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Tina's First Time Part 3

Tina’s First time Part 3

For the 10th time I checked my phone for messages.

After Alex successfully had me shaking on his bed. He drove me home without giving me a chance to object. I had wanted so much more last night but he didn’t want to give me it all just yet. I was shocked but also a little relieved. Alex had made me horny to which I didn’t actually know if this was what I really wanted.

But now after I check my phone every minute I know exactly what I want.

I want Alex’s head between my legs, his body covering mine as he thrusts his large cock inside me.

“ what a bastard, how dare he promise to call me and then disappear for the whole day” I slam my phone on the table, scaring the crap out of the quiet boy at the end.

He glares at me before quickly putting his head down and carrying on.

“ never been ignored before Tina” Faye, one of the overbearing drama girls commented as she took out one of her earphones. She wasn’t a mean girl but we definitely had our differences.

I didn’t have it in me to respond, I already knew that pretty much everyone knew about me and Alex. Alex made it known what he planned to do with me. And weirdly enough it didn’t bother me as much.

“oh let her be Faye” one of the boys says as he sits in between us. Thank god, if Faye was in the mood to piss me off I was soon going to be in the mood to slap her.

Normally I’m against any violence but apparently I’m breaking a lot more of my rules.

I was relieved when it came around to 6 oclock, I had stayed over with Maisie to discuss the next month of choreography. It was the only way to distract me from thinking about Alex.

I found myself wandering over to my car. My phone was now in a zipped pocket inside my bag. I hadn’t checked it in the last two hours, I had given up on waiting for Alex to text me back.

Maybe now that he had a taste he didn’t want me anymore, he didn’t want me now that he is no longer chasing me.

I drove back to my house with billie eilish playing quietly through my speakers. i had planned to go home and get ready for bed and possibly text some guys who will hopefully have me forgetting the certain black haired hunk who less than 24 hours ago had me spasming on his bed.

“crap” I muttered as I dropped my keys on the floor whilst trying to get out of the car. I was getting more clumsy by the hour.

I managed to grab everything out of the car and stumbled over to my front door. Only to stop dead in my tracks at the people sitting on my front doors stairs.

I moved straight passed them and pushed the key into my house. When I fully opened I was surprised to see my younger sister standing there almost as if she was waiting for me.

At 12 years old this girl was already filling out into her body. Driving all the boys crazy with full lips, wide hips and a fucking bitchy attitude.

She roughly grabbed my stuff and then shoved an overnight bag into my chest before kicking me back out the house.

Before the door could slam George and Sam stood up, each reaching their hands out to my younger sister.

“ Thanks Kelly, I owe you one” George said placing a few bills in her pink manicured fingers. Sam followed with a small black box, which seemed to please my materialistic sister.

I gaped as I watched their interaction. Kelly sent Alex a wide smirk before finally closing the door. No doubt she would be going out tonight.

“ I’m not going anywhere with you” I huffed as I crossed my arms. It was never good news when George and Sam came to me without a warning.

“ that’s too bad, I really didn’t want to be seen carrying you kicking and screaming” George said wickedly as he slid his phone his hoodie pocket.

I stared at him after hearing those words. Sam rolled his eyes and quickly reached out and grabbed my arm. “ just make life easier for all of us and come now” I moaned as I yanked my hand out.

George turned to Sam “ told you”

To my disbelief I finally let them take me to wherever they were taking me too. I spend the long 10 minutes in the car planning on multiple ways in which I would kill Alex. I knew he was behind all of this.

It didn’t really surprise me when they pulled up to Alex’s place. I was hauled out of the car and guided to the door. As soon as I made it to the entrance the door opened revealing a very pissed off Alex. Decked out in simple blue jeans and a white hoodie. He stood there his eyes glaring in anger.

But surprisingly not at me, his eyes lowered to where Sam had my wrist in a tight hold. Tight enough to leave a mark.

“ boys, I said to bring her here. Not force her here and mark her wrists” Alex said annoyed as he rubbed his forehead. Alex seemed stressed, which was rare because he normally kept his emotions to himself.

At Alex’s words they both let go and stepped away from me. Alex walked up to me and lifted my wrists up. I watched him gently kiss the inside of my wrists. “ go home” he barked at the boys. They didn’t need to be told twice as they ran back to their car and drove off.

“ what am I doing here? “ I asked Alex as we watched the boys drive off leaving just me and Alex here alone.

Alex turned to me. “ You’re spending the night with me princess, please lets go inside”

He turned on his heel and led me into the house. I felt myself slowly walking behind him. Staring intently at his back wanting to so desperately hit it repeatedly. But I stopped suddenly as we reached the lounge.

His usual convential lounge was unrecognisable as the floor was lined with pink and red rose petals. The centre of the lounge had many pillows and blankets laid on the floor. Alex had turned it into a fortress.

I couldn’t speak as Alex walked inside and handed me a wine glass. “ I heard you were missing me today” he whispered as he pulled me back into his chest.

All I could think about is which bitch had ratted me out.

“ I don’t think you should be all that surprised judging by what you did yesterday” I said as I took a small sip from the glass. Instantly the alcohol travelled down my throat. I wasn’t much of a wine drinker, normally keeping it for special events and the occasional cheerleading social.

“ do you mean when I had my head in between your thick thighs, flicking my tongue against your clit until you came” he said as his hand trailed down to cup me. I felt my lips clench at the mere thought of what pleasures he gave me yesterday.

Alex knew exactly what he was doing.

My heart felt warm at the prospect of Alex arranging this for us, for me. This was my first time and I was scared but knowing that Alex is trying to make me feel comfortable made me more relaxed.

“ yeah” I managed to speak out even though his hands on me were not helping at all.

“ tell me this princess, do you want this. Do you want to have sex with me?” he asks me.

I could only nod. “ good girl” Alex whispered.

Alex slowly removed the wine glass from my cold fingers and slowly brought me into his chest. His lips found mine quickly. Kissing my shaky lips, licking, nibbling and biting.

“ I won’t pressure you, we will do what you are comfortable with” Alex said as he gently brought up down the floor. I realised that he wanted me to be on top. That way everything was controlled by me. I had the chance to leave if I wanted as well.

“ I haven’t stopping thinking about your sweet pussy princess, take off your panties for me” I stood up slowly and without removing my skirt I pulled the thin material down my legs. Alex watched me carefully.

I stepped out of them and was about to throw them to the side when Alex stuck out his hand.

I placed them in the palm of his hand. I was embarrassed.

“ I don’t want to be on top, I don’t think I can do it” I said with a shy look.

Alex smirked. “ you want me to control you hmm, don’t worry Princess the next time we fuck you’ll be begging to be on top” Alex flipped us over and came in between my legs.

“ so wet and needy” he mumbled as he pressed his lips against mine, his fingers trailing up my thighs and up to my slit.

“ Alex please” I begged as he teased my pussy. His fingers pushing against the hole but not going in, not pushing through.

Alex made me hungry for my holes to be pleasured. I never wanted to touch myself, I just wanted to feel Alex’s fingers inside me.

“ of course princess, do you want my mouth on you again”

I moaned. “ yes, yes please Alex” I sighed in pleasure as he sunk down and pressed kisses to my thighs. His teeth grazed my fresh ink. “ I always dreamt about licking your tattoos” he mumbled. I jerked against him as I felt his soft breaths over me.

“ what took you so long” I groaned.

His head popped up. His fingers came up and pushed through my wet lips, forcing me to suck them, to feel his fingers at the back of my throat.

“ don’t act like it was my fault princess, you fucking tease” he cursed. We both knew he was right.

Alex came back down again. He moved further down the bed and kissed my clit once again. I grabbed onto the sheets as he kissed my clit before swirling his tongue through my lips.

“ you don’t know how fucking happy I am to be the only one that’s tasted you” he mumbled. I watching his head move in between my legs. His lips pulling at my swollen lips. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

I tossed my head to the side as I felt my first orgasm break through.

Watching Alex sit up and lick his lips was enough to have me parting my legs even further. Watching him look down again with those eager eyes was making me ready for him all over again.

“ can i?” I asked as I watched him tear the condom open. He glanced up and handed me the condom which would stretch for his large dick.

“ how did you hide this in your shorts all the time” I said amazed as Alex pulled out his throbbing dick for me.

He chuckled. “ your virgin eyes never looked hard enough”

At the mention of virgin I started to feel self conscious. Thinking about hw inexperienced I will be. Will this even be enjoyable for Alex.

I hated that my confidence disappeared when it came to Alex.

“ hey princess don’t worry. Tonight isn’t about me it’s just about you, to see you cum around my dick and feel intense sensations of pleasure” he whispered as he moved forward and kissed my lips. His dick brushing my pussy lips.

I moaned as I felt him against me for the first time. “ oh you like that baby, if you like that you are going to love having me buried deep in your pussy”

His dirty words were only making me even more needy for him.

“hold onto me” he whispered as I felt him align himself with me. His fingers pushed apart my pussy lips before his tip teased my entrance.

“ so fucking big Alex I don’t think I can…” Alex pressed his lips roughly onto mine as he let out a deep groan as he finally pushed his way through.

With his size it was incredibly painful at first. “ Princess, you need to not move, let us adjust to each other” Alex said in between grunts.

“ okay” I breathed out gripping his arms.

Slowly Alex started to pull out but then he pushed back inside but deeper this time.

I held onto hip as he did. His face was buried in my neck. I turned my head giving him more room.

“you feel fucking amazing princess, spread your legs wider, I know that you can go wider”

He was right, I could.

“ that’s it princess, now move with me” Alex began to fuck me. Breaking through my walls.

This was the most erotic thing I have ever done or even seen. I moaned as fucked me, starting a rhythm that had me moaning for him.

“ Take it all princess, I know you fucking want it” Alex’s sexual hunger continued to increase as he fucked me. As my walls clenched around his dick

I gripped his shoulders as he fucked me harder. His grunts were just turning me on further. I physically felt him pushing deep within me.

“ Alex harder please I want it” I begged my lips finding his neck, kissing his skin urging him.

“ such a good girl taking me all. I can’t wait to have your lips around my dick, milking me” I moaned as i thought about kneeling before him and sucking him.

“ take me I’m yours” I moaned. I could feel myself coming close. I wanted to last longer for him.

Show him I was better that any other girl, that I could take him like a good girl.

“ fuck, say that again Princess”

I grinded with him, meeting his thrusts. This was incredible. “ Take me Alex, fuck, I’m yours” I said screaming as I felt myself throb before cumming, releasing my juices all over him.

Seconds later Alex pulled out and knelt over my chest.

I gripped the edges of the condom before ripping it off and letting Alex pushed past my lips.

“ Im sorry for this but fuck I need your throat” Alex apologised seconds before shoving his dick down my throat. I felt him hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

He started to fuck my mouth. His fingers wrapping around my neck.

“ stick your tongue out” Alex groaned as he pumped his shaft his cum shooting down my tongue. It felt sticky and weird but at the same time, It was delicious. I loved the sweet yet salty taste to it.

Alex’s eyes widened as I licked at my lips swallowing his cum.

“ are you sure you’re a virgin” Alex chuckled as he leant back onto his legs.

I sat up and launched onto his lap.

“ i'm sure” I said smiling. I wrapped my legs around him and basically sat on his chest.

“ you were amazing” Alex breathed out. He was still trying to catch his breath. “im sorry of I was a little rough but fuck princess you are so fucking sexy”

I shook my head. “ don’t apologise I loved it. Fuck I think I might get addicted to fucking” I said as ran my fingers through his hair.

Alex gripped my thighs. Flipping us over. “ as long as it’s with me, I’m your tester princess as you said you’re mine” he growled.

I arched my back and let out a moan as he pushed two fingers inside me. Roughly rubbing my clit.

“ say it” he growled.

I fisted the blanket. “ I’m yours Alex, I’m your greedy fucking princess” I moaned out as I felt my legs shake from how sensitive I was.

“ good fucking girl”

Hope you enjoyed this one... the next one will be a student x professor one. I'm open to requests if you have any.

Good night x

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