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Mr Black's Secretary

Mr Black’s Secretary

Part 1

My fingers were rapidly typing on my laptop but my eyes kept moving over to my boss’s office. Where I just saw his wife of 3 years enter. Every time she came here to his office she managed to fuck up my job. Make him late to meetings, cancel them at times.

My breath hitched when his office door slammed open and Helen was yanked out of the office. Mr Black’s hand wrapped tightly around her throat.

Mr Black’s security ran forward and grabbed her from his hold. “ Get her the fuck out of here. And call my god damn lawyer Maria” Alec shouted, barely looking at me.

I watched Helen get escorted out kicking and screaming. As soon as she was gone I ran into his office.

“ Sir, is everything okay” I asked him as I ran over to him. I had never seen him so angry before and if I wasn’t his secretary I would have thought about how hot it was too see him lose his temper but that would have to wait until tonight when I am fantasizing about my boss.

“My lawyer Maria” he barked at me again. This time he stared at me, glaring with those bright green eyes.

With the click of my tongue I turned on my heel and left to call his lawyer. Mr Hitchen was my boss’s lawyer. Any issue that he had would go away quietly with the snap of his fingers.

When I finished with the call I walked back into the office but Alec wasn’t in here anymore. I had thought that he had left for lunch, maybe he needed to get out of the office for a while.

But a loud bang had me running out and into the main offices. I watched Alec hold down simon, one of the managers. Hold him roughly down on his desk.

“ Sir” I exclaimed running over.

“ You’re lucky we are in the office Simon because I could kill you” Alex growled into his ear.

This was weird, Alec barely ever lost his temper but now he was openly doing it in front of everyone.

“ ALEC” I said louder. My fingers grasping onto his collar and yanking him back. Finally he let go of simon who moved away, gasping for breath. I saw everyone rush to him as they left me to deal with Alec.

I ran up behind Alec as he marched back into his office. As soon as he got in he ripped off his blazer and started to undo his tie. “ fuck” He moaned out as he ran his hand up his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes at him. He already had a bad shoulder injury last month playing tennis.

“ Maria, get off” he growled moving out the way but I grabbed him and forced him into his chair.

Has to be one of the most stubborn men I have ever met in my life.

“ Just shut up and let me Alec” I shouted as I spun his around so that I could get to his shoulders clearly.

I knew he was glaring at me now. I had gotten used to it. “ you’re lucky you still have a job for raising your voice at me” he grumbled.

I pulled his tie from around his neck and started to press into his shoulder. Massaging out the kink. His deep groans were making me wet with desire but I attempted to stay professional. I know that there is a lot of rumours about secretary’s but I did value my job.

Our relationship is different, mainly because we knew each other before I joined the company. Alec would not let anyone walk over him like I do. Talk to him in the way that I do.

“ What did Simon do” I whispered.

I watched Alec lean back in his chair. My hand slipped, going close to his chest. I quickly placed them back on his shoulders.

“ fucked my wife, that’s what. “

My hands stopped working on his shoulders as I registered what he just said.

“ she cheated on you, that fucking bitch” I pulled away completely and headed towards the door. If I drove fast enough I could probably get there in less that 15 minutes.

“ Maria” he exclaimed. Grabbing my neck and pulling me back. He spun my body around and pushed me against the office door.

I groaned as my back his the wall. Alec was breathing deeply, his eyes staring into mine.

“ why are you so angry” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

I refused to look at him. Alec pulled my chin up, his thumb caressing the smooth skin beneath my eyes.

I fidgeted against the wall which seemed to make Alec realise how painful this position he was. He pulled way and turned towards his desk.

“ I waited” I spoke up, hating seeing him walk away from me again. How many time will I watch him walk away from me before I give up.

If you hadn’t realised this already I was deeply addicted to the man standing in front of me. The man that happens to also be my boss.

He froze. “ I waited for you but then you chose her. You chose her and I respected that but now she has the fucking balls to cheat on you. that’s why I’m angry Mr Black” I shouted as I kicked off the door and reached for the handle.

Before I could even turn the handle I felt Alec grab my neck and pull me to his chest. “ Take what you want then Maria. And that’s a fucking order” he growled. I gasped as he reached around and ripped open my shirt. The buttons flew across the room.

“you want me. Do you want me balls deep inside that cunt of yours” I heard him whisper as his hands grabbed my tits.

Was this really happening. Or was this one of those wet dreams I have daily.

“ I, you’re not thinking straight sir” I said but Alex spun me around and pinned me against the door.

His eyes were dark with desire. “ for once I am not and I’m glad. Maria you drive me crazy and I want you. I want you right now” I moaned as he attacked my neck with his lips.

I felt the softness of his lips and the wetness of his tongue against my throat as he pinched my nipples.

“ you’re my secretary right. So you must do everything I say” he whispered. I parted my lips to say something, anything but he claimed my lips shutting me up completely.

“ jump” he whispered as his hand's slid down to my thighs. He bunched up my dress and I jumped up. He wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked us over to his desk.

The papers that were on his desk were shoved to the floor. “ how wet is this pussy of mine hmm” he moaned as he pulled at y panties. Sliding them down my legs and onto the floor.

“ it’s not yours” I moaned as he pressed his fingers to my slit. I felt a sharp pain and I realised he had slapped my pussy. “ that’s where you’re wrong baby, you’re all mine and I plan to show you that right now”

“ when I take you over this desk and have you screaming your boss’s name” I gasped as he finally pushed his thick finger inside me.

I had no time to think as Alec instantly pushed my legs up and kissed my pussy. He seemed to smell my thick arousal and go from kissing me lightly to absolutely devouring my pussy. His lips pulling at my pussy. His finger working into my tight hole.

“ Fuck, Alec eat my pussy like that. Shit your tongue feel so good” I moaned as I reached down and pushed his head down. I wanted to him to eat me, claim me.

His hands slid up under my ass and lifted my hips up. Sucking deeper, fucking me with his tongue.

“ such a good girl. Cum on my lips baby I want to taste your sweet sweet cum” he whispered his tongue flicking fast on my clit.

By now I was writhing on the desk.

I squealed as I released my cum all over Alec’s mouth.

All over my Boss’s mouth.

Part 2 is up tomorrow night...

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