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Her Professor

Her Professor Part 1

“ If you are sitting here just because you like playing sport on the weekends you should leave now. My students will be the best athletes in the world and I have no patience for students who are here just to make friends” our professor spoke from the front of the lecture hall.

“ every 2 weeks I will speak at this lecture but any other time I will be down at the stadium but please if you are going to speak with me don’t waste my time”

As he spoke I felt my eyes focus on him. During the summer we all heard of the news of a new professor coming to the university. The legend that was Jackson Ripley who had 5 Olympic gold medals under his belt and 3 rugby world cups. He was a legend but he recently retired from the league and hasn’t been seen since.

But yet here he is as my new professor.

He didn’t even look back as he turned on his heel and left the lecture hall. Leaving our original lecturer staring at his back.

1 month later I found myself barely able to catch my breath as I struggled to finish my lap around the athletics track.

“ Lily head up, why did you stop” I froze when I heard the familiar voice of my professor. He broke away from the guys and jogged over to me. I instantly wished I was still running. I tried to keep away from him because of how turned on I got in his presence.

I wasn’t the only one. Every girl wanted a piece of that man. He was 20 years older than us but he still looked the same as he did when he attended his first-ever Olympics. I had many wet dreams about my professor. Some consisted of him here at the stadium whereas others were on his desk in his office.

I couldn’t even look at him without thinking about it. It was wrong, not only was he my professor but he was too old for me.

“ I, I can’t breathe sir,” I said as I tried to breathe in the air but it was too hard.

“ Justin, go get your teammate some water” he called out. I flinched when I felt his hand rest on my forehead. With worried eyes he checked me.

I felt completely bare under his gaze, those ocean blue eyes staring at me, reading me.

“ calm down Lily. You are pushing yourself way too hard out in this heat” he said as Justin ran over to us with a bottle of water. I watched as Jackson unscrew the cap and bring it to my lips.

“ you’re excused” He whispered to Justin as I slowly parted my lips. I was greedy for that water and who am I to refuse my professor.

I noticed that the field had cleared as everyone ran inside. It was 6 in the evening so it was time that practises finished. Jackson was never in a rush to finish, he worked us all to the very last minute and even asked us to stay longer at times.

One the water hit my throat I closed my eyes briefly. Sometimes I push myself too hard that I forget to drink which probably isn’t good for a girl with asthma.

“ good girl, you need to take care of yourself. I push you hard to succeed not to fall sick” he said as he took the water back. I watched as he traced his finger over the rim of the bottle before screwing the cap back on.

“ I was close to my personal best” I managed to say.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest. “ your personal best doesn’t mean shit to me if you can’t breathe Lily. Don’t test my patience” he growled out. I inhaled as I felt his tight muscles against the thin material of my t-shirt.

God this man was incredible.

“ I’m sorry, I should go” I jumped back. I just realised how intimate this was. Being so close to my professor like this where anyone could see.

“ you should, tomorrow I don’t want to see you here training you will rest for the day. Do you understand” I thought about objecting but his stern look had me backing away from that idea?

“yes sir” I mumbled under my breathe but he heard me.

He seemed pleased with my answer and finally let me go. I practically ran back inside to get changed. I was so good at keeping away from him, not talking to him but now this happens.

The whole night I couldn’t stop thinking about Jackson. I found myself watching videos of him online. He was single with no girlfriends, which baffled me completely because I didn’t see anything wrong with him.

The next day I woke up really early in the morning to fit in a quick session at the tracks. It was known that Jackson spent most mornings at the gym when nobody was there yet. Even though we were one of the best sport universities in the country but we still liked our social life.

I came along to the tracks in the evening. Hailey who was my closest friend on the track team asked me to come and record her training session.

“ I thought you said he wasn’t going to be here Hailey, he’s going to see me limping and kill me” I whispered as I hopped up behind her. When I was running this morning I tripped over and twisted my ankle. I only agreed to come tonight as long as Jackson was not here.

Hailey gritted her teeth. “ I didn’t know, you know he always changes his mind” she defends herself.

I quickly applied more pressure to my foot as we walked further onto the field. I hoped that if he didn’t happen to look our way he wouldn’t take notice.

“ Just sit over on the benches, Jackson will only be with the sprinters so you’ll be safe there,” she says pushing me in that direction with her camera.

I was praying that she was right. I carefully made my way over and got comfortable. I quickly set up her camera on the tripod and waited for her to get herself ready. Hailey was a girl that I didn’t mind spending time with. Her beautiful blonde hair, thick hips and sharp features were a hit with the guys but she only had eyes for the track.

Through the evening I recorded videos of Hailey practising her pole vaults and also read through the latest chapters that I was required to read before tomorrows class.

I picked my head up to see if Hailey was finished taking her break but all I could see was her sitting with the guys, laughing and obviously flirting with them. But from the corner of my eye, I spotted Jackson leisurely march over in my direction. His steps were purposeful.

He jumped over the first bench and sat beside me. His eyes flickered over to the book that I was reading but he refused to comment on it.

“ No training meant at any time Lily, you can guess my surprise when I saw you running on this track this morning” he pressed on as he turned his head to me. Those ocean eyes were taking me all in.

“ I just wanted to go for a little run sir,” I said hoping that he would believe me, my voice was as firm as I could make it but I’m starting to think that Jackson could hear bullshit from anywhere.

I had thought I got away with it until he said his next words.

“ stand up and walk up to that line then”

I felt my heartbeat roughly against my chest. The sickening feeling that he knew about my ankle. “ don’t make me ask again Lily” he ripped the book from my lap, his fingers brushing against my inner thigh.

Slowly I stood up and started to walk towards the line he wanted me to walk to. I tried putting as much pressure on my bad ankle but it was too painful.

“ This is why you should listen to me Lily, your rest wasn’t for me but for your own fucking good” he growled as he stood up and pulled my arm to help me sit back down.

I sat down sideways, straddling the bench. I wanted to just get out of here.

“come here, let me have a look” he spread his strong thighs as pulled my ankle up to inspect it.

I bit my lip as his fingers circled my ankle. He gently pulled down my white ankle sock as he pressed on my ankle. As he moved higher I jerked against him.

“ you seriously need to listen to me in the future,” he said as he shook his head but he didn’t stop. His thumb massaged my ankle slowly.

“ it’s not sprained either, you just need to ice it and rest and I mean that Lily. You’re one of my best students I need you to be better than this” he says as he finally looks up at me.

“ do you understand” he repeats the words from last night.

I eagerly nod my head. “ yes I do” Jackson is pleased with my answer and slowly releasing my ankle. I slide back on the bench to create some distance between us but instead of Jackson letting me leave he reaches up and grabs my knee and pulls me towards him.

My leg was draped over his thigh as we were chest to chest.

“ disobey me again Lily and won’t be so nice next time” he growls into my ear. I felt the slight touch of his lips against my ear.

“ and next time don’t wear such sexy panties to practice ” he whispers as his fingers move to my inner thigh. I felt his knuckles subtly brush my panties. My hand instantly bunch up at the material of his hoodie.

“ yes sir, I’m sorry” I mumble refusing to move my eyes to his.

I didn’t want to see what his eyes looked like right now. I needed to get away before I do something that is completely inappropriate. But Jackson refused to give me that chance as he whispered the next two words.

“ Good girl”

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