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Mr Black's Secretary part 2

Mr Black’s Secretary

Part 2

I was attempting on recovering on Alec’s desk when we heard knocking on his door. Alec grabbed my ankles and swung me around before helping me off the desk.

“ Don’t , just don’t talk” He said as he ran his hand over his lips. My juices still covering them. He marched over to the door as I quickly grabbed my shirt from the floor. I quickly texted my friend to bring me a new work shirt. I quickly grabbed the coffee from Alec’s desk and poured some on my shirt to make it look like I had an accident.

It should work.

It was known around the office how furious Alec was today so I’m sure it was believable that he would get so angry that his coffee managed to land on my shirt. Rather than the real use of his anger.

I wasn’t quite sure if he was just using his anger at his wife on me or whether he actually had been wanting to do that to me.

Alec spoke outside his office for a while and left. I checked my phone and saw that his lawyer had arrived. That was probably why he left.

I grabbed the shirt from Tia outside. She didn’t say a word as she handed it to me but she would probably ask me later when we aren’t at work.

After making myself look somewhat presentable I left his office and headed for my desk to actually get on with my work. Throughout the afternoon I spotted Alec passing by my office but he never walked in or called for me.

Until now.

“ Maria, my office. Bring in the file for Rader” was what he said through the phone before ending the call.

I knew exactly what he meant by that. Alec was a mens fashion designer. He built his company from the ground when he was 18 and has been working extremely hard ever since. He married the first model he hired to wear his clothes. Now we are dealing with the consequences of that marriage.

I grabbed the folder and headed for his office. By now it was 5 in the evening and people were either home or falling asleep at their own desk.

The minute I stepped into the office I saw Alec sitting behind his desk. Working on his laptop. His head lifted when I closed the door behind me. But I was confused when I noticed the bitch sitting in a chair, looking on nervously.

“ what the fuck Sir” I said glancing at her.

Helen slid back in her seat, a scared expression on her face.

Was he not present earlier when I said i would kill this bitch.

“ what is she doing here Alec” she opened her stupid mouth.

This time we both turned to Alec. He stood up behind his desk and came to stand in front of me. His eyes glanced down at my chest, a smile gracing his lips as he took the folder from my hands.

“ Well honey, after finding about your relationship with my top designer I thought I’d bring up a case I had disappear last year. You remember the brand radar right”

My eyes glanced at Helen. Her lips parted but nothing came out.

“ you must do because you modelled for them didn’t you. but then your contract ending when they filed a complaint for sexual harassment from my dearly beloved wife”

My lips parted as caught on.

“ I , that was a lie they just wanted our money” she exclaimed as she stood up. I scoffed.

Alec’s hand rested on my waist and pinched, a silent word for me to shut up. I watched Helen’s eye twitch as she noticed the action.

I smirked.

“ yes, which brings me back to our divorce. I’ve always been generous with my money but what you call our money really isn’t yours and in this divorce you will be getting any. I had given you another chance after you cheated on me when we were engaged but this is over. I would rather waste my time on a woman who is loyal and wants nothing more to have me all to herself, preferable with my cock in her mouth” I gasped as Alec grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

Fuck if that wasn’t the hottest thing.

“ Alec, you can’t. if you divorce me my career is over” she complained.

This just shows you what kind of woman she was. She was more concerned about her modelling career than her husband who she claimed to love.

“ Not my problem darling. Now will you leave my office. I plan to use the rest of my evening for my own personal pleasure” he bit back as he dismisses her. Alec turns to face me, his fingers tracing the curve of my jawline.

Just before I could feel Alec’s lips on mine I felt my body being pulled by the hands of Helen.

She clearly didn’t know who she was messing with because I shoved her hand off me before slapping her violently across the face.

She curled on the floor, nursing her face. When she realised that Alec, her husband wasn’t going to help her up or even check if she was okay. Helen finally got up and ran out of the office.

I barely had time to react when the door slammed shut as Alec grabbed my face and kissed me like a hungry man.

“ I want you sucking my cock right now. Maybe then I’ll think about taking you home and fucking you” Alec whispered as he pushed me down on to my knees.

His hands worked on his belt before slipping his pants down his legs. I was met with a very big bulge in his briefs, which had me licking my lips.

“ Are you sure you are not going to regret this Mr Black” I said sweetly as I glanced up at him. My hands pulling at the waistband as I slowly pulled it down.

His large cock sprung out and grazed my lips. His deep groan motivated me to spread my lips around his cock. Alec’s hand found the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth.

“ you’re not going anywhere until you swallow every single drop Maria” he groaned. His cock was slipping down my throat.

My hands worked to stroke his shaft as I fitted as much as I could into my mouth. “ you're so big” I said as I pulled him out only for Alec to grab his cock and shove himself back inside.

“ shut up” he growled as he roughly fucked my mouth. His hips thrusted against my face.

Nothing could have ever prepared me for finally having Alec all to myself. It was about time he knew exactly who he belonged to.

"That’s it baby, take my cock . I wanna see my cum all over your lips” His thrusts were beginning to get sloppy much like his hold on my hair. I knew that he was close so I suck faster and soppier. Guys always love the sloppier blowjobs.

“ fuck, fuck” he growled as he released his hot cum into my mouth, forcing me to swallow with how deep his cock was down my throat.

Finally he pulled out and allowed me to breathe. He pulled me up back to my feet.

His eyes moved to my lips, his thumb swiping at my bottom lip getting rid of his cum on my lips.

"So fucking beautiful, why don't we get out of here so that i can pound you into tomorrow morning" Alec whispered as he slanted his lips over mine. I had never been so relieved to feel his lips on mine.

" your place? I really don't want to be fucked in the same bed you fucked her in" i pouted.

Alec chuckled against my lips. His hands wrapping around my waist tightly. " my apartment baby, she's never been there" he said smiling.

I gasped as I realised why he was smiling.

I had been in that apartment. I had slept in that bed as he worked through the night.

" but I have slept there" i stated. Alec pulled me lips up to his again.

" i know baby. And this time I'm fucking you in it"

Part 3 coming soon!

And Its going to be HOTTT

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