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Mr Black's Secretary Part 3

Hey there. I am sorry that this chapter was sooo late. The schedule has been crazy and honestly I just wasn't in the right mindset to write the last chapter.

I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Part 3

I stumbled down the hallway as we finally arrived outside Alec’s penthouse apartment. I leant against the wall as Alec slid his card and entered a pin that I knew too well. Many times I have been called to the apartment.

As soon as we walked inside I kicked off my heels and Alec came up behind me. I had expected him to start on removing my clothes but instead I watched Alec rip off his tie and slowly place it over my eyes.

“ sir?” I asked, my breath hitching. He said nothing as he tied it around my eyes.

When it was tight enough I felt his hands hold on to my waist and turn me around. I was thankful that I removed my heel prior.

“ you have no idea how long I have waited to finally have you like this in here. Helen never liked trying out new things but I just knew that my secretary does whatever I say” He whispered as his fingers started to move down the zip to my skirt. The material slipped down with the help of Alec as he dragged it down my legs.

“ I wouldn’t say everything. I’m not some obedient slave Alec” I mumbled. Purposely using his name.

Alec grabbed my hair and tugged me back. “Are you sure baby. I am pretty sure you are going to do everything I say tonight aren’t you” he trailed his finger down the back of my neck. I shivered at his touch.

I felt him grab my hand and pull me along with him across the room. His firm hand helped guide me through the room. Guiding me.

When we arrived in his master bedroom Alec let go of me, I heard him doing something to the next of me but with the blindfold on me I couldn’t see what he was doing.

The sound of keys being placed on a hard surface had my head tilting.

“ surely this must be cheating” I say , filling up the tense silence in the room. My lust is high for him, my married boss but I don’t like cheating. I wouldn’t want the same to happen to me.

I felt my back being pushed suddenly. “ I don’t plan on fucking my wife again. My marriage is over” He whispers as he helps me onto the bed. I felt a cold breeze over my ass as Alec forced me onto my hands and knees.

“ fucking beautiful, I can’t wait to fuck this beautiful tight “ I gasped as I felt his finger trail down the line of my ass.

I was probably wearing the tightest and most sexy thong I owned today. I hadn’t expected today to turn out the way it did but I was extremely happy that this is how it’s e1 nding.

My boss was certainly going to fuck me in his own bed and I couldn’t wait to feel his thick throbbing cock deep inside me.

“ Be a good girl for me Maria and arch your back” He commanded me as he palmed my ass in his large hand.

I spread my legs a little bit and arched it for him. He groaned with satisfaction and instantly started to pull down my thong. I bit my lip as it stuck to my body. It was embarrassing with how wet I was for Alec.

When the material was down my legs I felt the bed move from beneath me. The fact that I couldn’t see led me to spend more time guessing at what Alec was doing but I never had time to react as Alec surprised me every moment.

This time he quickly placed his lips on my ass before kissing down. His hot breaths covered my aching wet core. I closed my eyes briefly. “ Alec please stop teasing me, I need it” I begged as I moved my ass back to hopefully meet his lips but Alec grabbed my hips stopping me.

“ oh baby, I know you need it but I quite enjoy hearing you beg for it” he taunted me.

I groaned out in frustration. Even more when he chuckled from behind me. I got tired of playing this game and reached for the blindfold but Alec guessed my actions as he flipped me over and pinned my hands above my head.

“ naughty girl, did I say you could take it off hmm” he mumbled as he held my wrists tightly.

With a sigh, I shook my head. I felt him shift on the bed and he slowly released his tight grip on my wrists and started to move his hands down my body.

I expected his hands to be rougher on my body but instead I felt his fingertips tip the edge of the blindfold up, revealing my eyes to him. I say that lust filled gaze in them as they looked at me. His lips slowly came down to mine. He kissed me sensually and gently.

“ I don’t think I have ever told you how beautiful you are Maria” he says as he lifts his lips from mine. His fingers tracing my lips.

I quickly wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked on it. I watched his eyes widen as he watched my lips suck his finger just like I did to his cock only an hour ago.

“ okay baby, I know I know” He whispers as he leans down and kisses me again. Alec eventually crawls down in between my thighs. His hands spread my legs apart and he leans down to kiss my inner thighs.

I watch him finally move his mouth to where I needed him the most.

My back arched as I felt his lips cover me entirely before slowly pressing his tongue against my slit. His deep groan had me reaching for his head and pushing him deeper. “ you are dripping for me baby. Is this how you walk around all day, wet for your boss” he says as he lifts his eyes to mine.

I grip onto his head, moaning.

He lowers his face and starts to really lick me and taste me. I wanted to bury his tongue inside my pussy. To feel his wet tongue fucking me, forcing me to cum all over his lips.

“ I always bring spare panties just in case. The days when you are angry are always the wettest” I managed to say even with his tongue moving fast against my clit.

He groaned again at my words. “ you get turned on by my anger, you want me to fuck you hard and release my anger out on you”

I moaned as I lifted my hips. “ yes Alec, fuck you turn me on so much” I said.

Alec’s hand crept up and grabbed my nipple, twisting it.

His licks started to get faster. He was pushing me further to my orgasm. He knew exactly what to do with that tongue. My wet dreams did not compare to what he really was capable of.

“ such as good girl, don’t cum yet baby I still need to warm you up and get you ready for my cock” he says. I was confused at first but that was until I felt two fingers enter me.

I groaned as I felt his fingers deep inside. He eventually started to fuck my pussy with his fingers as he continued his licks on my pussy. His tongue concentrated on my clit.

Both his tongue and fingers increased in pace it had me writhing on the bed. “ okay baby you can cum for me now, let me taste you” my hands fisted at the blankets as I practically rode his face.

I felt like such a greedy slut right now but it was worth it.

My legs shook as I finally reached my orgasm. Alec slowly lifted his face up after leaving a few light kisses on my pussy. He came back up to me and kissed me gently.

“ so beautiful. How about we finally give each other what we need hmm, would you like that” I nodded eagerly.

Finally Alec removed his tshirt and finally let me see him. I widened my eyes as I saw the tattoos over his shoulders.

I remember booking the appointment but I never had the chance to see them in person. My fingers traced his shoulders instantly. I was on my knees as a traced the black ink.

“ come here baby, you can stare at my tattoos later” he forced me to straddle his lap. Over his hard cock. I couldn’t remember when he removed his pants and briefs but I was glad he did it before so that I was closer to having him inside me.

His cock rubbed against my thighs as I straddled him. His hands came around my hips and he helped me.

He pressed his cock against my tight pussy. I was mentally preparing myself for him only for that to be thrown out the window as Alec finally pushing inside me His cock felt huge inside me soaking wet cunt.

“ fuck Maria” he groaned as we just stayed still just adjusting. I pressed my hands to his shoulders and slowly lifted my hips.

The sensation was incredible. I had fucked a few guys before but never this big and thick.

The amount of times I have pictured having this cock inside of me. “ ride me baby, ride me like the good girl you are” he commanded me as he helped me by forcing my hips back down onto his cock.

I took control and started to ride him, grinding on his cock wanting to feel every single inch.

Alec grabbed my hips and forced me to go faster. I held onto his shoulders as his cock thrusted up inside of me. “ fuck yes Alec, fuck my tight pussy” I moaned as I bounced on his cock. My tits bouncing against my chest.

Fuck this is so good, all this sexual fucking frustration. Working under Alec for a whole year. I didn’t know how much I needed this.

I was enjoying bouncing all over his cock when instantly Alec had flipped us over. He pulled my legs up and started to pound into my pussy. His thrust were strong, fast and aggressive. “ Alec fuck” I screamed as he showed no mercy.

“ you like that baby, you like when I pound into your tight cunt.” He groaned as he wrapped his hand around my throat. I stared up at Alec with a look of pure adoration for how good he was making me feel right now.

“ yes Alec, oh fuck you feel so good” I moaned as I felt my pussy get hot and throb with his hard cock. I didn’t know I liked fucking like this but good lord was I missing out.

Alec slowed down to stop. He slid out of my pussy and gently turned me over and back in the position that we started in. he lined up with my pussy again and thrusted deep inside of me.

“ Just know that every time you bent over in front of me baby, I imagined this. Imagined filling your pussy with my hard cock” he mumbled against my beck as he fucked my pussy from behind. His hand came down and spanked my ass, forcing a squeal to leave my lips.

“ but..” I whispered. Thinking that he didn’t even see me like that before.

Alec’s hand came down to my ass again. “ but nothing maria, you’re fucking sexy dressed in your tight skirt, bending over in front of me. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so fucking long”

I couldn’t believe this. I grabbed onto the bed as he pounded into me. His fingers came around and pinched my clit. I screamed as I felt my legs become weak.

“ fuck Alec, wait are you going to cum in me?” I asked turning my head to look at him.

I also realised that he wasn’t wearing a condom. It’s why it felt so good.

“ fuck I am, I am going to fill this pretty pussy with my hot cum” he whispered darkly into my ear as his thrust only got faster.

“ don’t worry baby I am safe and as your boss I know that you are too”

As those words registered with my brain I felt Alec lose his control on my body. Seconds later I felt his hot cum fill me up along with his deep groans as he releases inside of me.

“ fuck baby, fuck “ he growled as he finally pulled out of my dripping pussy.

I felt the warmth of his cock trail over my ass. I watch Alec collapse onto the bed and drag me down with him. His heavy breaths against my neck as he wraps his arms around me.

“ that was amazing” I mutter as I welcome the comfort of Alec. Something has changed since having him inside of me, joining us together as one. He hummed against my neck. Still catching his breath.

“ I knew it would be. No doubt in my mind” he whispers as he rests his head back into my neck.

I turn my head and kissed his red juicy lips.

My heart rate picked up as I finally realised something. Something that I never expected.

I was in love with my boss.


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