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Tina's First Time Part 1

Tina’s First time Part 1

“ It baffles me how you willingly will shove a whole cup up there but you still won’t have a cock up there” I shook my head as I pulled up my panties. I kicked the door open and headed over to the sink in our school's bathroom.

I tucked my sweater into my cheerleader's skirt and started to wash my hands.

“fuck, I busted a nail” I cursed looking at my much shorter acrylic nail. Maisie is going to have my head. Maisie was our head cheerleader and also she worked miracles for the squad but if you looked anything but the perfect cheerleader she would be your worst nightmare.

“ at least it’s that finger, at least now you can finger that tight hole without hurting yourself,” she said as she jumped off the sink.

Jade was my best friend and the daughter of my mums friend, we went to nursery together, started our period together and also joined the team together.

“ does everything have to be sexual with you” I said as we walked out of the bathroom and over to the lunch hall where the rest of the group were waiting. Being a cheerleader was cool, I danced for the football team. I had some really hot friends and my little sister thought I was the coolest girl.

“ Honestly girl, watching Alex stare at you makes me sexually frustrated” I smacked her as we made it to the table. Alex was right there, was she trying to ruin me.

I watched Alex shove Josh off the chair next to him and pull it out. I knew that it was for me but my eyes followed to the other girls. Each one of them mouth "sit down"

Alex was probably one of the hottest guys on the football team. He wasn’t only just hot but funny, real and just a lovely guy if he likes you that is. I’ve seen him shove a music student in the halls because he ratted Alex out to the head, which is coincidently Alex’s mother.

He always has a reason though.

I slowly slide into the seat and dumped my lunch on the table. I could feel his body with how close he was to me. I know that Alex liked me, I would be stupid to not like him back but he is known for loving sex and I’m still a virgin.

Alex was everything I didn’t like. The typical jock. Black hair, green eyes and olive tanned skin. But above everything we were great friends. And he made me laugh, like a fucking hyena.

“ Eating that shit, will make you weak sweetheart, please eat something else” Alex whispered into my ear when he stopped talking to Dean. His fingers pushed my celery juice away and placed a fresh chicken sandwich in front of me.

I noticed he was still taking bites out of the other half.

“ I already had my sandwich but I just ate it at break” I said pushing his food back over to him. Like I expected he pushed it back.

“ I don’t think you should lie to your friends” he commented as he sat back in his chair, relaxing his hard muscles. I felt intimidated with his arm thrown casually behind me.

I was a confident cheerleader but Alex made me nervous. That’s how the girls knew I have a crush on him.

“ fine, just don’t make this a habit,” I said bringing the sandwich to my lips. I didn’t miss the smile that tugged on his lips.

Finally, I looked up and saw the girls staring at me.

“ can’t you just pop her cherry already” I wanted to smack my best friend as soon as the words left her mouth. I choked on my sandwich. Forcing Alex to rub my back and calm my coughing fit down.

He didn’t know that, fuck. The moment the words left her lips and Maisie hit her arm, diverting her attention from the drawings she was creating. Jade widened her eyes. Realising only now that only the girls knew this.

I was more private than the other girls.

“ hold my fucking sandwich,” I said under my breath. I pushed it into Alex’s hands before launching across the table. My fingers itching to wrap around that skinny throat.

“I’m sorry I thought they knew, fuck babe I really didn’t know." She screamed as she slid her chair back.

Instantly I felt my waist being yanked back stopping me from attacking her. We were now getting a lot of attention from the other tables.

I hiked my leg up on the table and launched another time. Jade screamed as she stood up, tears in her eyes.

I don’t mind her teasing me with the girls but I don’t want her doing that around the boys.

“ calm down, sweetheart” Alex whispered in my ear, pulling me back into his chest. I felt his fingers go around my neck as he turned my face to his.

Those green eyes kill me every time he looks at me like that.

“ no!, you bitch. Look what this is going to do to my reputation” I snapped my face back to hers. This time she wasn’t running away from me. This time she walked around the table and came over to me.

“ they won’t think less of you, tina I am so fucking sorry” she even got down on her knees pleading with me.

She is still a bitch.

When I looked around the group I could see that they were generally surprised. I had made this believe that I was just playing hard to get but now they knew I’m just some stupid virgin.

“Tina!” Alex’s voice boomed as I ran away from him and towards the doors.

I couldn’t face him, definitely not him.

By the time I reached outside, I ran straight to the girls bathroom. As I grazed my fingers over the door I felt my body being yanked back and pulled roughly into a hard chest. A chest I knew very well.

“ I don’t think so sweetheart, you’re not running away” he whispered as he picked me up effortlessly and tossed me over his shoulder.

I panicked as I saw where we were heading to. The minute we were inside I literally died as Alex shoved me down into a seat and walked towards the door and locked it. Everyone knew that this was a private room for the head mistress who always went home just before lunch on Thursdays.

Alex was the only other student allowed in here unless personally escorted.

“ please don’t Alex, I don’t even want to talk about it” I said always getting up only to be pushed back down. Alex quickly got in between my legs, spreading them wide. My cheerleader skirt now open and showing a lot of legs and my black panties.

Fuck. That was insanely hot.

“ well we are. You’re going to tell me that the reason you don’t want this to happen is actually because you’re a virgin and not because you’re scared of ruining our friendship” from his tone I could tell that he was very angry. And I understand why. I had lied to him.

“ that is still true Alex. I don’t want to lose you as my friend. It doesn’t matter if I’m a virgin or not” I said as I crossed my arms.

Alex leaned in. “ oh I think you’ll find it does if I’m going to proceed with what I want to do to you right now Sweetheart” I gasped as his hands found the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

“ Alex no please stop” I begged. If he went any further I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Alex snapped back up, his 6 foot frame towering over me.

“ I know you think I’m a player with countless std’s but I’ll be fucking damned if I’m not the one fucking your tight pussy sweetheart. You better save that for me or so help me god” he growled.

I couldn’t believe that he was saying this right now.

“ fuck “ I cursed. His voice just turns me on.

Alex’s angry face turned into a much happier one as he smirked at me. “ oh you like that do you. oh baby I can talk all night about all the things I want to do to you” he grinned as he bent down again.

This time he came further into my legs and pushed me into his lap. He stood up carrying me, forcing my legs around his waist. “but first, let me taste those lips again”

I couldn’t even get a word out as Alex kissed me. He pressed his lips against mine before sucking on my lip teasing me.

I remember our first kiss like it was yesterday. We were at a party and we played truth or dare. I wasn’t really a fan of the game but I only did it to level out the players and be a wing woman for Maisie who was trying to get with Henry at the time.

Alex ended up doing a dare which was to kiss a hot girl in the circle. He chose me. I remember seeing him crawl over to me. Gently placing his hand on the back of my neck and pushing our lips together. It was short, but from that moment I knew that I was addicted to Alex.

I now stare at Alex with the same hunger for my lips all those days ago.

He passes his thumb over my lips.

“ I want you, sweetheart, all of you” he whispered seductively, leaving me speechless as he turned on his heels and walked out of the room.

A saucy part 2 is coming tomorrow!!!

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