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Sitting there drinking my life away I placed my eyes on her, looking so beautiful but cold. Everyone in the bar was staring at her but no one dared talk because of her sparkling Eyes that clearly said “don’t fuck with me”. Everyone said she’s so cold but she ended up being the warmest person I ever meet. Like an angel she guided me out the darkness.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - Betrayal

I’ve been stuck in this place for weeks now, so when they told me I could leave, I was more than delighted.
I quickly went to the reception to get my discharge form But....
She decided to make conversation.

“Did you get everything? Make sure you don’t forget anything.” She said smiling

“I have” I replied quickly, anxious to leave.
But she continues
“Have you cleaned out your room?”

“I have” I said kind of irritated.

“Ok just checking. Here are your discharge forms it also includes your medical report, lab tests and prescriptions. We’ve notified your university about your absence but there is a note included in case you need it” she said handing over a file.

I quickly thank the lady and turn around to leave.
“Aiden” she says softly
I stopped at turned half way round.

“I know you have a lot going on but you have a lot of potential, try to take it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself; okay?”

The only thought in my mind was What a load of crap
Words like that means nothing from someone who is paid to say them.

But I politely thanked the lady and made my way out to the driver my dad sent me.
He was standing next to a black rolls-Royce, with his normal black and silver uniform on.

Yes my family was loaded. People might think my life is easy with soo much money and friends, but how many of them are there because of me? None.

They only care about my dads money. When I fought with my dad, one by one, they all gradually left.

But it doesn’t matter, I am kind of used to it.
“Did he tell you where to send me” I asked the driver as I approached him.

“No sir, where would you like me to send you?” He asked politely while opening the door to the back seat.

“Just drop me off at my apartment”I said getting in the car.

I was stuck in this dang hospital for weeks, with no WiFi, no phone and TV, fighting about meds and watching the same show everyday. Feels more like torture than help to me.
I pulled my phone out the pocket to check what I had missed.

Just like I thought it’s been 2 weeks and no one noticed I was missing.
Not even her.

Why is it bothering me? That’s what I wanted, right? I thought to myself.
I quickly scrolled through snap, checking what people were up to.
Then my attention was caught by Richards story.

Richard was quite peculiar, he was making out with some girl, nothing new but the little ghost like birth mark is what caught my eye.
All of a sudden my hands felt cold, and I dropped my phone.
It was then that everything came crashing down.
I was suspicious of Ash before, but I always convinced myself that she must be busy.
Even now with the prof right between my hands, I refused to believe. I couldn’t. I loved and doted on her for years.
I just blindly believed her. I wanted this relationship to work. I fought with my dad for her, got disowned for her, but in the end she’s still not mine.
Before I even realised, I single tear slipped my left eye.

“We’re here” Said the driver snapping me back to reality, I was still in shocked, although this shouldn’t have been news. I quickly wiped my eyes.
I should have seen it coming.

I grabbed my bag and left while thanking the driver, who probably headed back to the villa.

I got in my building checking my bag for the keys as I got in the elevator.
My mind was flashing back at all the amazing times we had together. All the times that were gone.
when I got there I grabbed my keys, my body froze.
We usually hanged in this very apartment for days, watching movies and it was all over. I was already stressed, but Ash just tore my whole world apart.
I sincerely believed, she was the one that cared about me and not what I had.

I forced myself to open the door, my apartment was as messy as ever. I remembered the time some off Ash’s friends came over and were playing with water guns like little kids.
All of my stuff was wet and ruined, but Ash seemed to be having such a great time I didn’t mind.
After the left Ash helped my clean the whole place.

Why is it that everything in this part meant remind me of her.
I closed the door and turned on the lights, the curtains were closed and the whole apartment was dark, I couldn’t see anything.
I quickly scanned the place, but my eyes stopped at a pair of thigh high boots. I bought them for Ash last year as a birthday present.
She was here.
“What brand?” I heard a voice from my room.
I was certain it was her. I would never forget her voice.

“Where did you....” she stopped as she saw me, when walking out the room.

“I’ll call u back later, bye” she said hanging up the phone.

Turning back at me she asked “where have you been all this time?”

“Doesn’t look like you were concerned much, since you didn’t bother picking up any off my calls” I shouted

Ash remains silent, but glared at me with a horrid expression.
It was the first time I shouted at her.
So I continued “I don’t suppose you know who Richard is? And that he’s my cousin.”

Suddenly to my surprise instead of being shocked, or scared, she started laughing.

“Ohhh so you finally realised. Took you long enough. I suppose this is a breakup. Well then I’ll get my stuff and out of here I go” she said in a jokingly manner.

But this was no joke to me.
“Do you know where I was the past 2 weeks?” I yelled

“Who cares, I thought we were over unless you still wanna be my money bag, I’ll never decline you know.” She laughed

“Honestly I really liked you but the only thing you do is study and work you don’t have time for me. That’s why I cheated. You don’t even have time for me you’re always away, where have you been the past few weeks. Well guess it doesn’t matter now.”

As she said those words, the quilt inside me started swallowing me.
I did neglect her for a while, but that because I was busy. My parent were stressing me about university, my studies. The expected a lot out of me and I just didn’t want to let them down.
“The hospital” I shouted trying to explain myself. “I still have the discharge forms if you want proof.”
I desperately tried to fix this broken mess.

“Well it doesn’t matter. It already happened there is no changing it.” She said while picking her stuff

“WAIT” I shouted “Don’t go. It doesn’t matter we can talk about it”.

“Wow you really are pathetic” She laughed. “Which kind of man let’s this kind of stuff go. Well I suppose that’s why I was able to deceive you for so long.”

These few sentences finally made me realise, it wasn’t the fact that I neglected her, she would have done it either ways.
She taught of me like a joke, when she was everything I had.
She started getting all her stuff out and prepared to leave.
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