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The Secret Alpha

okay so... I have never ever written a werewolf story in my life. Even on Wattpad so I am honestly quite nervous about this. I don't know much about it and I don't expect it to be the same in comparison to some other werewolf stories on this app.

I hope you like it regardless.

The Secret Alpha

Part 1

I find it nearly impossible to decide on what to wear on any normal day let alone a day like this. The whole city had been talking about today. Everyone was anticipating it including me.

I was exposed to the idea of werewolves when I was 16. Just like my friends, our parents sat us down and introduced us to the taboo of werewolves. I was in a state of doubt for many weeks, but it took my cousin showing me him shifting for me to really believe it.

The whole soulmates thing was a little hard to concept. I always thought that was just a rumour but turns out it’s true.

What is making tonight so special is that the alpha was coming to the city and ultimately a Luna would be chosen. Two years ago, the original alpha stepped down and handed the title to his only son Alexandre. Alex has never been seen and if he has people don’t know about his power.

Tonight, there would be a big celebration as finally we would get to learn about our new alpha. I personally am not a werewolf, but I somehow have a unique power that allows me to share the same bond as many of the pack, due to my father having the same power.

My mother and sister were both human, but we all lived in the pack estate.

After minutes of just staring at my closet I finally picked out a dress for the night. Tonight, was special for me since tonight I would ultimately find out if my powers allowed me to have my own soulmate which was why I was so excited.

Yes, finally knowing who my leader was, was also very exciting but it wasn’t my priority.

The dress fit my body perfectly. It was a sleek black dress that was long and made out of two different fabrics but mainly silk. I wanted a more basic colour and pattern so that I didn’t majorly stand out, but I still wanted to look sexy and elegant.

As soon as I stepped into the manor, I searched the room for my best friend Allie and luckily found her standing with her mate Tyrone who held her waist possessively.

“hello sexy mama, don’t you look ravishing” she says as she watches me walk over confidently.

Both my parents spend their time teaching me and my sister two very important lessons. From my mother it was all about how to be a woman. To walk in heels, to be confident in everything you do and most importantly love yourself. Whereas my father was the one that taught how to fight.

We were very lucky, and my father was the alpha’s closest friend which gave us a lot of advantages over some of the other members.

“thank you, sweetness, and so do you. hello handsome” I said looking over to Tyrone who ever so charmingly grabbed my hand and kissed it.

As soon as he let go of my hand, we heard the old alpha speak up. Everyone instantly went silent. Even though he was no longer our alpha everyone respecting him like he still was.

“Thank you all for coming tonight. As most of you are aware tonight your alpha will be revealed to you. I know that being left in the dark about your new alpha has been trying but just know that he has been training hard to take over from me and tonight after finding his Luna, he will help and lead our pack to greatness. Please give a warm welcome to my son and your new alpha Alexandre Mischon” The big black double doors opened up and instantly you saw the deep red dress of the previous Luna who had her arm linked with what I guessed was Alexandre.

Right off the bat you could see that he was very tall. He towered over the small frame of Luna Jessica even in her heels. He had dark brown hair and slightly tanned complexion. His features were sharp but his eyes, my god I felt like they were black s midnight.

He looked so powerful yet so young.

As soon as Alexandre stepped into the room you could tell that he looked tense. His head tilted and he breathed in. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all waited with anticipation. His father wanted tonight to be about his son taking the title of alpha, but we knew that Alexandre’s purpose tonight was to find his Luna.

I got on my tip toes to get a better look but suddenly I felt my wait being pulled and without minute to waste I was being pulled down the centre of the room and into a private room.

“Kalen, what the fuck was that about” I exclaimed as I stumbled with the amount of force, he used to get me in here. Kalen was the closest thing I have every had to a boyfriend, but we never were thing.

Before I could say another word, he raced across the room and slammed his lips on mine.

He pinned me against the wall and continued to pry my lips open. “let me mark you baby, I know you want this with me” he whispered as he pushed my hair out of the way.

My eyes napped open and I pushed him away from me. But he came back to me instantly. Forcing the dress down and grabbing my waist.

“no Kalen this is so wrong get off me” I said.

I had heard the sound of my father voice running around in my mind. Him telling me how to get myself out of a position like this. But before I even had the chance the doors were thrown open. The glass shattering to the marble floor. Kalen physically froze as the intruder spoke up.

“If you don’t get your fucking hands off my Luna pup, I will snap your fucking neck” the deep baritone voice spoke up.

My body instantly shivered from the sound of his voice. I instantly recognised the Alpha standing in the doorway. His eyes glowing as they watched Kalen force himself on me.

His Luna. Surely, he is not talking about me.

I can’t be.

Kalen instantly let me go and without a second to waste he run out of here leaving me alone with the Alpha.

Slowly and threateningly he stalked his way over to me. His hand came up and his thumb brushed over my lips. “that fucker” he mumbled as he wiped at the corner of my lips.

I gasped as I felt sharp tingles on my lips. It was almost painful which forced me to scratch my lips with my teeth.

“At last my love, you will be mine” he growled as he watched the small motion. I parted my lips to say something, but I never got the chance as Alexandre grabbed at my waist and pulled me against his chest. His lips slanting over mine possessively.

“I can’t be, I’m not” I begin to say as I detach my lips from his. My god he tasted amazing.

He growled deep in his throat. “you can and you will baby girl. Whether you want to or not I will fuck you tonight and you’ll fucking like it” he said deeply before pinning me against the wall. Using his alpha strength and kissing me possessively.

All I could think about was turned on and wet I was going to be as the Alpha used his power to bring me pleasure and maybe some pain.

Somebody better pinch me.

And make it fucking hurt.

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