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Felipe is your typical prince. Spoiled,lazy and mommy's boy. But will a strange old Norwegian man change him and how?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1. Life less ordinary

Day 1.

-"Master Felipe may I come in?"

Said a deep calm voice.

I rolled around my bed groaning and kicking the blanket off me.

-"Not now Alfred."

I whispered softly to lazy to talk right now.The door opened revealing a tall man with white hair and withe moustache.The figure slipped in my room walking to the big window on the left side of my bed opening the long red curtains. As soon as the sun hit my face I groaned and sat up.

-"Whats wrong Alfred?"

I asked my buttler looking at him annoyed. He rolled his eyes putting his hands on the window opening it and inhaling the smell of old city. Then looking at me his look softened.

-"Nothing I was send to wake you up that's all."

I rolled my eyes looking at him. I knew somethings wrong and I was determend to know what it was.

-"Alfred I wish to know what is wrong."

-"Well Mister Oksford your father told me to keep my mouth closed and I will do as he says."

There he is with the 'Mister' thing it must be something to do with my father.

-"Okay then Alfred I will not ask any further questions."

-"I want to recommend you to start getting ready we dont want to be late for our meetings with the princesses right?"

-"Thats today?"

-"Yes it is."

I groaned again making Alfred chuckle and roll his eyes again.This is going to be a long long day.I aid to myself and got up, I grabbed the clothes Alfred gave to me. I must say he sure is good at picking outfits for me. Slowly pulling my shirt down I looked at Alfred who looked away embarrassed I dont get it he has seen me without a shirt before but here he is blushing. He sure is a strange man when i finished getting dressed Alfred called the maids in my room they helped me a to level my clothes, they did my hair and applied some flower oli on my face and neck.

-"You need to go now or we will be late."

Alfred said and pushed me I smiled at him and existed my room. While walking down a really long hallway looking at the portraits of my grandfathers and grandmothers I dared to take a peek in every room with a opened door.I always loved to explore soon to be my castle. As I was walking and not looking where I was going I bumped in someone knocking them off.

-"Oh my Mister Felipe I am so sorry."

Said a small a bit pitchy voice, I looked down to see a beautiful young woman her hair white as the snow that coated the whole city, her eyes purple as the prettiest kind of diamonds and rubies and her pastel pink lips.I have never saw someone as beautiful as her.

-"No no it is my fault I am certainly sorry."

I offered her my hand which she gladly took and smiled at me her withe teeth showing.She looked me in the eyes her look soft as like a child's looking at her mother.She looked so pure and so cute like she was a little kitten I smiled at her again and moved out of her way, she picked up her bag and straightened her dress and shirt and started running I looked at her as her figure disappeared in the long hallway.


Someone yelled I turned around to see the guards standing there all armoured and ready for a fight.

-"It is I Felipe king Oksfords son dear captain."

-"We are sorry prince but we advise you to hurry up in some more safe place there is a thief in the castle and we fear they would try to hurt you."

-"Thank you for telling me captain I will certainly try to stay away from crowded places."

I said a little worried as the captain and his men bowed down to me.I started walking again now hearing a scream from the kitchen. I hurried there to see what happened as I touched the door to open them the words about a thief that might hurt me crossed my mind so I hurried back and called the guards.

-"We need help I heard a scream from kitchen there might be the thief you are searching for."

The guards followed me to the kitchen and opened the door to find our maid on a chair screaming while a little mouse was running around the guard looked at me and I smiled embarrassed about the whole drama I made for the whole thing. One of the guards picked the mouse up and threw him out the window and then they just looked at me and walked away leaving me embarrassed. From that moment I didn't think about the thief anymore and just lived tru my day.

21:54 I picked up my diary writing. I must say that today wasn't that hard in the end i didn't even have the meeting with the princesses because they couldn't make it so it was a pretty nice and quiet day one of the best at that.I put my feather down cleaning it from ink and got into my bed softly drifting of to deep slumber.

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