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Tina's First Time Part 2

Part 2

“ okay Tina I know that you are going through shit but seriously please try and look like your happy to be a cheerleader” Maisie grunted as she stared at me as I shot my hands up as I stood on top of the pyramid.

I glanced down, dropping my arms and letting the constant frown overtake my fake smile.

All morning I focused on avoiding Alex at all costs. After I escaped him yesterday I ignored every call, every message.

I knew that tonight I would have to talk to him. He had a match tonight and I was cheerleading. Alex would definitely find time to find me. When I left him yesterday I knew that I couldn’t ignore it anymore but after the wet dream I had about Alex I just couldn’t face him. Not what I dreamt about having Alex’s face right up against my clit, flicking his tongue against it.

“ I’ll be fine when we are doing it, can I go get changed now” I groaned, noticing that the time was coming close to 7.

She reluctantly let us all go and get changed.

“ you tell her, I am not getting involved anytime soon” I heard jade’s voice. She stormed out of the toilets wearing her cheerleading outfit for the match.

She sent me a smile before disappearing.

“ girls we don’t have time for this, get out” Maisie called into the room, she was pushing everyone outside. I barely had time to get my other shoes on as I ran outside to the field.

Maisie slapped my ass as we all got ready. The team were all sitting on the bench as they waited for us. My eyes found Alex’s when I tied up my hair. I swallowed as I found him staring back at me.

My attention was brought back to the squad as we got ready to cheer. Luckily I was able to perform well, to Maisie’s ridiculously high standard.

I found myself leaning forward in my seat as I watched the guys play. Alex was all serious on the pitch. He only relaxed when his team scored.

The minute the final whistle was blown we all jumped to our feet and cheered for them. I was a bubbling mess as I screamed from near the bench. My screaming soon calmed down when I realised Alex was running over to me.

Maisie moved out of the way letting Alex walk through towards me. My breathing stopped as Alex kicked at my ankle forcing me down onto the bench. I grew worried at all the people watching.

“ Alex “ I whispered as I saw the determined look in his eyes.

A wicked grin took over his lips as he straddled my legs, his fingers coming under my chin and forcing my head up. “ oh don’t frown sweetheart, I won’t take you in front of all these people”

I gulped as I heard the gasps from the other girls.

“ Not for your first time anyway” he whispered so that only I could hear. Although I am pretty sure Sarah heard him.

My own gasp was silenced as Alex angled my face, kissing my roughly. My hands flew up to his chest ready to push him away but I stopped as soon as I felt his lips moving against mine.

“ good girl” he mumbled as he released me. Alex stood back and held his hand out to me.

Only just recovered from the kiss I stared at his hand. Once I realised that pretty much everyone was looking and waiting for me to react I stood up. Alex grinned as I stepped forward. It wasn’t long before my hand was being pulled and Alex was dragging me across the field.

“ be a good girl and get in the car whilst I grab my stuff” I stood there still as he raced off after kissing me lightly on the cheek.

Was this really going to happen. Was I really just going to follow Alex just because he said so.

This wasn’t me, I was this obedient. I was a sexy, confident cheerleader who split people up the hallways. Talking back to teachers and went to the cool parties.

Alex has changed me.

I looked around and spotted some of my friends walking to a big jeep. I double checked if Alex was on his way back but luckily he wasn’t.

I made the split decision to run over to them. Jade saw me instantly. “ There you were sexy mama, you coming back with us” she said excitedly. I glared at Brody behind her who was smoking a joint. Jade was seriously high right now.

“ yeah, can you guys drop me off” I said. Brody nodded as we all climbed into the jeep, ready to get out of here.

I was able to breathe as we started pulling out of the carpark when Joshua slammed on the breaks, my head crashing into the back of the front seat.

“fuck” I exclaimed as I rubbed my forehead.

When I looked up to see why he did that my words died in my throat as I saw a very pissed off Alex with his hand slammed down on the car’s bonnet.

His eyes found mine quickly. “ get out the fucking car sweetheart” he said menacingly.

I struggled to breathe. Jade who sat next to me nudged me as the door swung open.

I knew that I had really fucking it up now. Alex looked pissed but not really angry, he seemed to like the idea of a chase.

I felt myself being pulled from one car and shoved into the other. Alex ran to the front and quickly started the car. He didn’t say one word to me as he drove. I just sat in the back on my phone.

By the time we arrived Alex still didn’t talk to me. I followed behind him as we walked up the stairs in his house.

When the door closed behind me, Alex pushed me onto his bed and crawled up behind me.

He forced me onto my hands and knees and pulled my skirt up. “ such a beautiful ass” he whispers, smoothing his hand over it. I reached behind to pull my skirt down but he slapped my hands away.

“ you’ve been a bad girl sweetheart” he mumbles tracing the thin line of my thong that barely covered me.

I slammed my hand over my lips when a moan slipped out.

Instantly I was flipped over. Alex moved in between my legs and leant over me. “ you like that sweetheart. Do you want more”

I looked up at Alex. The way he was talking to me was not what I was used to but it turned me on.

“ come here sweetheart, talk to me I miss hearing that sweet voice” He says as he pulls me onto his lap. His hands around my waist supporting me.

My hands move around his neck. I watch as he closes his eyes briefly. I go further and tug on his hair. This time he parts his lips and lets out a small groan.

I glanced down at his neck.his large veins made him look so fucking hot I found my lips moving towards them. As soon as they touched his skin Alex tightened his hold on my hips.

His hand urged me to move against him, practically dry humping him.

“ Oh baby, keep doing that cmon be my good girl” he moaned.

This only made me grind on him harder. Pressing against him harder. I could feel him become harder.

“ I really have no idea what I am doing” I said laughing. I snapped my eyes open the same time Alex did.

“yes you do, just do whatever feels good” he says passing his thumb over my cheek.

“ okay” I said as I continued. His time I lifted my skirt and made sure I was grinding directly on his dick. I could see the outline of his dick through his shorts.

“ can we um, can you” I started to speak only to stop when I saw him looking at me.

He gripped my chin in his fingers forcing me close. “ can I what, say it sweetheart” he urged me.

I sat back on the bed and turned around. “ can you um, touch me here” I got back on my knees beside him and brought my skirt up.

I really liked when he touched me front behind.

“ oh sweetheart, you adorable little thing of course I can” I felt him come up behind me. His hands pulling my waist back to his hips.

I gasped as he moved my thong to the side and he gently began to blow on my tight pussy. A pussy that’s never been touched by anyone but myself.

“ so fucking pretty” he said as he pressed his finger to my pussy lips. I jerked against him as I felt his finger.

“ and so fucking sensitive, you do not know how fucking beautiful you are” I bit my lip when I felt him kiss my pussy. His lips gently pressing against my sensitive lips.

I had no idea what to expect but this definitely wasn’t it.

I hadn’t expected it to feel so good I pushed back against him only to bite my lip harder when I felt his tongue push past my swollen pussy lips.

“ that’s it baby” Alex groaned as he licking my pussy, using his tongue to stroke up and down. His fingers prying me open so that he could lick more of me.

I found myself grinding against his face, wanting him deeper.

“ Alex Alex please stop, I can’t” I screamed when I felt the intense pain yet pleasurable pain as he flicked his tongue continuously over my clit.

Alex refused to stop. I tried to crawl away from him only to be yanked back. I gasped when I felt his finger push into my tight wet pussy.

“ calm down sweetheart” he whispered.

Is he serious? How could I calm down right now?

My breathing only got louder as he continued to push his finger inside me before pulling out and then going back in again.

“ that’s it, sweetheart, you feel how good that is to have my finger buried deep inside you. how about we try something bigger.”

I screamed as he thrust his finger fast, his thumb flicking over my clit at rapid pace.


I suddenly felt a warm sensation dripping down my thighs. I glanced back and watched Alex sit back and watch my ass with pride.

He massaged my thighs. “ watching you cum is so fucking sexy” he whispers finally pulling me back and flipping us over so that he was underneath me.

“ I may be a little addicted” he mumbled, as he grinned at me.

“you want more?” he asked me.

I weakly nodded my head, yes I wanted more. I wanted to do it all with Alex. Experience it and fall in love with Alex’s body, mind and soul.

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