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(37) House Party (Part 1)

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Celeste’s POV

The following two weeks passed by rather slowly. I got on with revising, with the help of Lazarus.

Whenever we found spare time, Georgia would gather us together to plan the trip. She wanted us to have a day by day rota of what we were going to do.

During these two weeks, mom invited Simon round several times. She knew it was the perfect opportunity to because she could use the trip as leverage on me. Whilst I grew to not hate Simon’s presence, it still didn’t mean I liked the situation.

On the last day of school, the headmaster called us all for an assembly. I sat next to Georgia and Lazarus and listened to him blabber on about how next year was an extremely important year. He even said we should work on our statement for college. My face paled at the thought. College felt so far away but I already had to start working on my application.

Noticing my horror, Lazarus squeezed my hand in a reassuring manner.

He then told us to have a good summer break but reminded us to be safe.

Georgia snorted at that.

After we were dismissed, we went to our classes.

The day was filled with teachers doing fun activities. I was surprised they weren’t making us study for next year.

When the final lesson finally rolled over, I slid into my seat and greeted Ellie excitedly. Whilst we waited for our teacher to arrive, she reminded me about the party tonight. Georgia was hosting a party for everyone to celebrate the end of school. It was going to be the biggest teenage event this year.

I had nearly forgotten about it. With studying and plans for the trip, the thought of the party evaded my mind. But now that it was today, I knew I had to think about my outfit.

“Georgia said she hired a band to play in her garden,” Ellie informed me, smiling brightly. “It’s going to be an amazing party.”

I hummed in agreement.

Our teacher walked in after that and told us we were going to watch a short documentary.

Time passed slowly.

It felt like we had been transported to the High School Musical. Everyone was staring at the clock, tapping their pencils against their notepads. I gnawed my lip, wishing time would go quicker.




The shrilly bell rang for the last time this school year. Students leaped to their feet, cheering. I quickly gathered my things and marched out of the classroom. Everyone else in the hallways filed out too. The atmosphere was full of glee. We were all extremely excited about summer break.

I searched the halls for Lazarus. There were so many people, attempting to get to their lockers. Everyone wanted to get out as quickly as possible.

Papers flew around me. A group of senior boys was huddled together, their arms hooked around each other’s shoulders, jumping up and down. They all had grins plastered on their faces.

Lazarus managed to find me. His fingers wrapped around my bare arm from behind me. I whipped my head around to him quickly.

“You look flustered, are you okay?” He practically had to yell at me over the noise.

I pinched my lips together, “Yeah.”

“Are you going to the party tonight?” He asked, guiding me to the side so that people could walk past us.

“Yeah,” I nodded my head, and then as an afterthought, I added. “You are talking about Georgia’s, right?”

So many people hosted parties on this day every year. Most people attended the biggest party—I just wanted to be sure.

“Of course,” He answered. “Do you want me to pick you up?”

I liked the sound of that. More time with Lazarus.

“I’d like that.”

He beamed at me, “Is nine okay for you?”


We parted ways shortly after. When I left school, I glanced over my shoulder at it one last time. The next time I stepped inside the school, it would be for the final year. A new year.

My eyes searched the car park for Marco. He was leaning on the bonnet of his car, talking on the phone. He hung up when he saw me approach him.

“How was your last day of school?” He questioned, hopping into the driver’s seat.

I got into the passenger seat and put the window down. It was very hot outside.

“It was good. It felt like three o’clock would never come though,” I replied, groaning slightly.

He chuckled and started the ignition. “I remember feeling like that. Every second seemed to drag. At least it’s over now.”

It was strange to think he hadn’t finished high school that long ago. He told me when we played twenty questions that he was twenty-five. He only graduated seven years ago.

“I assume there’s a party tonight,” He commented, reversing out.

“Yeah,” I said, hesitantly. I considered Marco a friend but I couldn’t forget he was a cop and that I was underage. “I’m going to Georgia’s house. Will you be staying or will the other guy be watching me?”

The other guy I was referring to was the one who I ran to in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Officer Lime was his name if I recalled correctly. I wasn’t too keen on him.

“The other guy has a name, you know,” Marco glanced at me and said, in a scolding tone.

I slumped my shoulders and stared at the scenery. “I know, he’s...”

Marco understood where I was going. “Officer Lime might not be the best at communicating with teenagers but he’s a good guy. He’s good at his job.”

I tried to be open-minded. “Sure, whatever you say.”

We arrived at my house after. Mom was working this evening so she couldn’t forbid me from going. Marco went to my kitchen and made himself a cup of tea whilst I went upstairs.

I listened to music and relaxed. For the first time in a while, I picked up a book and started reading. It was one of my favorites—Pride and Prejudice. I felt like I was living this story out, with Lazarus as the handsome Mr. Darcy.

My surroundings melted away. Before I knew it, it was six o’clock.

I leaped from my seat by the window and rushed downstairs to the kitchen. Finding a frozen pizza in the freezer, I put it in the oven and showered.

When I emerged from my bathroom in a fluffy bathrobe, I checked the pizza and then returned to my room to find an outfit for tonight. I thought it over in English and decided I would go with one of the dresses Georgia bought me last year. It was ruby red and was what my mom would call ‘daring’. I knew I would attract a lot of attention from it. Usually, I would despise the idea but knowing Lazarus would be with me made me feel confident enough to put it on.

I would pair the dress with my red Adidas trainers and Georgia’s favorite lipstick she bought me.

The time for the pizza buzzed loudly. I ate my pizza in the living room and watched an episode of Lucifer on Netflix.

By seven o’clock, I started making a move on getting ready. I slipped into the gorgeous and bold dress and eyed myself in the mirror. The dress accentuated my curves and made my legs look toned. It even worked wonders with my a*s.

Next, I worked on my hair and sang along to Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. I had a tutorial on my phone to help me achieve the look I was going for.

My hair cascaded down my back in curls. I gathered a small amount of hair from the top half of my head and tied it into a ponytail. It was a look I hadn’t used before.

Finally, I worked on my make-up. I applied the usual things and spent a while on my eyeshadow. I opted for red eye shadow to go with my dress but I made it smokey. I even added eyeliner. To complete my look, I smacked on red lipstick.

I took a step back and admired my work. I had to admit, I looked good. I hoped Lazarus thought so too.

I still had a good half an hour left so I took a few photos and sent them to Georgia and Ellie. They all replied instantly, complimenting me on my look. Ellie sent a picture of herself a few minutes later, posing in the mirror. She had a dark green two-piece dress on. I knew the green would make her eyes pop.

She looked amazing.

Georgia told me she wanted me to see her outfit in person.

I still had a lot of time left so I washed my dishes and scrolled through my phone.

Lazarus arrived early. As soon as his knuckle met my door, I jumped to my feet and sprinted to the door.

I swung the door open harshly, surprising him. He blinked in shock; managed to recover quickly.

After getting over the initial shock, he took his time drinking me in. His green eyes feasted on me, lingering on every part of me. My body was on fire from his lust-filled gaze.

I took my time staring at him too. He looked absolutely delicious in his outfit. His dark brown hair was messy but not in an’I just rolled out of bed’ kind of way. He wore a blue t-shirt and black jeans. He could make anything he wore look splendid. The man had perfect genes.

Eventually, we both snapped out of the trances we were in.

“You are gorgeous,” He whispered, in awe. He said so honestly, I could not doubt him. “I am the luckiest person alive.”

I shook my head, “I think we’re both lucky. I definitely got lucky with you.”

“Are you ready to go?” He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. He looked so adorable like this.

“Hang on, I just need to put my shoes on,” I said, shoving my feet into my expensive trainers. I only wore them on special occasions. I also snatched my keys off the hook and the small bag I placed on the table underneath the keys hook. I was glad I prepared everything earlier.

Lazarus placed his hand on my lower back and guided me to his swanky car.

I slid into his seat and inhaled. It smelt just like him.

He saw me do this and smirked, cockily.

“Oh, shut up,” I rolled my eyes and turned my head away from him, hoping he wouldn’t be able to see my crimson cheeks.

He held his hands up in a surrender motion, “I didn’t say anything.”

I pinched my lips together, “You didn’t have to.”

The sound of his chuckle had goosebumps rise on my skin.

“Just drive,” I ordered, leaning back in the seat.

The drive to Georgia’s house was silent. We didn’t need to talk; we could simply enjoy each other’s company. The atmosphere that surrounded us was filled with contempt...and electricity.

It was already quite busy at Georgia’s house. People were outside on her lawn, talking, and smoking. I caught sight of Wilder, on Georgia’s porch, with a cigarette. He always smoked at parties.

Lazarus parked not too far away from her house. We walked together, hand in hand. I greeted a few people with a nod and they smiled in return.

“Hey, Wilder,” I chirped as we approached him.

He threw his cigarette on the ground and squished it with his boot. He was wearing what he usually wore, a black jacket, black jeans, and a beanie.

“Ellie and Georgia are in the living room,” He told us.

“Oh, okay. Thanks. I’ll see you in there.”

I led Lazarus into the house. As Wilder told us, I spotted Ellie and Georgia dancing together in the living room.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I tapped Georgia’s shoulder. She spun around quickly, too quickly, and swayed. She was already drunk.

“Celeste!” She yelled happily. Her tanned arms wrapped around me, sloppily. I caught a whiff of her scent—vodka and passion fruit. When she pulled away, her eyes drifted to Lazarus who was behind me. Her smile widened. “And Lazarus. Good to see you two together.”

I arched an eyebrow. She must have had a lot to drink.

“We’re going to get a drink,” I shouted over the thumping music. It made the walls vibrate. “I’ll see you later.”

She shooed us away, commanding us to get a good drink. By that, she meant one with a high volume of alcohol.

I used to be afraid of getting drunk. I always wanted to be fully aware of my surroundings. However, with Lazarus by my side, swearing on his life he will protect me, I feel comfortable drinking.

There was a variety of drinks in the kitchen. It was a ‘help yourself’ bar. Georgia had bought several bottles of spirits and beer. The number of mixers dotted around the kitchen was insane. She expected a large crowd.

“What do you want?” I asked Lazarus, scanning the counter.

He shrugged his shoulders, “No clue. I might stick to beer.”

Boring,” I teased, dragging my voice out.

“Sensible,” He corrected, narrowing his eyes.

I poured myself a vodka coke and took a generous sip. Lazarus popped open a can of beer.

“Boo!” A voice behind me whispered in my ear, causing me to shriek in fear. Lazarus caught my hand as I spun around to face the perpetrator.

“Oh my gosh, Jamie. What the hell is wrong with you?” I cursed him, glaring at him.

Jamie laughed at my facial expression. “God, you should have seen your face. I wish I had a camera.”

“That’s not funny, you know I scare easily,” I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest. “And you,” I turned to Lazarus, angrily. He was facing Jamie so he would have seen him sneak up at me. “You did nothing.”

“Call it karma for earlier,” He retorted, trying to look serious but failing. His lips kept twitching. He was referring to when I called him boring.

I was surprised Lazarus was acting so comfortable around Jamie. I knew he wasn’t the biggest fan of him.

I snapped my head back to Jamie, “So where’s this band you guys were talking about?”

“They’re coming at nine-thirty,” He answered, casually. “The back garden is already set up for it.”

“I can’t believe she got a band,” I commented, shaking my head in disbelief.

“I can,” Jamie snorted. “Typical Georgia wanting to out-do everyone else. I feel bad for everyone else hosting a party, it’ll be dead.”

He had a point. Everybody would be here tonight.

“Well, I’ll see you around Jamie,” I told him, my eyes straying to Lazarus who came to stand beside me. Jamie got the message and sauntered off, possibly off to find his girlfriend, Sammy. I still couldn’t believe they were dating. Sammy never gave any indication that she fancied Jamie.

Lazarus wound his arm around my waist, knocking me into him.

He stared down at me with those gorgeous eyes that I could look at for all eternity.

“This is probably the strangest party I’ve ever been to,” He revealed, his eyes glazing over with memories.

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion, “It is? Why?”

“Well, the parties I’m used to are in large ballrooms. Men are dressed in tuxes and ladies are in gowns. We have an orchestra playing, not a band. And all the young people usually don’t dance the way they do here.”

It’s easy to forget he’s not from my world. He grew up in a time when there were no phones—when life was stricter.

“You’re right, this is so different for you. Do you not like it?”

“On the contrary, I love it because you do.” He countered, meeting my eyes.

I blinked, “I wouldn’t say I love it here but I do enjoy it at times. I don’t have many opportunities to let loose without worrying. With you here, I’m not scared. I know you will protect me.”

His eyes softened, “With my life.” He vowed.

I kissed him passionately. He immediately reacted to my lips. I felt like every other teenager here. I never made out with people at a party.

Georgia was the one who found us. She stumbled into her kitchen, still swaying side to side, and announced her presence loudly.

“Well, well,” She said, imitating Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. “Who would have thought Celeste would be making out with somebody at a party. Good for you, babe.”

“Do you want to dance?” Lazarus asked me, catching my attention again.

I nodded my head, “Yes.”

So far, this night was going so well. If only I knew disaster would find its way into my life again.

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