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Celeste’s POV

“Now this is the life,” Matt exclaimed, happily as he jumped out of his car. His eyes were trained on the cabin in front of us, wide in awe.

Slowly, I opened the car door, all the while keeping my eyes on the structure in front of me. My mouth was agoge.

It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. In my head, I imagined a cabin similar to the one in The Cabin In The Woods. It was nothing like that, thankfully.

Instead of being made out of wood, most of it was made out of glass. You could see inside the first floor. Since the cabin was located on a hill, it rose with nature. On the other side of the drive was a large lake. A balcony attached to the cabin overlooked the lake. It had several couches for you to sit on.

It was all incredible. I couldn’t believe Georgia’s family owned this place.

“Wow,” I muttered. I felt Lazarus come up beside me. He placed an arm around my waist and stared at the magnificent cabin with me. “This is amazing.”

He grunted in agreement, “It sure is.”

"Well, what are you all standing around for?” Georgia clapped her hands, snapping me out of my tranquil state. “Let’s go inside.”

We all followed her inside. Inside, it was breath-taking. The first room was the lounge, which was connected to the kitchen. It was all very fancy.

In total, we discovered there were three bathrooms, a games room, five bedrooms, and a hot tub. My bedroom was not too big but had enough room for me and Lazarus.

I had to admit, I was nervous about sharing with Lazarus. I knew I shouldn’t be--we were mates. But my insecurities always liked to pop up in the worst moments.

Lazarus stepped into the room. His tall size made the room look smaller. His green orbs did a quick sweep of the room, drinking it all in. When he was done, they brightened.

“This is cozy,” He commented, placing his large Nike bag onto the double bed. I bit my lip and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Lazarus,” I called his name, sounding unsure and reluctant. He immediately turned to me, giving me all of his attention. “You don’t mind sharing with me, do you?”

Lazarus didn’t expect that. His eyebrows rose in shock. “Mi amore, do you think I don’t want to be close to you?”

I licked my lips and shrugged my shoulders. “I’m not sure. I...”

He moved closer and maneuvered his arms around my waist. I nearly gasped at the electricity that crackled on my bare skin. His breath tickled my skin. Instinctively, I moved closer to him. My body sought his warmth.

“Amore, I want to spend every single second with you. I want you in my arms all of the time.” He declared, honestly.

I swallowed at the intensity in his eyes and placed my lips onto his. He reacted to me and tightened his hold on me.

We jolted away from each other when somebody knocked on the door. It was Georgia.

“You better have clothes on,” She warned through the door.

I grinned mischievously. “We do. What do you want?”

“We’re going to go to the lake. Be ready in five minutes.” She informed me and walked away.

“You heard her, we better change,” I looked at Lazarus, still grinning. His eyes flashed with adoration. “As much as I love that look in your eyes, I don’t want to face Georgia’s wrath. She can be scary when things don’t go her way.”

“Yeah, yeah. We don’t want to upset Queen Georgia,” He teased, the corners of his lips quirking upwards. I giggled and slapped a hand over my mouth. The light in his eyes brightened. He was glad I was laughing. After what happened on Friday night, he thought I was going to be unhappy during this trip. He didn’t know I vowed to make sure I wasn’t.

"Stop making me laugh,” I hissed.

He held his hands up in a surrender motion. “What? I love your laugh. You can’t deprive me of that too.”

Rolling my eyes, I pushed him away lightly. He shook his head and rustled through his neat bag, searching for his swimming trunks.

“I’ll go and change. My ego needs a few minutes to recover,” He told me, pouting slightly.

I wished I had a camera to capture this moment. He looked adorable.

After he was gone, I located my bikini in one of the compartments of my suitcase and changed into it. There was a long mirror next to the chest of drawers. I twirled around in front of it, inspecting myself. My skin looked healthier. I had put on a bit of weight, which I was glad about. Before, I looked like a skeleton.

I found a spare, baggy t-shirt to put over my costume. I didn’t want to parade around everywhere in it.

Lazarus returned a few minutes later, wearing his trunks and a t-shirt.

“I can hear Mrs. Bossy downstairs. I think we should go before she comes looking for us,” He joked.

I stifled a laugh and walked with him through the corridor upstairs. Everyone else was already waiting downstairs, including Marco who was in his usual attire.

“Are you joining us, Marco?” I asked him.

“I’m not swimming. I’ll just be on the decking.” He answered.

Georgia led us to the decking, where we could dive into the lake. It was boiling outside; the sun was burning my back.

The boys jumped in first. Georgia and Ellie shrieked from the splashback and jolted away. Me and Sammy covered our laughs with coughs.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me!” Georgia yelled, stomping over to me. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini. It fitted her very well. Matt certainly thought so too—he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Still laughing, I jogged away from her. However, she easily managed to catch up with me. The lake was to my left and I could hear the boys laughing not too far away. I faced Georgia and raised my arms in a surrender motion. She slowly stalked towards me, like a predator about to get his prey.

“Don’t you pull any funny business,” I warned, narrowing my eyes at her.

I failed to notice that Ellie was creeping behind me. I heard the word ‘boo’ and stumbled into the water, screaming.

When I re-emerged, all three of them were clutching their bare stomachs, laughing. Even Marco, who was perched on a deck chair, cracked a smile.

My towel floated away from me in the water.

“That’s not fair!” I spluttered, glaring at all three of them.

Georgia stopped laughing. “You’re right, it’s not fair.”

She then took a step back and pushed Ellie and Sammy into the water. Georgia then dove off the decking gracefully. She popped back up and dragged her flat palms along her silky hair, looking like a supermodel whilst doing it.

Matt swam over and circled his arms around her waist. She didn’t resist, to my surprise. It appeared they had worked things out. I was glad.

We messed around for a while. I found myself forgetting about all of my worries. Everything felt good.

I floated on my back and stared at the clear blue sky. A few birds flew in the sky, squawking. I had always envied birds. They could fly away to anywhere, easily. They didn’t have worries like I did.

My eyes fluttered closed in bliss.

This felt like heaven.

Or at least, it did until Lazarus decided to swim up to me and circle his thick arms around my waist. I squealed and thrashed in his hold. He laughed into my ear. The sound caused shivers to run down my spine.

“Lazarus, you are such an idiot,” I giggled, relaxing when I started to get tired.

“Then I’m your idiot,” He declared, bringing me to his chest.

I smiled, loving the sound of that.

“I forgot to say but you look absolutely divine in that swimsuit,” He whispered in my ear, hovering his lips. I shifted my head so that they brushed against my skin. My breath hitched in my throat.

“Thanks,” I murmured, closing my eyes and lolling my head back. “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

I could practically hear the smirk in his voice, “I know, mi amore.”

Shaking my head in amusement, I allowed him to keep us floating in the water. Everyone had left the water and were sunbathing on the deck chairs. Ellie caught my eye and winked at us, suggestively. My cheeks burned.

“Are you getting cold, amore?” He muttered, noticing the goosebumps on my tanned skin.

I nodded my head. Lazarus was always warm but the water was freezing now. I wanted to chill on the decking and let the glaring sun warm me up.

We swam towards back to the others. Lazarus gave me a boost up. Thankfully, Marianne had her hand stretched out, waiting for me. Lazarus easily managed to climb up. His biceps flexed impressively. He saw me watching eagerly and winked at me. There was a ghost smile plastered on his face.

I lounged on one of the spare chairs and gulped down a glass of cold lemonade. Somebody must have gone to retrieve it from the lake house whilst I was distracted.

“So, I think tonight we should get hammered,” Georgia suggested to the group, flicking her shades off. Her hazel eyes drifted over all of us.

Marco jabbed his earbuds into his ear so he couldn’t hear this. I knew he didn’t want to be involved with underage drinking. We were fortunate he was young and understood what teenagers were like.

“I like the sound of that,” Matt grinned, goofily.

A chorus of agreement came from everyone else except Lazarus, Marianne, and Dexter. In their world, they had already experienced things like this. It probably didn’t excite them as much anymore.

Georgia didn’t notice. She thought we were all in consensus.

Later, Matt and Dexter got the BBQ out from the small shed round the back of the house and started flipping burgers. Us girls were all in Georgia’s large room, putting make-up on and drinking. Georgia insisted we’d dress up tonight. She wanted lots of photos.

Ellie took a large sip of her gin and lemonade and started swaying sexily to the song. She was already tipsy. I still had half a glass of my first drink.

“Girls, I must say, we look sexy as f*ck,” Georgia complimented, staring at the five of us in the mirror. We were all wearing short dresses. I had opted for a dark blue dress that was extremely tight. I hadn’t worn it in a while.

Georgia was wearing a red dress, Ellie was in a champagne-colored dress that complimented her hair, Sammy was wearing a black dress and Marianne was wearing the most daring dress I had ever seen. It was a leopard print one that had an eye dropping low V-neck.

We couldn’t stop looking at her. She was like a goddess.

Jealously clouded Georgia’s eyes. Georgia would never admit it but she hated not looking the best. She faked a smile and fixed her already perfect hair.

Ellie takes a few photos of us posing in the mirror. It feels nice, doing girly things with them.

“I think we should go and see the boys before they start to think we’re asleep,” Georgia said, heading towards the door.

We all trail after her. At the bottom of the stairs were Jamie and Dexter, lounging on the couch with a beer. They lifted their eyes at our appearance. Jamie’s eyes nearly bugged out of his sockets at the sight of Sammy. He stood up in a flash and embraced her. Dexter whistled, raking his eyes over all of us.

Ellie found Wilder at the minibar and started talking to him. I headed outside to where Lazarus was, talking with Matt. All the guys seemed to get on really well, to my happiness.

I cleared my throat, making myself known.

Lazarus snapped his alluring green eyes to me and took me in, head to toe.

Matt excused himself instantly, probably off to find Georgia.

Biting my bottom lip, I stepped closer to him slowly, whilst maintaining eye contact. He swallowed nervously and placed the tongs down.

My body was on autopilot. I felt confident. It must have been the alcohol.

I stopped in front of him, inches away from his face.

“What do you think?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes.

“Beautiful,” He whispered, sounding entranced. “So beautiful.”

Smiling joyously, I pecked him on the lips and lowered myself into a chair close to the BBQ. Inside, somebody put on music, loudly. Lazarus continued to cook the burgers whilst sipping on his beer.

“You look in your element,” I teased him, watching him without shame. Everything he did was mesmerizing.

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not too difficult. I don’t do it very often.”

I couldn’t believe that. The last time I attended a BBQ, it was at Leah’s house. Lazarus was doing the same thing. You’d think somebody who was as old as him did things like that a lot.

“I can’t believe that,” I told him.

He blew out a breath, “I lived in the palace for a long time and we never did BBQs. After leaving, I was in a dark place. I didn’t want to be around people. Things were different for me.”

He sounded so sad.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around his back. He appreciated my comfort.

“I hate thinking of you troubled,” I said, my voice muffled.

He placed his hand over mine, “I’m not now. Not with you here.”

My heart skipped a beat when he said that. This man could always make me feel these incredible things. He always said he was lucky to have me as a mate but I knew the truth. I was lucky to have him.

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