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Wanting Chloe Part 1

Wanting Chloe

Part 1

His eyes couldn’t stop staring at her. She was the epitome of a good girl. He spends his whole day surrounded by overconfident, egotistical girls she was a breath of fresh air.

“ she is one sexy milf, don’t you think Chase” Joshua commented as they both stared at Chloe who fed her 4 months old baby girl. The boys couldn’t lie to themselves as they stared at her. She was the sexiest little thing ever and all wanted a taste.

“ careful boys, chase gets first dips on this one. She likes him more than you pricks” Ben, the eldest cousin of Chloe said as he walked in. a vape between his lips.

A sense of pride ran through his body.

Mine, I like that. But as much as she's mine, I am hers.

Chase had to part his legs under the table at the mere thought of her being with him. His

Chase watched her when she getting bigger with her baby girl and had vivid dreams of how he would pleasure her body. Every since part of her body, just begging to be kissed, licked and fucked.

Chloe could feel their eyes on her, she was used to all the male attention, what did she expect from her thick thighs and large breasts, too big for just one handful.

She was used to them all except from one. Chase Vesteir. He was the definition of a bad boy and that didn’t scare her. What scared her was the effect he had on her body without even touching her.

She made the mistake of looking over at him. He sat back in his chair with his friends surrounding him. His legs parted, letting all the girls think about what he’s hiding in there.

Chase didn’t fuck around like most of his friends. He refused to, and that was a major turn-on for a Christian girl like Chloe.

“ I don’t get why you don’t just give in to the sexual tension Chloe, watching you two stare at each other is making me wet” Taylor, Chloe’s best friend comments as she plays with the hands of the cute princess.

“ Daddy would not approve,” Chloe said wiping the newborn's chin from dribble that slowly started to trickle down.

Taylor paused. “ you don’t have a daddy”

Chloe nodded. “ but if I did, he wouldn’t approve”

“ Chase caught her staring. He placed his hand own on his thigh and watched her eyes move with it. He got the reaction he wanted.

“ see you, tonight boys,” Chase said as he stood up his patience wearing thin with that good girl waiting for him. Such a good little girl, being patient with him.

“ Oh come on man, if you’re gonna fuck her at least take the whole night she deserves at least that” Bryson hollered as the boys roared with delight at chase’s move.

Chase just shook his head as he made his way over.

Chase didn’t even have the time to make small talk or even wait for a second longer. He stormed over to her, grabbing his neck and tilted her head up. Chase angled his head and leaned down claiming her full pink lips in a searing kiss that left her gasping for air.

Chase relished at the feeling of her taking a big sharp breath and kissing him back. Her tongue was moist against hers and she was already a moaning mess.

“ Time for you to come with me baby” Chase whispered, latching onto Chloe’s hand and pulling her up.

“ go, fuck just go Chloe, I’ll watch her tonight,” Taylor said picking up the little girl and bouncing her on her lap. Chloe was reluctant as she stared at the two but chase didn’t wait for a second longer and pulled her into his side.

Chase rushed down the hallway and towards the exit. He slammed the car door as Chloe jumped in. he pressed down on the gas and sped out of school. He was desperate now, he wanted her on her knees, and soon.

“ Chase, please slow down” Chloe complained as chase pulled into his garage slamming the breaks down.

She was nervous about what was going to happen next. But also incredibly excited.

“ I can't slow down baby, I need to have your body now and if it's not soon I may cum right now” he whispers harshly into her ear.

“I uh” Chloe stuttered as she heard his words.

Chase didn’t even wait, as soon as they stepped out of the car and into the large open space in his garage her jacket was ripped off her shoulders.

Chloe was shoved back against the car, he picked up her legs and moved in between her thighs.

“ Do you know how agonising it is to watch you get pregnant. By some sleazy teenager who probably didn’t even let you cum when he planted his seed in you,” he whispered in her ear, his fingers finding her hardened nipples.

Chloe’s back arched deliciously and chase took this chance to cup her pussy in his right hand as his other slide around her neck.

The clear silky skin, untouched, unkissed.

“ if she never had a baby you would think that she was still a virgin.

“ Are you going to fuck me now?” Chloe asked as Chase teased her relentlessly through her panties.

Chase brought his eyes back to hers and watched her plead with her eyes.

Hearing her say those words were music to his ears.

“ I will soon baby, but just know I plan to not just fuck you but treasure this body you have been hiding” Chase moaned as he dipped his head down to start kissing all the way down her neck.

“ I wasn’t hiding “ she declared, confused why Chase would even think that.

“ I think we both know you were hiding, but that’s okay I’ll be the one to break you out of that shell”

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