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Loving the heart of hers !

Romance / Poetry
Jerry Smith
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Love Within The Heart

It been a long time comming fort to start this rom Sasha and I started a relationship haven't

That where it shall stay Made love to her yet, I said love is within the heart.our love for each

Other to keep our love relationship closely together.To live is to live and to love is to love bond

together. I only known her a couple months, I gave her a life of love and kindness, Will we

be a never ending love for both of us, we might not be rich or famous are riches will be

Waiting for us in Heaven.being rich the to of us woukd't be totally happy. As we can be with

what wev have on earth we wi) have also in Heaven. I love Sasha and I have for one another

now days our love life is looking up, We started to do the the things married people do. Not

rushing into it, but learning to know each others likes and dislike9s, hobbies. Became our love

Was like gold. It been nearly a year now since we first meet. Our relationship got stronger.

Once and awhile we gave each other a break from our time together but I belive that will help

make our love life better for the Sasha and I had thoughts of having children but I ask myself

If I was getting to old to start a family we had to decide what was best for both of us we could

could adopt a child Shasa wanted one or more of our own. I sad we will try it and see what

God will do to make it happen She was happy we were doing things in making love you know

wouldn't belive. I would do. Now it was nearly two years our family was going to start after we

got married and honeymoon that when our first daughter was born we name her Rebecca

Marina. Tha later we had twins girl and boy on their way in 6 months We had a family

that was bless and loved by God . The children grew up and went their own ways.

The End 6/6/2020

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