy and fiery. She has her friends and a family that seems perfect. But no one knows the real her. No one knows about the emotional battle that sometimes rages inside her. No one really understands her. Sure, at first she looks like a happy teenager, but sometimes, you have to go deeper. Meet Rider Adams. He is new in town, with his family and two friends. He has that typical bad boy look going on with his messy hair and a motorbike . But maybe, he is also not what he seems? Imagine what would happen when these two collide? And that also literally!

Romance / Humor
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Author's note

Hey guys! First of all, thank you so much for choosing my book. This is my first book, so please don't hesitate to point out any mistakes as English is not my first language. And I know there must be many mistakes.
Anyways, let's start the story!!
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