I Will Always Be That Bitch

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Addison Blair was finally released from overseas boarding school, to Steamboat Springs, Colorado her home state. Her family welcomed her back home 5 years later to a town she once lived at as a child. The new beauty enters the public school mesmerizing the boys and receiving jealously and hate from other girls. Her older brother Neo; a football jock and smartass trys hard to keep the guys off her back but Addi makes it clear she can handle herself. Needless to say Addi becomes popular from her looks and online fame. Her bipolar personality catches the school bad boys attention. Ace Brooks; the gang's leader notices the 5'4 little beauty from a mile away. Between Neo trying to keep Ace from his sister and Addi constantly causing trouble all there worlds start coming down faster and faster. Addison's past comes back to haunt her while Ace tries to keep her safe not knowing all the damage she caused and can still create. Why was Addi sent away to begin with? Can she let her guard down? Will she fall In Love or just brush Ace off like the other men that try and take her away?

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK...I realize I have been writing books that sorta give men the higher power in things....well this book is going to wipe your ass boys.
I have big plans for this book and hope I can satisfy you guys like my other books.
I want to let you all know that it is very possible I will have sequels added to this book.
I will not be posting like 3 times a day because yes...I HAVE THINGS TO DO...I HAVE A LIFE.
Ya I get we are stuck in quarantine...but not me haha...I am behind 1 month in all my online schooling and I fucking hate it!
But without further adieu....I present to you...

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