Heir of sin

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Divine Santos dreamed of a normal life but nothing would ever be normal when her brother is a notorious leader to one of the biggest gangs in the world and she is the heir to the throne. Her life is full of sin, crime and luxury But it turns upside down when she meets Billionaires son Roman McKnight heir to the McKnight cartel, allies to her family.Will she finally learn to love without the urge to want to live a normal life. Will, sh be his downfall. (FIND OUT IN THE STORY Heir of Sin!!)

Romance / Erotica
Shay Santos
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Chapter 1-The not so grand entrance

By night, I am known as La silenciador Heir to the el Santos cartel, the silencer, the 16-year-old girl who fought 10 men blindfolded, whilst unaware of their assailant. They call me the silencer because I can enter any perimeter like a mouse, like a serpent.

By day I am known as Divine Santos student that attends Greenland mount private school. Yes, I know a school for the rich kids such a cliche, but here I am an ordinary student known for their reputation and wealth like everyone else. I did not want to attend a school I wanted to train every day, but Dominic states that knowledge is the most important thing to a person. The only thing making school so bearable is my best friend kehlani she sees me beyond all the wealth and likes me for me.

Her parents are self-made millionaire her mum is an actress and dad is a business owner allies to my family. But the best thing is that I don’t have to hide my past from her as she knows what I have been through. Dominic is my big brother everyone knows who he is and what he is involved in. When people say his name they quake with fear knowing to choose wisely what their next words are gonna be. that is my life In a paragraph or two.


I wake up as if it’s an emergency as if sleeping had become a dangerous thing. Only the paranoid survive I thought. My heart beat fast and there was a buzzing in my brain. Waking up is no longer the pleasure it was. There is a moment when feeling whole again but it evaporates fast. This unexplainable feeling was driving me insane. I used my energy to stumble out of bed. I tremble to my feet and stretch. My alarm clock decided to ring. "2 minutes late I need to get that shit fixed." I slowly walked to the shower.

10 mins later

I came out feeling refreshed and soothed. I focused on the lavender scent that eroded my nose. I wore a turtleneck black short dress and my black leather jacket. I then did my daily routine of makeup nothing too heavy and nothing too light my mother used to say. Just an enhancement to my features. only some gold highlighter and light eyelashes topped off with lipgloss.

I gently brushed my hair whilst staring at my self in the mirror. I still somehow had scruffy thick curls that look weird when I brushed them because of my peach blond hair colour. I sighed, only one thing can fix this. I opened my drawer and pulled out my straightener and curler and worked my magic by the time I was done I looked like royalty but something was missing.

I almost forgot my eye contacts I decided to go with the colour grey today.

I ran down the stairs when a gust of wind brushed against my nose. The smell of pancakes consumed my senses. It smelt like heaven.

I gasped in awe to see Domonic...


'Something smells good,' I said surprisingly

'Don’t rub it in,' he smirked with his back turned away from me


'Ohh Bubble pancakes'

he smiles.

'What happened to all the maids? I said bluntly

'I let them take the day off .'


'Cant I treat my little sis once in a while without being interrogated.'

'Dom, Are you feeling ok.'

he rolled his eyes

I slowly sit down and consume every flavour of the food

'Mhhh this is alright.'

he laughs

“Of course, it is it’s me who cooked it.

I sniggered and almost chocked on my food

'You want some coffee.'

'Sure.' I exclaimed

5 minutes later

'I’m so full.'

He smiled

'Dom, can I skip training today .'

'Only if you promise to go to the gun range now and train after school.'

'You never let me skip training why now.'

he smiles at me

'Has my big brother gone smitten.'

He clears his throat


'Such a wild accusation.'

'Who's the lucky girl.'

he laughs and shakes his head

'Go to the gun range divine.'

'You still have an hour before school.'

'I will find out no matter how many times you dodge my questions.'

'Bye divine.'

I slowly walkout

'Oh, divine remember to -

'Take a gun and a grenade yea.' I said

I went to the gun range room and shot at my target to suppress any anger that I have left in me.

30mins later

I ran down the stairs and take my bag

Dom wears his jacket

'where are you going.'

I'm gonna follow you


'It's on the way to my club.'


I entered the limo aside Dominic

The whole ride was silent nothing he or I could say dom has never been much of a talker.

20 mins later

Finally, we are here no more awkward silence I thought.

I jumped out the limo

Say hi to your girl for me

he laughed

'I don't know what you are talking about.'

When he came out the vibe around me changed everyone was whispering running and staring and then looking away I heard whispers and I saw the scared looks.

Dom didn’t seem to notice

'Bye divine.'

'Yeah, whatever.'

I waited for the limo to drive by.

I walked through the doors while the others cleared the way for me to enter. I loved the way doms presence made people quake with fear I found it hilarious.

While I was walking to my locker I noticed someone

BOO!! I said

she yelled



I jumped into her warm embrace


MEE TOO!! I squealed

OMG!! kehlani squealed

“There is so much gist you need to catch up on.”

“I’m listening. I said excitedly

“There is a new boy.”


'And he is hot'

'Okay, what does that got to do with me.'

“Every girl has asked him out and has all gotten rejected.”


“I wanna ask him out and see what he says.”


“You don’t seem hyped out like I am.'

“What is there to hype about

“A hot boy.”

I stare at her clueless

“Yeah what happened.”

She looks at me then sighs

“What, I said

'You need love in your life.'

'No, I do not.'

'All them one-night stands are not gonna make you happy.'

'I am the only love I need in my life'.

'Self-love is the best type of love.'

“Sis, you need to stop with that shit”

'You need someone in your life who would make you happy.'

'Half the school has asked you out and each time you have said no.'

'That is because they are all self-centred spoiled bastards plus, I don’t need anyone,' I said

'I am the la silenciador' I whispered

'I don’t do.. love.' I replied sarcastically

“It becomes weakness and weakness leads to-

'yeah, vulnerability', I know said kehlani.

'I don’t need that, especially not right now. '

how is work with my brother

'He is such a dick.'

He makes me do stuff like getting him coffee

'If it was not for my parents begging me to get a job I would have quit a long time ago.'

I laugh

'Yeah, that is the dom I know.'

'Whatever girl I’m gonna holla at the new boy today today'

'Oh, shit here he comes.'

There and then I lay my eyes on the most handsome man I have ever seen. He was a 6 foot tall Latino man with the body of an athlete. He had honey golden eyes which suited his face perfectly. He wore a black shirt that complimented his figure and a leather jacket. The jet black ripped jeans were the perfect match to his style. He was what I would call a piece of art. But Something hit me ....why does this guy look so familiar ......... Where do I know him from



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