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Her Professor Part 3

Her Professor Part 3

I physically couldn't concentrate today. I mean how am I supposed to concentrate on what Jackson is saying in this lecture, when last night I was grinding all over his face like the dirty slut I was.

After I reached my orgasm and Jackson pressed his hips against my ass we were interrupted by the surprise visit of my friends who had decided to bring over pizza. We were lucky that Jackson was still extremely athletic and he managed to jump out of my flat window just in time.

Now I sit in a lecture chair listening to Jackson talk about Sport communication theories like it was his religion.

When the lecture finished I deliberately spent extra time cleaning up my books and laptop. A group of girls who were from the volleyball team were chatting to him.

My eyes twitched as talia, laughed and touched his arm more than once. Jackson held a straight face as he listened to them. To my relief.

Hailey managed to finally drag me out so that we could go to training.

“ whats wrong with you, come on. He will kill us both if we are late” Hailey attempts to hurry me up in the changing rooms.

A few days ago I would have been terrified but now, I like the sound of Jackson being mad at me. Maybe he will angrily eat me out again. God, I would love to feel his tongue again.

“I’m coming” I said pulling at my cycling shorts before running out behind her.

By the time we made our way out, Jackson was already grilling everyone about training. As some kind of punishment he had us doing extreme circuits. But rather than moaning I felt excited about showing off my strength. My ankle may be weak but my upper body strength was much stronger.

Throughout my circuits I found my eyes going to jackson’s multiple times. I grinned every time I saw his eyes watch me. Drinking me all in.

“ Kale, stop hitting on the girls and run your laps” Jackson loud voice bellowed suddenly.

I watched Kale groan as he pulled away from the girls and lined up next to me. “ and don’t start on lily either. Unlike you she gives a shit about her career” Jackson snapped when Kyle gave me a sultry look.

“ Oh come on sir, he barely looked at me” I moaned as I nudged Kale’s shoulder. I watched as Jacksons jaw clenched. Just the response I was looking for.

“ 10 laps, now” Jackson points at me.

My smile transformed into a frown as I stared at him. He stared at me, testing me to open my mouth again.

What was even the point in wearing panties these days.

“sir” I mumbled as I started running. That was not how I planned it. But I just hoped that later I would get to truly be punished for opening my mouth.

Every lap I passed Jackson. He was trying his best to focus on the other students but his eyes always came back to me. I knew that he wanted more and I was going to give him it.

When training finished I stayed in the library with a few of the students until 6 oclock came around which conveniently was the time that Jackson finished.

With my backpack slung over one shoulder I ran to the other side of campus and searched for his office. When I peaked in the window I saw Jackson sitting behind his desk. Papers were scattered on his desk and the projector was playing videos from training.

When I saw that the last member of staff headed home I opened the door to his office.

“ I said i'm busy” was his blunt comment as I stepped inside the room. He refused to look up to see who had disturbed him so I took this as an opportunity.

I pulled at the zipper to my hoodie and then pushed it off my shoulders.

“ You can’t find time for me, daddy. For your favourite student" I said as I stood at the edge of his desk.

My fingers trailed over the papers on his table. Slowly moving them out of the way as I perched my ass on his desk.

“ Lily” he groaned as he leant back.

Finally his eyes were on me. I spread my legs for him, I had changed into a skirt for him. I wanted him to see just how wet I was for him without any panties on. I specifically didn't put them back on after training.

“ you seem tense daddy, why don’t you let me help you out” I whispered as I quickly slid off the desk and got down to my knees.

He grabbed my hands roughly pinning them to the side. “ I need to work”

“ I'm not stopping you. Just pretend I’m not here” I said as I pulled at his joggers. Finally I was able to see his big cock. It wasn’t hard yet but that didn’t stop me.

Something so beautiful about feeling a cock grow hard in your mouth.

“ fucking impossible” he muttered but he didn’t push me away, no he welcomed it.

I grabbed onto his cock. “ you’re not being a good girl right now lily” Jackson grunted as I kissed the head lightly.

I covered the head of his cock with my lips as I stared up at him. “ are you sure” I asked innocently.

“ fuck” he groaned as I quickly sucked down his cock, taking half of him in my mouth.

My fingers played with his balls as I started to really suck him. Jacksons hands grabbed onto my head as he pushed me further. “ fuck baby, take it all” he whispered as he continued to guide my mouth on him.

I wanted to make him proud so I took him all down my throat.

He finally started to grow hard in my mouth. I loved it, I could honestly suck on this cock all night.

“ fuck this” he moaned and suddenly sat up. His cock slipped from my lips which made me pout but it didn’t last long as Jackson shoved his cock back inside as I knelt before him.

“ take it like a good girl” he mumbled as he fucked my lips. His power was forcing my head back, hitting the desk.

I moaned through his thrusts. All I could think about was how amazing this is going to feel inside me wet pussy.

“ I’m going to cum into that pretty little mouth” his words only made me suck him harder. I wanted to taste his cum, to swallow it. Nothing would turn me on more.

He groaned deeply as he finally came down my throat. His fingers chioking my throat forcing me to swallow it all.

As he rode out his orgasm he slowly pulled out. “ too rough?” he asked as he cradled my face. His fingers pushed away my fallen strands and slowly pulled me up to my feet.

I shook my head, I couldn’t quite speak. I still was trying to swallow his load. He must have been suffering because he came a lot.

“ you know I never asked if you had a boyfriend. I may be a dirty old man” he chuckled.

“ but I don’t believe in cheating and I wouldn’t want you to either” he clarified. I had to smile, it was nice for him to check and I was with him on the cheating. I hated It too.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leant up to kiss him. “ first of all you’re not a dirty old man and secondly no I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend” I winked at him. Jackson leaned down and kissed my lips. “ thank fuck for that”

The next 30 minutes I laid on my front on the sofa chair he had in his office. As much as Jackson wanted to continue he really did have work to do. Being the good student that I am I accepted that.

“ Are circuits really helpful or is that just a way to torture us” I asked as I scrolled through Instagram. Some of the guys were moaning about training today on their story.

“ bit of both. It does help now and again” was Jacksons reply. “good to know” I muttered. I didn’t know what I was waiting here for really. At this rate, Jackson could be here all night.

I found myself falling asleep. My head rested on my arms as I finally let my body relax. I had originally thought that I was dreaming but as I opened up my eyes I had realised that in reality my professor was licking me out.

His hands massaged the globes of my ass as his tongue licked up my slit. “ sir” I moaned as he pressed a single finger up against my hole. Slowly sliding it in and finger fucking me.

“ such a good girl waiting for daddy to finish work but now I am all yours” he whispers. A smile graces my lips thinking about having him all to myself.

As I ride out my orgasm Jackson pulls down my skirt again and helps me up.

“ bring your bag, we’re going to my place so I can finally fuck that pussy of yours” Jackson pulled me out the office. There was barely anyone here now so we didn’t have to act like normal.

I felt giddy as Jackson held my hand as we made our way to his car. Once I was in and had my seatbelt on Jackson’s hand reached for mine and placed it on his thigh.

“ I think youre obsessed with me” I joked with him as we started on our way to his home. I can’t actually believe I am going to stay at my professors house. Its so forbidden but so fucking hot at the same time.

As we pulled up to his house I was a little awestruck at where he lived. His house was big, bigger than anything I have ever seen.

“ I’ve struggled to sleep, thinking about the countless different places I could fuck you” Jackson says as we walk up to his door.

The house was a American style house, he had three cars parked in the front. As we passed them I couldn’t help but stare.

The minute we arrived into his house Jackson grabbed my waist and pulled me into his chest. His lips instantly found mine. He kissed me hungrily like a starved man that hadn’t been fed in days.

“ I don’t think I can wait any longer” he moaned as his fingers trailed down to my thighs. They slid up to brush my slit.

“ your smell, your wetness, it’s driving me insane” he moaned into my ear. His tongue coming out to lick the shell of my ear.

I reached behind his neck and tugged him down to deepen the kiss. “ fuck me professor, fuck your student now” I begged him in my most seductive voice.

He made a deep groan as he bent down and picked me up by my thighs.

My legs were wrapped around his waist as he walked up over to another room. I spotted the bed and instantly made the connection that this was his bedroom.

Fuck, I really was going to do this. I really was going to fuck my professor in his home.

“ as much as I would love to have you bouncing on my cock I really need to take you. I want to pound that sweet pussy of yours” Jakcson said as he laid me down on his bed.

I watched as he ripped off his shirt and tugged his joggers down. I went to pull down my skirt but surprisingly Jackson refused to let me.

“ please daddy, fuck me just how you want it” I begged him. My fingers pulling at his neck. I just wanted him inside of me right now.

I couldn’t wait any more.

After he rolled on a condom he lined himself at my entrance. I lifted my hips up desperate to feel him. Even just the tip.

He pinned my hips down. “ you will wait, little girl” he growled as he leant over and kissed my lips. “ are you sure” he quietely whispered, his tone all serious.

I nodded. “ yes Jackson, fuck do you need to record it. Yes please fuck me” I said louder. I started to erupt into giggles however it turned into a scream as Jackson thrusted inside me all at once. Every single inch of his cock was now buried in my greedy pussy.

He pulled my legs over his shoulder and started to fuck me. He showed no mercy as he pounded into me. I felt him inside me, so fucking deep.

“ yes yes daddy, fuck you feel so good inside me” I moaned as I felt his cock.

I seemed to have forgotten how strong Jackson really was. His arms tensed as they leant on the bed. His hips were strong and vigorous.

“ Fuck, that’s it baby clench around my cock. Take every inch as I fuck your pretty pussy” he groans. I struggle to keep myself from screaming. I have never been fucked this hard in my life and I honestly was missing out.

“ you going to cum for daddy, I really want to feel your cum dripping on my cock”

I closed my eyes as I felt the intense sensation. His last thrusts were paired with the fast rubbing on my clit. I wanted nothing more than to feel him cum deep inside me but I knew that it was too risky and I would most likely regret it.

“ yes fuck Jackson” I moaned as I came. My breathing slowed down as I felt such an intense feeling however I screamed when Jackson continued to fuck me through my orgasm. Clearly he hadn’t reached his yet.

“ pull out Jackson. I want you hot cum all over my tits” I pushed at his chest to get him away. But he held me, his cock still inside me.

"You’ll get my cum next time. I need to fuck you till the end” he says increasing his speed as if that was even possible.

“ this isn’t some one off by the way. I plan to fuck you every fucking day until you tell me stop. Do you understand me” he was using his authoritative voice now.

I wanted that and more. Fuck I was addicted.

“ cum daddy, cum inside your slutty student” I screamed. What the fuck, how was I going to have another orgasm right now. This never happened before.

His deep groans made it clear that he finally reached his orgasm, Cumming into the condom deep inside me.

“ don’t degrade yourself lily. You’re more than that, fuck that was amazing. Sweet girl, you were incredible” Jackson said finally pulling out of me and disposing the condom.

As he finally left me I was able to breathe. My pussy was still throbbing.

" wait Jackson please" i begged as he laid up beside me.

"Dont touch me" i said as his hand wrapped around my waist.

His deep chuckle made me pout.

"Im sorry lily. I won't give you anymore pleasure from now on" i felt the bed move from underneath me.

I quickly turned around and reached for him. "What no"

But he wasn't being serious he was just teasing me.

He pulled me onto his wife chest. His lips slanted over mine.

" so you want more" he asked me. His hands grabbing onto my ass. Massaging them.

" yes" i moaned.

"Good girl" he whispered against my lips.


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