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Celeste's POV

Over the weekend, I spent time Ellie, Wilder, Jamie and a few cheerleaders. Georgia and Matt were a no-show. Since I had barely seen Jamie over the week, he made it his number one priority to spend more time with me. We met on Sunday, at Winston’s. From there, we drove down in two cars to the beach an hour away.

For the first time ever, I didn’t like being around Jamie. He hadn’t pulled any moves on me, but he wasn’t subtle like he was before.

My feelings for him weren’t gone, they were just weaker. I felt bad like I was leading him on or something. If he noticed anything, he didn’t say.

When I woke up on Monday, I had a spring in my step. I knew why.


I was excited about seeing him again.

Georgia picked me up this time, a scowl rested on her pretty face. I hopped into the car and sent her a questioning look.

“What happened?”

She squeezed the wheel tightly, making her fingers turn white. Her sharp jaw ticked, and her eyes narrowed into slits.

“Matt happened,” She sneered, aggressively.

So, they were already having problems.

I kept my mouth shut and waited for her to explain more. She came to a halt at a traffic light and huffed loudly. “He decided to go to Blue Moon without telling me. He met some slag and hooked up with her. He cheated on me."

The anger rolled off of her in waves. She was furious with him.

“I’m going to kill him,” She snarled, hatred gleaming in her brown orbs. At this moment, I don’t doubt her. Nobody humiliated Georgia and got away with him.

We pulled into the car park, at the exact same time a flashy cheery red Ferrari accelerated in. Everybody gawked at the car in awe.

A medium-height woman with platinum blonde hair gracefully stepped out of the car, her crystal blue eyes focused on the school in front of her. A sly smirk was planted on her pale, soft face.

She had captured the attention of everyone in the area. Georgia leant against her car and watched the girl cautiously. Her arms were folded over her chest and there was a glare in her eyes.

The gorgeous girl sauntered through the car park, smirking, and stepped into the school.

“Why are we suddenly getting so many new people?” Georgia growled, pursing her lips together.

I shrugged my shoulders and straightened my ponytail.

“Let’s go,” Georgia commanded, dragging me into the school building.

I spotted Lazarus stood with Dexter and Marianne by their lockers. They were in a deep conversation. He didn’t even give me a second glance as I passed him.

Oddly, my heart panged at the cold rejection.

Georgia noticed and tightened her hold on me. We stopped at our lockers and quickly dropped everything. I couldn’t see Matt or Jamie, thankfully. After this weekend, I didn’t know what to do about Jamie.

Something was changing between us and I didn’t know how to tell him.

At homeroom, Lazarus barely glanced at me. A deep frown was etched on his handsome face. Every once in a while, Dexter or Marianne would lean in and whisper something into his ear. Whenever Marianne would, jealousy would alight in my bones and course through my body. I had to force myself to look out of the window.

Throughout the morning, the three newbies appeared on edge. The new girl—whose name I didn’t know—had already attracted the attention of the entire male population in the school.

It was at lunch when things took a one-eighty turn.

We were on our way to the cafeteria when I saw them.

Lazarus was leaning against the locker and the new girl was pressed up against him, her hand trailing down his black t-shirt. They were talking, seriously.

It hurt so much to see them that I had sprinted away. Georgia and Ellie followed me, hollering my name.

Did they know each other?

Was she his girlfriend?

I rushed over to our table and sat in my usual seat beside Jamie. The two girls soon sat in their usual seats.

Minutes later, Matt stormed into the cafeteria, a determined expression plastered on his youthful face. He marched over to us; his eyes trained on Georgia. She rolled her eyes and stood up slowly, appearing nonchalant.

Matt hadn’t been in school all morning. I had a feeling he was working up the courage to face Georgia.

“Georgie—” He began but was interrupted by said person.

Anger was rolling off her in waves. She was like a ticking time bomb that was about to explode. Anybody in the crossfire was going to get injured.

“Don’t you dare,” She hissed, glowering at him. Matt flinched like he had been physically hit. “I don’t want to talk to you, Matt.”

Matt looked like he wanted to beg, “I’m sorry Georgia. I really am. I don’t even know what happened.”

Georgia scoffed, “Like I’d believe that."

Everybody else at the table was watching this confrontation with interest. Jamie was nowhere in sight.

“I was so drunk, Georgie. And this girl, she practically threw herself on me. I could barely think straight. But I promise you, we only made out. Nothing more.” He explained, desperately wanting her to believe him.

These were the moments I thought Matt and Georgia were in love. They acted like the despised each other when they weren’t together but I’m sure it was how they expressed their feelings for each other. They’d deny it but they loved each other.

They just didn’t want to be tied down in a relationship. Perhaps they were afraid of admitting their feelings. Or perhaps they were people who were too stubborn to admit the truth.

Matt’s confession did nothing to sway Georgia’s mind. Even if they weren’t officially together, he still cheated. She wouldn’t have that. She couldn’t have him ruin her reputation.

“This...thing is over, Matt,” Georgia said, firmly. She was now wearing a poker face. She was becoming the person everyone thought she was—the cold and emotionless Queen B.

Matt’s whole face fell.

“Oh, hey Matt,” An unfamiliar voice called not too far away. The girl with striking platinum blonde hair and gorgeous skin approached our table. The same girl who was extremely close to Lazarus. She had an evil grin on her face and a mischievous glint in her eye.

I immediately didn’t like her.

“How are you feeling after Saturday night? You weren’t too hungover, were you?” She questioned, coming to a halt next to him. She darted her eyes between us. They stayed on me for a bit longer and flashed with an unidentifiable emotion.

“Who the hell are you?” Georgia demanded, staring at the girl with animosity. I’m sure her insides were burning with jealousy like mine were.

The girl smirked, slyly. “Reagan Miller. The girl who was kissing this cutie.”

And just to p*ss Georgia off, even more, she ruffled his hair and giggled like a five-year-old.

Georgia’s right eye twitched in fury. Before she could attack the sick new girl, Ellie and I grabbed hold of her and pulled her out of the dining room.

I could hear Raegan cackling in the distance and a few football players holding Matt back.

We passed Lazarus and Dexter on our way out. Lazarus shot me a concerned look, finally showing some emotion. I blanked him and continued to rush through the corridors to an empty classroom on the other side of the school.

Georgia was breathing heavily. I slammed the door shut behind me and stared at Georgia in worry. Ellie was sat on the desk, biting her nails—a habit she did when nervous.

“You can’t let her get to you,” I murmured, making my way over to Georgia.

She was dragging a hand through her perfectly straight her. “That b*tch! Who does she think she is? I’m going to ruin her.”

I had never seen Georgia like this before. She got angry like most people but never like this.


“Did you see how Matt did nothing? He just stood there and let her do that to him! God, I could kill him. That a*shole!”

She was yelling now.

She kicked a chair. I watched it topple to the floor with a bang. From the corner of my eye, I saw Ellie wince.

“She’s not even that pretty,” She continued, muttering now.

Me and Ellie shared a look, not sure what to do. We needed to calm Georgia down so that she could think rationally. I knew she’d get revenge, but she’d want to be in the right state of mind to enact it. She’d want to feel the satisfaction.

“Georgia, you can’t attack her. Not on her first day,” I attempted to reason.

She whipped her head in my direction and pinched her lips together. She was mentally debating with herself on what to do.

After a few moments, she exhaled loudly and slumped against the wall. Tiredness was shown on her face. “You’re right, as usual. But I will show her who’s boss.”

I didn’t doubt it.

Sighing in relief, I sent her a small smile. Ellie hopped off the desk and hugged Georgia, tightly. No words were exchanged.

We entered the cafeteria with our heads held high. Georgia grabbed her lunch from the table and spat at Matt. He reared back in shock and yelped. The boys around him howled with laughter.

“You’re a f*cking d*ck, Matt.” She said, venomously. There was no remorse in her eyes. She wanted him to pay.

Then she spun on the balls of her heels and stormed off, a sway to her hips. I ran after her, leaving Ellie with Wilder.

I didn’t even notice Lazarus in the cafeteria, sat with Dexter, Marianne, and a triumphant Raegan. If I had, I’m sure I would have done something unpredictable too.

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