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Parents can't force you to marriage but your own rotten pocket can! Love wasn't your plan until you survive your new life!

Romance / Drama
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Have you ever been forced? Damn! That's how life is!

My parents have literally smuggled information of boys and if I digest every bit of it...I just can't get the fact that they are more than energetic for this! (How can they even forget, they're more than a senior citizen and especially my mom's back in her sweet sixteen dreams goin' shopping every stupid day! Jeez!)

So I woke up today and my brother had already smashed on a facepack on me!? I mean I know I've lost this bet, I did my best but I couldn't get the permanent ticket for any job! Gosh! Back then the last try was literally the women's card but this freaking society had gone modern way before philosophers would've thought.

The thing is I'M GETTIN' MARRIED and blow this off with - WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!!

I got a chance and I messed up it all! A wierdo must have kicked it off to the line but a moron like me lost it! I'M PISSED OFF!!!

Even though I throw dollars every weekend but look at a capability worth of NOTHING!? The thing is they wanted me to settle and the last hit was 30 and I've crossed it 1000 years already!!! I don't even know who the hell I'm gonna glued to with a signed paper...and believe me I only know whatever I'm getting into is goin' to be horrific post hell!

There are so many types of marriages, some are advantageous, some bitches out there surprisingly find love and some are arranged but what do you call an idiot like me!? I'm a victim and I'm literally being sold for my parents happiness who think the source of their happiness is my happines and my happiness would also be the source of some other guy's happiness and that happiness would be the source of his relation's happiness wait! The thing is my happiness is the heaviest share holder and bang! I'm so far off to this gracious word -HAPPINESS!!!

And why's so? Who would've thought a typical parenthood is to be blamed or should I narrow it down to my lame luck!?

(The door of my room is smashed open and my dad comes in with a hush and a hunched back)

Let me tell you, you've scared the hell out of me to death dad!!! Do you want me to die with a swollen face and drool all over!!!! And have you gotten a bundle of brick on your back to make it this way?

Hey sweetie! I'm amazed to see you're up on a weekend before noon! That's the spirit! Your in laws gonna like it. Hmm, let me imagine, a lady keeping her manners and brighten up everything with that spectacular royal aura of hers serving her dear bed tea and offering....


I think I'm bothering you my dear father, enjoy your space and LET ME GO TO THE WASHROOM!

Uh! Why not miss! (Laughs) ( He leaves silently with keeping a kind of letter on my bed)

I just move my left leg forward and my dad just reaching out to the door knob and suddenly we hear mom screaming!

My dad runs downstairs risking his old heart for a stroke and I too lead the way when I hear my mom screaming off everyone's ears, " You're such a pain, lowa are you coming or should I ground you till your wedding day!?

Yes my mother, she's a subject I've ever been failing successively with consistency. She's a piece of work which my brain can't read!

"And where's your dad!? Why the hell is he not goin' to escort them, remember life dosen't gives opportunities twice and luckily we're already out of it!"

"Yes mom, he just hurried to his car keys, don't worry I'm an exclusive figure to reach for, that's their deluxe treatment!"

"What a disaster she can be, hop on your chair before managing this day with a cranky and groaning stomach lowa!"

So she calls me lowa for no reason and when someone asks why she calls me that she simply states, "the reason is no reason". Now should I call it cool or stupid even I can't figure out!

And wait well she said dad had to escort someone, and what I know is no one's so free to visit us at this hour who can it be? ....well, (I pat my shoulder) linda this is such an easy task - recall...recall it linda...reca...wait...NO NO NO!!! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! IS TODAY THE 6TH OF NOVEMBER!?

Let me check...oh! Hell it is! Gosh so the one's to be escorted are my future in laws!!!

(My brother pinches me hard on my cheek)

"Hey! You stupid racoon like face, aaah! How dare you!"

"Lowa, calm down! The thing is you aren't dreaming and secondly just calm down because you might die if you hear this! His name is Richard Brown and he's the one you must know because you must have a detailed memory of the one whom you slapped in his own party and dramatically realised you hit the wrong person"

"Can you go straight I think I've to get ready to meet my future in laws and let me tell you I can't waste a single sec on listening to your fishy story!"

"Then let me inform you that I'm also not very excited to see the worst face of the whole creation ever, the thing is I sense your future in laws are related to this're one step closer and you're shamelessly busted in front of a respected and let me add this, a HUGE crowd! I'm so happy for you MY LOVELY SIS"


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