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Celeste’s POV

“This weekend, I want to show you my wolf,” He said into my ear. I inhaled sharply and peered up at him through my long lashes.

He was leaning against a locker, his head bowed down so he could reach my ear. The position we were in was intimate. It was the day after I discovered what Lazarus was. I had time to sleep over what I discovered in preparation for today.

He saw me loitering by my locker. In truth, I was waiting for him to arrive. As soon as he spotted me, a gigantic smile transformed onto his face.

Soon after Lazarus told me about the mate bond, they all left. My mom came back an hour later, demanding to know why I skipped a lesson. I couldn’t tell her the truth, so I made up a lie on the spot. She was skeptical at first, but she eventually believed me.

“I would love that,” I replied, inching closer to him. His eyes darkened in desire. I could practically hear his thoughts. He wanted to kiss me.

Without hesitation, I shuffled closer and gently placed my lips against his. He wasted no time in kissing me firmer. My hands traveled up to his hair and my fingers tangled in his dark locks.

When I pulled away, I could hear people whispering. I could feel their eyes burning holes into my back. Lazarus only tightened his hold on me, in a protective manner.

“Don’t worry about them, they’re only being nosy,” He assured me.

I nodded my head, feeling lightheaded from that amazing kiss. Nothing would ever compare to it.

“We should probably go to homeroom,” I said. “Don’t want to be late.”

He chuckled and agreed with me. Neither of us wanted to lose physical contact with the other so we stalked down the corridors, hand in hand.

When I entered the classroom, Georgia’s eyes were instantly on me. She knew about my feelings for Lazarus, but she never thought we would actually be together. Seeing us like this must have stirred some hidden emotions in her. I wondered if she was angry that I was with him or if she was happy for me.

I guess I’ll find out soon.

We both sat next to each other and sneaked sly looks. I was beyond happy but still a little uneasy. Whilst I understood more things now, I still needed to be wary. I had a lot of questions I needed to ask Lazarus.

I wanted to know why he distanced himself from me. Lazarus told me they weren’t officially dating. He didn’t explicitly say it but he implied they hooked up. Did he feel unworthy of me?

“Hey, you okay?” She asked me, staring intensely into my eyes.

I pinched my lips together and nodded my head. “Yeah, of course.”

Her scrutinizing gaze wouldn’t leave me. She knew something was up.

“Then why did you skip sixth period yesterday? You never miss a class,” She caught me. Of course, Georgia heard about that. She knew everything.

“I wasn’t feeling well,” I partly lied. After witnessing Dexter turn into a werewolf, I knew I needed some time alone. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate at school.

She threw me a skeptical glance. “Okay,” She relented, figuring I wouldn’t reveal anything else. Not now, at least.

The morning flew by. I was looking forward to lunch when I could see Lazarus again.

I ate lunch as quickly as possible, blanking the other cheerleaders. They were talking about Prom. I forgot how close it was now until Prom.

We had all gone shopping a few months prior to Prom. Georgia and Ellie helped me pick out a beautiful red dress that complimented my skin color nicely.

The thought of going to a dance in a few weeks hadn’t crossed my mind. The summer break was getting closer. Soon, I would be free from school.

“I’ll see you guys later,” I told them and rushed out of the cafeteria. My eyes caught Dexter and I saw him wink at me. Things didn’t feel awkward between us in Chemistry earlier. I was glad about that.

Lazarus wasn’t there when I arrived. Assuming he was running late, I sat at the keyboard and recited parts of the song I could remember. I felt closer to the song now that I understood my feelings for Lazarus.

My body swayed to the music. Flashes of moments shared between myself and Lazarus popped up in my mind.

“Exquisite,” A voice said from behind me.

I leaped to my feet, startled, and was met with a pair of gorgeous dark green eyes. He was extremely tall—taller than Lazarus who had to be at least 6”3. Perhaps he was around 6”5. Muscles coated his arms and legs. Through his thin t-shirt, I could see the outline of his rock-hard abs.

Surrounding him was a powerful aura. More powerful than anything else I had ever experienced before. I had the urge to bow and bare my neck to him.

He had a shared a striking resemblance to Lazarus and Leah.

“That was amazing,” He complimented me, stepping closer to me.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable or wary of his presence. Just curious. Oddly, I believed this stranger wouldn’t hurt me.

“Thank you,” I said, gratefully.

He sat down on the table in front of me and studied me. “I’m Layton by the way.”

I recognized the name immediately. I had heard it in conversation a few times. Layton was Lazarus’ older brother. He ran the ‘family business’.

Now that I knew he was related to Lazarus; I could say the resemblance between them was uncanny. They both had dark brown hair, tanned skin, and green eyes.

“Celeste,” I greeted in return, smiling politely. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything but how are you here?”

I asked him, feeling bold.

Everything I have heard about him suggested he was a few years older than Lazarus. Since Lazarus was actually two hundred years old, Layton had to be even older. I was still mind blown by their ages.

“I’m donating money to the school.” He answered, not at all offended by my question.

“Why?” I cocked my head to the side.

“Because I wanted to visit my brother.”

“Lazarus should be here soon,” I told him, excited to see him too. Being away from Lazarus felt wrong.

“So, you know everything now,” He blurted out, watching my reaction. I bobbed my head up and down. “I’m glad you aren’t leaving him. He has been waiting for you for a long time now.”

“He said the same thing.”

He made a noise of agreement. “When he first told us he found you, we were all shocked.”

I inched closer to him, intrigued to find out more. I could remember the day I first saw Lazarus very well. It was a Friday night and we had just left a boring party. Matt forgot to fill the car with gas, so we had to stop at a station. When he waltzed out of the fancy SUV, I was transfixed. I might not have known it then, but he had captured my heart. I was a goner.

“He has done some bad stuff in the past—stuff that makes him doubt his worth. I only hope you can help him overcome that,” Layton added, sadly. Dexter had said Lazarus had a dark past. He practically begged me to stay with Lazarus, no matter what. I promised I would. And now that I knew more about him and what I meant to him, I wouldn’t leave.

Lazarus appeared at the door at that moment. He blinked when he saw his older brother and smiled gorgeously. I swear, my heart flipped at the sight of it.

“Brother,” He said with a smile. They fist-bumped and did the bro hug thing that boys do. “What are you doing here?”

“Visiting you and your mate,” He replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Layton, you can’t neglect your duties.” Lazarus reprimanded. I forgot Layton was the King of Werewolves. It felt crazy to say this young man had been the leader of the werewolves for over a decade. He looked so young.

Layton brushed off his comment swiftly. “Don’t worry about it. Alison said she could handle doing my job today.”

Alison was his wife. His mate.

Lazarus rolled his eyes and came up beside me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me towards him. Unconsciously, I relaxed in his arms, feeling at peace and ease. He stared down at me in adoration.

“Sorry I was late,” He mumbled to me, planting a kiss on the top of my head. “I hope my brother wasn’t causing any trouble.”

Layton snorted and folded his arms over his chest again. Werewolf hearing.

I shook my head, a gigantic smile spreading on my face. “No. We were talking about you.”

Lazarus raised both eyebrows, becoming interested in the topic.

“And what exactly did you say about me?”

A goofy smile was plastered on my face. Around Lazarus, I felt giddy and alive. “Just that you were the ugliest person I had ever met.”

He gasped in shock, playing along with me. I loved seeing this playful side of him. He could be so closed off.

I no longer felt worried I had feelings for a man who didn’t have feelings for me. Knowing we were destined for each other made me feel so incredibly happy. He was meant to be mine.

Lazarus leaned down so his mouth was level with my ear. “You’re lying.”

I arched an eyebrow, “Am I?”

His lips skimmed my hair and stopped on my forehead. I shivered at the skin-on-skin contact. God, I could never get enough of this feeling.

“You are,” He whispered, huskily.

“I am,” I muttered back in a trance.

He chuckled sexily, pulling me out of the enchantment I was in. I sent him a frosty glare and pouted. “That’s not fair. You used your mind powers to get me to lie.”

His eyes twinkled in humor. “Mind powers?”

I nodded my head with pursed lips. The mate bond made me admit the truth. How could I say no when those sparks made me feel on fire?

“Yes. The mate bond. You don’t seem affected by it at all whilst I am. Tremendously.” I admitted, blushing slightly.

A serious expression crossed his face. Lazarus unwound his arm from my waist and cupped my jaw affectionately. He commanded my attention.

“Mi amore, you drive me insane. You are on my mind every single second. I can’t bear being away from you. I am constantly at war with myself. You have no idea how much I want you. My heart beats for you. My soul sings for you. I am putty in your hands.” He declared, honestly.

I trembled but not in fear but love.

This man—this incredible, glorious man—was perfect. He was everything I wanted in a man and more. I loved him like the sun loved the moon. Like the grass loved sunlight.

“Wow,” Was the only thing I could say after that.

He laughed, keeping his eyes on my face.

Suddenly, I remembered Layton was in the room with us. My eyes darted around the music room, searching for him. When I didn’t find him, I threw Lazarus a confused look. “Where’s Layton?”

“He left.”

“How do you know that?”

“Through our mind link. We can communicate with each other in our heads.” He revealed, amused with my stunned face. “He said he wanted to give us some privacy.”

There was still so much I had to learn about werewolves.

“I am so happy you aren’t disgusted by me.” He commented.

My eyes widen. Did he really just say that? This man has become my world in the space of a few weeks.

“As if I ever could,” I snorted, shaking my head in denial.

The bell signaling the end of lunch rang. I didn’t want to part ways with him. We didn’t have an English lesson today so I wouldn’t see him until after school.

“I don’t want to leave you,” I said, dropping my eyes to the ground.

He rubbed soothing circles into my cheeks. “It’s not that long, mi amore. I’m sure you’ll live.”

“You don’t know that,” I countered. God, when did I become so clingy? I felt as bad as Bella was with Edward in Twilight. She hated being away from Edward.

His warm breath fanned my face. “How about you come to mine after school? Leah will probably be at work and I can get the others to patrol the area.”

Excitement bubbled in me. Playing it cool even though he already saw me act desperate, I nodded my head. “Sounds like a plan.”

A large magnificent smile formed on his handsome face.

He guided me to my next lesson—Math. Thankfully, Raegan no longer attended this school. People who didn’t witness the end of the fight used their imaginations to explain her disappearance. Some people believed Matt got her pregnant and to save embarrassment from Georgia, she fled. Others thought she was a spy who had completed her mission. Obviously, none of them were correct. Matt insisted he never slept with Raegan.

“I’ll see you later,” He promised, keeping an arm wrapped around my middle. Before he left, Lazarus planted a sweet kiss on the corner of my lips.

To my dismay, he then pulled away. My mouth twisted downwards.

“Stay out of trouble,” He commanded, playfully.

I saluted and sauntered into my classroom, for the first time ever, feeling enthusiastic about Maths.

God, I love Lazarus. Anyway, what did you think of this chapter? Are you ready for more? My next update will be Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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